A/N: So I was wandering through the nether-regions of my hard drive today and came across an archived folder of some old fanfiction stuff. Mostly it was just blurbs, half written snippets and random idea notes, and all of them were for Clash of the Titans. Apparently back when I saw the movie in theaters I got really inspired to write but never got around to finishing anything. Since the sequel is coming out at the end of this week (I is so excited!) I thought I'd take this piece here, polish it up, and share it with whoever may be interested. Hope someone enjoys!

Hades had been watching.

From the moment that he had fallen and the Kraken had been vanquished he had watched, and in his watching he had seen much.

Even in defeat he had watched, and he had seen the wish in Zeus' eyes that his son join them on Olympus, taking his rightful place among the gods. He had seen the disappointed - though secretly proud - look that had crossed his brother's features as that same son turned down the offer of godhood in favor of a life among men.

From the dark halls of the Underworld Hades saw with loathing the way Zeus once again looked down upon mankind in love, noticing how the other god's gaze was tempered with a wise understanding that had before been missing. And he watched in disgust as that gaze fell often and especially on that one accursed half-blood who had ruined everything.

Long after the rest of the world moved on and the feats of Perseus had become more legend than truth, Hades still kept watch. For ten years, long and slow even to an immortal he waited, planning and swearing oaths of death and revenge. Perseus would die for what he had done and Zeus would join him, but not before witnessing the death of the accursed son that he so treasured.

Hades watched, waited, worked, and the years crawled by, each moment bringing him that much nearer to his goal. Soon now it would all come together; the years of planning and waiting to take his vengeance were almost at an end. And when that moment finally came none would survive his anger; none would escape his grasp; all would fall beneath the crushing weight of his wrath.

The wrath of Hades.

The wrath of a god.

The wrath of a Titan.

And yes, I know Hades isn't a Titan. Think of it in a metaphorical sense: his wrath is equal to that of a Titan. Either way, looks like Perseus and Zeus are in for a good time. =P

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Added 3/30/12 - OKAY. After seeing the movie (OMG. OHMYGOD. I CANNOT EVEN. CAN YOU BELIVE THEY - WHAT?) I want to point out that this is a little OOC (which I kinda of knew even BEFORE seeing WotT) AND a complete AU, since WotT didn't work out like this AT ALL. Hades in Clash was a lot more hell bent on getting revenge on Zeus than he was in Wrath (which is fine by me, btw), so now that WotT is out this has, by necessity, become both OOC and AU. Ah well. I'll leave it up anyway even though it doesn't seem to be attracting many readers. I hate that this is such a small fandom. Corny dialog and crummy-ish plots aside the movies really are okay (more so WotT that CotT) and it really is a great fandom with LOADS of possibilities.