"Lets go for a run girl." Hinata shouted at her dog from downstairs. Akiry came running towards her down the stairs wagging her tail franticly. Hinata laughed at that. Every time.

She opened the door and headed towards the trail around her neighborhood. The day was beautiful after all.

Hinata started jogging down the trail with Akiry next to her. Fifteen minutes later excessive barking came from Akiry and off in the distance could be heard more barking.

Akiry made a mad dash towards the other barking sound. "Hey wait, Aikiry!" Hinata ran to catch up to her pet.

"Wait that's…." She slowed down when she saw an identical version of Akiry. "That means..." she smiled.

"Kiba!" she called out to the figure running after Akamaru.

"Huh… Hinata? .. Hinata!" Kiba called out, running towards her. He picked her up in a hug and twirled her around. "Heh, sorry" he said putting her down "I guess I got carried away." He explained with a blush on his face.

She smiled at him. She was happy to see him again.

She squatted down and scratched behind Akamarus ears, he just looked like he smiled and licked her hand.


"Akamaru, be truthful do I look good?" Kiba asked the dog laying down on his bed. He barked twice an indication of a yes.

Kiba took his word for it and left his outfit as it was. He was wearing black trousers with a white button down collar dress shirt. He left three buttons undone. Hinata like it that way. He let out a sight and put on his watch.

"I just hope she says yes." He grabbed his keys and made his way to his car.

Pulling up to Hinatas driveway he went up to her door and ringed the doorbell. It wasn't long before she opened the door. She was wearing a black of the shoulder dress with silver heels. Looking breathtaking like always. Kiba you lucky dog.

"Shall we go?" he extended his hand to her with a smile on his face. She took his hands in hers and smiled lovingly at him. He pulled Hinata in for a deep loving kiss. Hinata locked the door behind her and fallowed Kiba to his car. He opened the door for her, like a true gentlemen. They held hand throughout the ride.

They had gone on a couple of dates before and Kiba had asked her to be his girlfriend two months after they first saw each other at the beach.

They went to the 15th floor of the restaurant. They were seated by the window looking out to the beautiful night lights the city had to offer.

"I hope you like it here Hina-chan." Kiba grinned looking at his girlfriend. "Kiba-kun it's so beautiful, thank you for bringing me here." Hinata was holding Kibas hand on top of the table. They were both A little clingy with each other, which neither minded.

The waiter came and took their order. Kiba stood up excusing himself to the bathroom. As Hinata was waiting for Kiba to come back loud shouting could be heard and a gunshot could be heard after. "Be quiet and lay on the floor!" The intruders commanded. There were about fifteen men wearing all black and holding guns. 'Kiba, where are you?' Hinata thought worried about his safety. Everybody in the restaurant got down on the floor. Hinata stood up when a man went up to her and grabbed her by her arm. She tried getting away from him but he pointed the gun at her.

"Hinata." She heard someone say. She looked to her left and what she saw terrified her. Kiba was being held at gunpoint by one of the men. He was tied up and on the floor. Hinata couldn't stop the tears going down face. She didn't know what to do. "Kiba." She said wiggling her way out of the mans grip and ran towards Kiba. She latched herself into him while crying. She could not lose him. Not now, not ever.

"Hinata, baby there's one way to get out of here." She heard Kiba say. She was listening to every word he said. "But first, Do you love me Hinata?" Kiba asked seriously. She nodded and whispered a yes. She was crying and sobbing on his shoulder .

"Reach into my pocket and pull my keys out. Hurry before they catch us." Hinata did as told and pulled out what she thought were his keys. She looked at it and her heart stopped. In her hands was a keychain with a red flower and an engraved 'marry me' on it. Tied On it was a lavender ribbon with an engagement ring hanging on it. She looked at Kiba and he was smiling. "Will you Hinata Hyuuga marry me?" He looked hopefully at her teary eyes.

Hinata looked around everybody was gathered around them smiling. Even the intruders! What was going on?

She looked at Kiba again not believing what was going on. She couldn't stop herself and started crying again with disbelief and happiness.

"Hinata are you alright?" asked a now worried Kiba. "Kiba you, you jerk!" Hinata said while holding him in an embrace. "You made me so worried." Hinata said, holding him tighter. "I'm so sorry." Kiba said looking at his girlfriend, hopefully future fiancé then wife.

"So, umm will you marry me?" Asked a now nerves Kiba. Wishing he could have just stuck to the normal proposal and not have gone to extremes like this.

Barking could be hear as Akamaru and Akiry came through the doors. Akamaru was dressed in a doggie suit while Akiry was in a white doggy wedding dress.

"Yes, Yes I do." Hinata said while kissing Kiba on the lips. He picked her up without breaking the kiss. The ex-intruders fired their gun and colorful plastic papers came out covering everybody up.

Everybody cheered for the new engaged couple.

"I love you Hinata Inuzuka." He said looking into her eyes. "I love you too." Hinata said leaning in for another kiss.


I enjoyed writing the ending. I wrote it without having any idea of where it was supposed to go but yeahhh it somehow ended up with fake intruders…. So please do tell me what you think. Good or bad.