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"Come on girl let's go to the beach. Am dying to do something fun and relaxing today."

Hinata got up from her bed and made her way down the stairs to cook some breakfast.

"Good boy, Akamaru watcha wanna do? Wanna go to the beach?"

Akamaru stood up and ran to the door barking and jumping.

He laughed at his comrades action.

"Well the beach it is. Let's go."

Kiba grabbed his keys and headed out to his truck.

"Akiry hold up girl I need to do a few things, like I don't know GET DRESSED!"

Hinata playfully scolded her dog as she was trying to push Hinata out the door in only a tight tank top and panties.

"I do have some decency you know."

"Well here we are." Kiba said to Akamaru as he parked his 2013 RAM 1500 he rolled up the windows and got out.

He headed out to the dog park and

Akamaru ran around like crazy. Literally.

"Wow this place is packed."

Hinata looked around at the many people and dogs.

She looked down at Akiry and saw she was desperately trying to get out the leash.

She bent down, scratched behind her ear and undid the leash.

Imediently Akiry dashed out to play with the other dogs.

Hinata watched as she played around with 2 huskys.

The young beauty looked around and spotted an empty bench she could sit at.

Kiba soon got bored and decided to sit. Spotting an empty spot. He walked towards it and sat down not noticing that at the same time someone else did.

Hinata got out her phone and checked her text messages.

From Tenten:

Heyy u wount belive dis Neji proposed... AM GETTING MERRIED!

'Wow I can belive he finally proposed... About

Time.' she though.

From Shikamaru

Wat a drag Tamery said she's coming next at Inos next month the 12th at 7

'Better write it down befor I forget.'

She exit it out of her messages and went to het calendar.

Kiba noticed there were more than one Akamaru.

Wait... Say what?

He shook his head and looked again. But still, there was Akamaru with an en exact replica of himself.

Akiry was having the best time ever.

She was running around free with other dogs. She was barking, jumping, rolling around in the grass like there was no tomorrow.

She made new friends with a husky a bulldog 2 Chihuahuas and a few others.

Right now she was about to tackle the bulldog when she saw a dog that looked exactly like her.

'I really Am good looking.' she tough.

The canine came up to her and said "Hello."


"Whats your name?"

"Akiry, what's yours?"


'Wow do I not know what to say.' Akiry though.

"So are you from around here?" Akamaru asked her. (playboy much)

" Yeah, I live in 30 minute away in Flower Row. How about you?"

"Flower Row as well." Play it cool Akamaru Play it cool. Remember what Kiba said 'Stay calm, cool, relaxed and don't act that interested.'

"What a coincidence. So whose your owner?" Akiry asked

"That guy over there. The only one in a jacket."

"Haha who wears a jacket to the beach?" She laughed rolling in the sand.

"Well apearently only him." What a lovely laugh she has.

Akiry looked at Akamarus owner and saw he was in fact wearing a gray jacket.

She noticed he was very handsome and was about his mid 20s just like Hinata was. Maybe a year older.

"And whose your owner?" Akamaru asked.

"Hmm let's see she's right over... There... Next to your owner."

"Wow...she's very pretty."

"Of course she is. She's a princess. Well, not a real princess but you know she's pretty, she's nice,smart and people love her." Akiry bragged proud of her owner.

"And she brushes my hair every morning, treats me to treats every time I do a trick." right now Akiry was in dream land just thinking about it.

"Hows you owner?"

"He is the awsomest. He let's me destroy his sisters shose... Oh oh oh and We work together too."

"Wht type of work dose he let you do."

"He let's me rescue people or animals in emergencys. He's a firefighter." Akamaru barked proudly.

"I gotta say, that's impresive. My owners a vet."

"Hey wanna play a trick on our owners."

Aikiry smirked "Sure what are we ganna do?"

"Hmm well scence we do look alike the both of us should go up to them and-"

Hinata has finished reading all her text mesages and looked up to see Akiry running up to her. She prepared herself for the impact.

Kiba saw Akamaru running to the spot next to him.

He looked to his left to see a young woman about the same age as him look up from her phone.

He got up and prepared to tackle Akamaru before he did something nuts.

Akiry was getting closer and Hinata got ready for the dog to jump into her arms.

Kiba ran and tackled Akamaru to the grass and said

"I got you, you little rascal. Now what do you think you're doing?"

Hinata was ready for the impact that is until a maniac decided to tackle Akiry.

"Hey what do you think you're doing get off her."

She stood up and made her way up to where Akiry and the maniac where.

"Huh?" was all he could say.

He looked at Akamaru and then looked up at the woman in front of him.

"Hold up, this is my dog and it's a he."

"No it's my dog and it's a she-"

She fells a force on her back causing her to trip and fall on the stranger.

Kiba saw her fall and stretched out to catch her.

On the side he saw the real Akamaru barking with the dog.

"Hey are you ok there?" he asked

He felt her nod her head and tried to get up but Akamaru and Akiry were jumping all over then preventing Hinata to get up.

"Woah hold up Akamaru let her get up will ya?"

Akamaru backed up and Hinata got off Kibas lap and sat next to him on the grass.

"Umm..." was all you could hear between the two.

To be continued...