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Chapter Eight

Trials/Shows, Wands, Enforcers and Clean-up

Two days after the well mediated Wizengamot meeting, the inquiry of Sirius Black was scheduled to take place. Against Dumbledore's wishes, Minister Bones allowed the press to attend the inquiry as well, and they were all waiting for the former convict to arrive. When asked why Sirius was not with Harry, the young lord could not help but smirk.

"I'm afraid that I have not been hiding Sirius under my bed at Hogwarts. He replied to my letter, so he will arrive from wherever he he's been since June." Harry said.

At 9 am sharp, the large double doors of the courtroom slammed open…

"Aloha!" Sirius cried out cheerfully as he waved and sauntered towards the comfortable looking armchair that Harry replaced the old wooden chair with chains with.

Everyone besides Harry stared in openmouthed shock at man. He was dressed in dark green shorts and a flowered yellow short sleeved shirt, wearing straw thongs and a ring of red flowers around his neck. To complete the image, he was holding a halved coconut with a straw in his left hand.

But what shock people the most was how young he looked. He was nothing like the haunted corpse-like figure in the wanted posters. His body was healthily muscular, his face devoid of wrinkles, his shoulder length hair pulled in a stylish ponytail, and his beard and moustache skillfully trimmed.

If Harry were to look in his photo album, he would easily say that he was at most five years older then he was during his parents' wedding.

"Sirius Black?" Minister Bones asked seeing that Dumbledore was still gaping at the newcomer.

"The one and the same. A pleasure to see you again, Amelia." Sirius smiled charmingly.

"Likewise. Have a seat." Amelia nodded with a smile before turning towards Dumbledore "Chief Warlock…"

"Hm? Ah, yes. The official inquiry of Sirius Black concerning the circumstances that led to his illegal incarceration in the Wizarding Prison, Azkaban." Dumbledore recited. "Are you Sirius Black, born October 10th 1959?"

"I am." Sirius nodded as he took as sip from his coconut.

"Did you kill Peter Pettigrew and twelve muggles on November 1st, 1981?" Dumbledore asked.

"No. The rat did that before running away." Sirius said in annoyance.

"Why do you refer to him as a rat?" Dumbledore asked.

"He's a rat Animagus, as I'm sure you remember from my memories." Sirius rolled his eyes.

"Are you an animagus?" Dumbledore added his own question to the ones Minister Bones submitted to him.

"Yes. Just like Pettigrew, I've been one since my fifth year at Hogwarts." Sirius shrugged. "It wasn't that hard; I mean, if an untalented worm like Pettigrew could do it, everyone could."

"You'll find that the majority of the Wizarding World will disagree with you on that." Dumbledore said with twinkling eyes.

"They're just lazy. With them expecting things to happen without doing a thing, it's no wonder they'll never be able to do it. Especially the purebloods." Sirius snorted.

"How dare you!" a shrill voice grated everyone's ears and turning towards the source they way a short toad-like woman dressed in pink with a large pink bow in her hair glaring at Sirius.

"And you are?" Sirius asked annoyed.

"Dolores Umbridge, Minister Fudge's Senior Undersecretary…" she began.

"No wonder the Ministry is in this sorry state. Our Former moronic Minister had pink amphibians like you placed at the top of his office." Sirius sneered before turning away from the woman.

Gritting her teeth in anger, and partially due to a nifty untraceable compulsion from Harry, Umbridge seemed to forget where she was and pointed her wand at Sirius.

"You filthy blood traitor! Crucio!" Umbridge cried out.

Fortunately for Sirius, he was expecting it and had enough time to glance at her and hide behind his armchair which gained a burning hole in it.

Unfortunately for Umbridge, by the time she drew breath after casting the curse, Harry's Stunned hit her in the chest and blasted her through the wall behind her.

In the deathly silence that settled, Harry spoke.

"Well? What are you waiting for? Go arrest her and put her in a holding cell!" Harry shouted at the few Aurors posted at the entrance. "Let's continue and deal with that toad-woman later. You alright there, Sirius?"

"Yeah, just peachy." Sirius rolled his eyes as he repaired the armchair with a wave of his wand.

"Mister Black, I was under the impression that your wand was confiscated when…" Dumbledore began.

"I bought a new one in the States this summer. Wasn't that hard. After all, it only took five minutes to get my name cleared in that country. But I guess the ministry doesn't check their international mail that often, do they? Or they would have know this already." Sirius smirked.

"I see… Mister Black, about your animagus form…" Dumbledore began.

"Registered in the States. You don't need details." Sirius cut him off before looking at the Minister. "Amelia, will you please take over and ask the pertinent questions of why I'm really here for?"

"Very well… what happened after Pettigrew fled the crime scene?" Amelia asked.

"Fudge showed up and stunned me. Then I woke up in a holding cell at the Ministry, with Barty Crouch sneering at me. He told me that I'm the first of many he'll be sending to Azkaban and stunned me again even though I asked for a trial. Next thing I know, I'm in Azkaban." Sirius said with increasing coldness.

"I see." Amelia narrowed her eyes in displeasure. "Very well. Thank you for your cooperation, Mister Black. Now, all that's left to decide is the compensation you and your house will receive."

"Well, I suppose that a million galleons per year spent in Azkaban sounds more then fair." Sirius smiled thinly at the sounds of outrage from the Wizengamot members. "And most of it will be taken from Crouch and Fudge as they are the most responsible for my illegal incarceration."

"We will put it to a vote. Who is favor for the Houses of Crouch and Fudge paying the majority of the compensation?" Amelia asked and every member of the Wizengamot raised their wand. "Unanimous. Very well, Mister Black, the money will be transferred into a new account under your name at Gringotts by the end of the week."

Timeskip – Wand Weighting ceremony, Hogwarts

"Ah, Lord Potter. Just on time." Bagman smiled before his eyes moved to the three people that were following the young lord. "And you brought guests."

"Not quite guests." Harry smiled thinly. "Allow me to introduce the new Tournament Security. Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and the new Head of Security Ms. Evangeline A.K. McDowell."

"Good to see you again, Remus, Sirius." Bagman smiled as he shook their hands. "And it's a pleasure to meet you, Miss McDowell."

"I would like to say the same, but considering the circumstances that brought me here I would be lying." Eva gave him a chilling smile as the other Champions and judges arrived as did Ollivander and two other people.

"Ah, yes, Lord Potter this is Rita Skeeter…" Bagman began.

"Oh, I know of Rita Skeeter." Harry smiled. "Do write a nice article, will you little beetle." his smile turned feral at the flash of fear in her eyes.

"I'll see what I can do, Lord Potter." Rita smiled nervously.

"Yes, you do that." Harry turned towards Dumbledore and half-heartedly listened to him introducing Ollivander.

The old wand maker starter by inspecting Fleur's wand that turned out to be made of rosewood and containing a hair of her Veela grandmother, which apparently made the wand temperamental in someone else' hands. Krum was next with his hornbeam wand containing a dragon heartstring core having been made by Gregorovitch. Finally, it was Harry's turn and Ollivander frowned the moment he was given the wand.

"This is not the wand I sold to you when you started Hogwarts." Ollivander observed.

"Oh, that one broke this summer so I had it replaced." Harry shrugged.

"What?" Dumbledore screamed in shock.

"Is there something you wish to share with us, Dumbledore?" Sirius asked/demanded.

"No… no, no, I was just surprised." Dumbledore quickly said.

"Why didn't you come to me then?" Ollivander asked with some disappointment.

"The last time I shopped at your store I had to try all the other wands before one finally worked." Harry reminded him. "Why waste two perfectly good hours when I could and had this wand custom made to match me perfectly."

"Oh, I have no doubt it matches you." Ollivander mussed. "Eleven inch Japanese Cherry wood with a mix core of phoenix tears, Thestral blood and your blood as well."

"His blood was magical enough to be used as a core?" Fleur asked in surprise and awe.

"A triple mix core. I've never even heard of such a thing." Karkaroff frowned.

"It's rare, indeed. I can count the number of people recorded to use such a wand on a single hand and have fingers to spare." Ollivander informed them. "Lord Potter, this wand is bound to you and you alone so I cannot try any spells. Please do so yourself."

"Alright." Harry nodded as he took his wand. "Avis. Oppugno!" he chanted the spells one after the other making the conjured birds dart out the window.

"Good, good." Ollivander smiled. "It works perfectly."

"Mister Ollivander, a few questions on the Champions' wands." Rita spoke up.

"Yes." Ollivander looked at her.

"What do the wands tell you about the users? I've heard that sometimes the wand reflects the fields of magic the user has potential in." Rita said.

"Hm…" Ollivander mussed. "Well, Miss Delacour will do particularly good in Charms and the Mind Arts, having talent for delicate work. Mister Krum will do exceptionally in dueling and battle magic since he has a lot of power. And Lord Potter… well, his wand is capable of channeling enormous amounts of magical power so we can assume he has a lot of power since the wand was tailored specifically for his needs. His wand is also particularly suited for battle magic and healing magic, as well a Charms and Potions."

"Potions?" Rita spoke up. "From what I've heard, you did not seem to display any significant talent in Potions, Lord Potter." Rita said warily.

"Well, considering that Snape's method of teaching was telling us to simply follow the instructions he wrote on the blackboard, it was not like there any opportunity to know whether I have a talent for Potions or not." Harry said dryly. "After all, half the time I had to make sure some of my Slytherin classmates did not decide to add something to my potion. It's not like Snape ever truly taught us how to brew potions, such as the reasoning behind using certain ingredients in a certain order or even mentioned safety measures that were required when brewing."

"Some would say that you are not fond of Severus Snape." Rita pointed out.

"Well it depends on the point of view you look at it, I suppose." Harry began. "As a Potions professor he was appallingly biased and petty. Even after sixteen years since he finished his tenure as a Hogwarts student, Snape still holds a schoolyard grudge towards my father that he has easily passed to me. I mean, what kind of real professor asks a first year on his first day learning the subject OWL and NEWT level questions? The amount of pettiness that man has is…" Harry trailed off with a shudder.

"You spoke of him as a professor. How about as a person?" Rita asked as her quill wrote furiously.

"Well…" Harry began, all pretenses of smiling gone and replaced by an icy look "Considering that Snape is the Death Eater scum that delivered information to Voldemort which led to the attacks on my family, the Longbottoms, the Bones, the Prewetts, the McKinnons and many others… I think it's pretty obvious that I would like nothing more then for his body to be tortured and mutilated beyond recognition, his mind shattered and his soul ripped to pieces so that each Dementor in Azkaban will get a bite." he finished malevolently, the air in the room so cold that everyone could see their misty breaths. "Now, I think you took long enough in questioning me. Miss Delacour and Mr. Krum have waited long enough."

"Just one last question: considering that you did not enter yourself into the Tournament, what are your goals?" Rita asked.

"The person who placed my name in the Goblet of Fire obviously wanted me to end up dead or at least severely injured." Harry said. "So I think the best thing I could do is winning and rub it into the faces of the culprit or culprits… before they suffer the repercussions."

"I see. Thank you Lord Potter." Rita nodded with a grin before turning to interrogate Fleur and Krum.

"Ha…" Dumbledore began but his the word died in his throat before he rephrased "Lord Potter, was it really necessary to say such things about Severus? If your words reach the masses…"

"They will flay him alive, yes. That's the idea." Harry said coldly. "So?"

"I understand that you don't get along with Severus…" Dumbledore ignore the snorts Harry and the two Marauders made at the extreme understatement "But I assure you that he has my full confidence."

"That means just another black mark against him at this time. After all, Quirrell and Lockhart also had your 'full confidence' and look what they were like." Harry sneered. "Speaking of professors, Horace Slughorn will be arriving later today. He will not be using Snape's quarters but those that professor Merrythought once used."

"Ah, it will be good to see…" Dumbledore began with a smile.

"He also knows that it's only a matter of time before you loose any influence or power and all allied with you will go down with you." Harry added as he walked away followed by Sirius, Remus and Eva.

Soon enough, Slughorn became VERY popular among the majority of the Hogwarts students as even some Slytherins were quite put out with Snape's teaching or lack of it. While the man had become Head of Slytherin, he could hardly be accused of favoring the snakes. In fact, he seemed more demanding of them, making it clear that they were not up to the standards of the Slytherin name and he would not accept less.

Harry was quite satisfied when Draco Malfoy received a T (Troll) during the first class with Slughorn when he tried to replace his badly brewed potion with a high quality one that Harry suspected had been owl ordered or given to him by Snape before he left.

The three Enforcers had quickly become popular with most of the student population and feared by bullies. Sirius and Remus had quickly received the nicknames 'Two Hounds of Hell' as the seemed able to sniff trouble a mile away.

Evangeline… well, after the fifth sixth year Slytherin got encased in a block of ice and kept in there for the rest of the day, she was more then a little feared… let's be honest, people had begun calling her 'She-who-must-not-be-named'.

Of course, her methods had quickly earned the ire of the Heads of House who demanded her to cease with her punishments… at which point Eva drowned them in killing intent and told them, in no uncertain terms, that she had free reign and that if they were not satisfied they could feel free to hand in their resignations. While not pleased at all with the situation, the three – McGonagall, Flitwick and Sprout only since Slughorn mostly approved Eva's methods – decided to only warn their students to be wary of her and NOT get on her bad side.

It came to somewhat of a surprise to Harry that Hagrid, who had been quite upset with him for causing trouble for Dumbledore, instructed him to come by his house during the night after the Hogsmade visit – said visit during which Harry had been accompanied by Daphne, Tracey, Susan, Luna and Hermione, with the bushy haired girl occasionally glaring at him and hissing at him that he will take responsibility – only for the mystery to be dispersed by a quick Legilimency probe that proved this to be one of Dumbledore's ideas to indebt Harry to him.

Harry however decided to use this in his own favor, especially with a certain red haired asshole currently eavesdropping on them.

That night, Harry left the Gryffindor tower with Ron unskillfully stalking him up to Hagrid's hut. There the half Giant had Harry put on the Invisibility Cloak and follow him deeper into the Forest after picking up Madame Maxime from the Beauxbattons carriage. Harry shook his head in amusement as he saw Ron still following them, though neither of the half-giants noticed him in the darkness.

It was when they arrived at the dragon paddock that Harry put his plan into motion. As soon as Ron got a clear sight of the dragons breathing fire towards the handlers, Harry hit him with a slightly modified Confundus Charm on the red head making him think that the dragons had escaped and were coming after him. That caused Ron to bolt but not towards the edge of the forest but deeper, following the same direction he and Harry had gone near the end of their second year.

After nearly an hour of running without really looking where he was going the modified Confundus Charm wore off allowing Ron to clearly see the countless silver spider webs covering the forest around him. The sound of countless pincers smacking together filled the air and as the youngest male Weasley froze in terror at the sight of hundreds Acromantula approaching him hungrily he could do only one thing.

The screamed in horror… before he was silenced. It would be months before Hagrid dropped by and found a rotting Weasley sweater.

Ron's disappearance caused quite a bit of trouble for the Hogwarts staff… until a few dragon handlers mentioned that the red head had been seen at the edge of the dragon paddock before running off screaming deeper into the forest. This, while answered some questions, greatly reduced the fourth year fool's chances of survival. Hagrid had even gone as far as asking the centaurs, but all they knew or were willing to admit was that someone had been screaming deep in the forest that night.

Harry had been satisfied with the result. While he felt some regret over the boy's death, the trouble and irritation the fool had caused him and would have continued to cause was not what he wanted to experience. And in the end, it was not as if there was any evidence whatsoever since the nigh-undetectable memory charm he used on Hagrid convinced the Groundskeeper that Harry had not shown up that night at all.

One more plan had beep put into motion that night, involving the dragons themselves, but it would not b until after the First Task that it would be put into motion.

Needless to say, with a few reports – from Harry and a few memory charmed Gryffindors - saying that Ron had left the Gryffindor Common Room alone that night, it was nearly certain that Ron had acted on his own. Even 'Moody' had said the same, with some interference from Harry: he had seen Ron leaving the castle and heading to the Forest on his own. The disguised Death Eater had followed but he was rather slow due to his leg and had been forced to abandon the search soon.

The twins has instantly gone to Harry to check the Marauders' Map but even that had proved fruitless since Ron was outside it's range… or rather his digested remains.

All in all, it was a distraught Molly and Arthur Weasley that visited Dumbledore a day after Ron had been declared missing, and much to Harry's delight Arthur's screams of outrage at the Headmaster's incompetence, when they heard about the dragons, echoed throughout the castle, much to Molly, Ginny and the Twins' shock.

As the angry sounds were heard by all, Harry sipped some tea.

"One down, many more to go."

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