After getting orders from Tornado, Megan changed are destionation, Robin was a little annoyed with are mission, but I stared out the window. A bell sounded of in the back of my head and it told me that something was about to go south.

Unfortunately I was knocked out of my head with the Bio Ship started to shack violently. As soon as Megan got the ship to touch ground we exited the ship.

"Robin are Tornado's common in New England?" Kaldur asked, "Robin? Robin!" The answer confirmed that the boy wonder dispersed now I awaited his laugh.

"He was just here." Megan stated, then the windows in the plant exploded.

"Found him." I stated flying towards the building with the team close behind.

We got there in time to see Robin thrown against the wall, without missing a beat Superboy ran to his side and asked.

"Who's you're new friend?"

"Didn't catch his name but he plays ruff." Robin answered, as Superboy turn on the offensive.

"My apologies." Our new friend spoke. "You may address me as Mr. Twister."

"Jezz, I wonder why." I thought, Wally Kaldur and Megan charged Mr. Twister and where though back by twister.

He sent his attack my way, but I was used to flying against gravitation pull as strong as the sun so this wasn't too hard to stay vertical and in place but to land a blow on him was harder.

"I was prepared to be challenged by a Superhero. I was not expecting children however." Mr. Twister taunted, thought it didn't disturb me, Robin however was.

"We're not children."

I'm not completely sure what happened all I know was that I lost my balance and was tossed into the way.

"Objectively you are." Twister continued talking while I carefully walked towards the team. "Have you no adult supervision? I find your presence here most disturbing."

"Well we'd hate to see you disturbed." Robin replied. "Let's see if you're more turbed once we kick your can."

Megan distracted Twister long enough for Superboy to get closer but he was thrown back against Megan before damaged could be done. Robin and Kaldur ran towards Twister reading for an attack while I flew above I was getting ready to hammer Mr. Twister when his attack brought me down so I landed on top of Robin and Kaldur.

Rolling off them I could hear Wally confronting Twister but I doubt that went well quickly getting to our feet we ran out of the building just in time for Megan to keep Wally from hitting the ground. Hard.

"I would have thought you all learn your limitation by now." Mr. Twister taunted.

"What do you want?" Kaldur asked his calm demeanor gone.

"Isn't it obvious?" Mr. Twister asked. "I'm waiting for a real hero."

"Sorry to disappoint!" I yelled back.

"Read his mind." Kaldur ordered. "Find his weakness."

"I thought I wasn't supposed to do that." Megan replied.

"It's okay with the bad guys." Robin yelled.

"Nothing, I'm getting nothing." Megan told them, "Hello Megan Mr. Twister is Red Tornado in disguise he's in organic android, and how many androids do you now to create tornados?"

As the others agreed with Megan I didn't well okay I did think it was possible but we shouldn't stop fitting, if this really was a test we should be working to fight him not give up but they were to anger and annoyed to really listen.

They told Mr. Twister their deduction, while I stood ready just in case things didn't go the way they planned. I called it, Mr. Twister started making a massive twister that surrounded us and if the others weren't going to do something I would, but my timing was too late.

A large blast of what I'd call lighting hit us sending us all back, Connor got up quickly and attacked only to be shot down so hard he made a dent in the ground that stopped right beside us.

With twister coming towards us, I used my ring to create a protective bubble around us it wasn't big because I didn't want to waste power.

"Fine then, I won't denie you children don't have power but playing hide and seek with you will not help me seek my objective so stay down." I wasn't sure what he was talking about till I saw the Megan was also awake. After his speech Twister left and I dropped the shield.

"What happened?" Wally asked,

"After Avery put her shield around us, and I moved the Bio ship between us to hide us."

Superboy was angry he punched the pile of dirt, cracking his knuckles he stomped over to Megan. "And that makes it all right? You tricked us into thinking Twister was Tornado."

"She didn't do it on purpose." Kaldur reasoned,

"It was a rookie mistake, we shouldn't have listened." Robin added.

"You are new to this." Wally stated. "Hit the showers we'll take it from here."

"Oh and like that worked before?" I snapped.

"Stay out of our way." Superboy snapped, at both me and Megan and ran off, Wally and Robin followed.

"I was just trying to be part of the team." Megan admitted.

"To be honest, I'm not really sure we have a team." Kaldur stated.

"You're right, we're a bunch of kids trying to act like grownups. How can this work if we can't work together." I stated, then I toke a seat by Megan

"Shouldn't you be going after them?" She asked after Kaldur left to rejoin the others.

"I'm trying to think." I answered.

"About what?"

"If this team thing is really a good idea, I mean at first it was a good idea but now." I cut off.

"Maybe it's me?"

"Why do you think that?"

"I mean you guys must have been a good team when you'd rescued Superboy. Right?"

"No, well I'm not sure. We survived sure but most of the time, we didn't have a plan we didn't have a clue we were arguing most of the time and I was feeling claustrophobic, and trying not have a panic attack."


"It means I'm afraid of small spaces, anyway the point is you can't win unless we come up with a plan."

"Maybe, Red Tornado can help us?" Megan asked.

"It's worth a try." I said standing up. "You go talk with RT. I'm going to give the boys back up."

To make a long story short, ended up making a plan a good one at that, she disguised herself as Red Tornado, she was able to surprise him long enough for Kid to create his own twister shooting the bad guy over to Superboy who kicked his tin but, and threw him up into the air at me, so I could hammer slam him down into the water for Kaldur to electrocute him back to land so Megan and Robin could finish him off.

"Know that was team work," I smiled high fiving Wally.

We stood in front of the armless machine and watched as the chest open to revel a man in a green jump suit fall out.

"Foul, I call that a foul." He stated helplessly.

Megan then used her power to lifted a large rock and crushed into onto the bad guy before Kaldur could stop her.

"Don't know how things are done on mars." Robin said coldly, "But on earth we don't execute our prisoners."

"You said you trusted me." Oh sassy. Megan then moved the rock to revile our baddie was a robot. "That's why I couldn't read his mind."

"Cool souvenir," Wally said as he flipped a robotic eye.

"Fake or not that just gross." I told him.

"We should have had more faith in you." Kaldur said,

"Yeah you rocked this mission." Wally joked

"There's nothing quite as fun as laughing at a pun the general rule of thumb is the dumber the better." I sang softly,

Back at the Mountain we were briefed Tornado on the mission in what i will call the wardroom.

"It was clearly created to destroy you." Kaldur told him


"Is that why you wouldn't help us?" Megan asked.

"No," Tornado answered, "This was your battle. I do not believe it is my role to solve your problems for you nor should you solve mine."

"But if you're in danger." reasoned Megan

"Consider this matter closed." Tornado replied and started towards the beta tubes

"Aquaman, Batman, Green Lantern and Flash would have fixed things."

"I guess if we're going to have a babysitter a heartless machine is exactly what we need." Robin answered.

"Not if we're in Oz." I joked.

"Dude cold." Wally added

"And incorrect I have a heart carbon steel, I also have excellent hearing." Tornado called,

"Right next time I'll try to be more accrete." Robin said nervously.

"And more respectful." Kaldur chided.

"Speedy was so wrong." Wally boasted. "This team thing worked out fine."

"Please after Megan came up with a plan that saved us." I corrected.

"Pffted, details."

"So know what?" Robin asked.

"Know I say let's get a better look at that kitchen." I smiled then ran ahead.