So. Much. Damn. FLUFF!

Thank you to everyone who reviewed this story. I got asked multiple times for more, and so here you go. It's super short, but have a sickeningly sweet, gives-you-cavities epilogue to rot your teeth.

...I don't even know...


About a month later, Kurt and Dave were laying entwined on Kurt's sofa watching RENT, just at the 'I'll Cover You' reprise that had begun their beautiful relationship.

Kurt twisted in Dave's arms to face him. "Babe?"

Dave nuzzled his hair into Kurt's hair. "Mmm?"

"I've been meaning to ask you… how did you learn this song on the piano so quickly? I couldn't have possibly taught you that much in such a short time."

Dave shrugged. "What can I say? You're an amazing teacher." Kurt pulled back and raised an eyebrow dryly. Dave surrendered easily. "Okay, okay." He took a deep breath. "I actually took piano lessons when I was a kid. I was pretty good, too. Did some recitals… I even won a talent competition once."

Kurt was speechless. "You… you…" He smacked Dave on the arm. "You liar! I thought I had taught you all that!"

Dave laughed heartily. "Really, Kurt? I'm not stupid, but I'm not that quick to pick things up." His eyes twinkled mischievously. "Besides… I kinda had an advantage."

Kurt's eyes narrowed in confusion. "How so?"

He smiled. "The song I played in that talent show was 'Seasons of Love'. So I kinda already had the intro down." He leaned in closer to whisper in Kurt's ear. "And I sang, too."

Kurt swallowed. "Well. That's, umm…" He lost focus as Dave began nosing at his neck. "That doesn't excuse the fact that… nrrgh… that you lied to… mmm… me."

Dave placed small kisses along the bottom of Kurt's jaw, enjoying Kurt squirming beneath him. He gazed down at his whimpering boyfriend with a soft smile. "I love you."

"No! I'm… mrgh! —I'm angry at you!"

Dave let his warm breath wash over Kurt's exposed neck. "I'm serious."

Kurt turned to face him, noticing the soft tone in Dave's voice. "I don't think I tell you enough just how much you've done for me, Kurt. I love you so much. I have no idea where I'd be today if you weren't in my life." He pressed a gentle, lingering kiss to Kurt's temple. "And frankly… I'm beyond grateful I don't have to know."

Kurt smiled with happy tears in his eyes. "Me too." He leaned in to give Dave a real kiss, only to pull away quickly and shoot him a glare. "But I'm still mad at you."

Dave simply dragged his lips down, letting them softly brush over Kurt's neck as he spoke. "I'm sorry. Need me to make it up to you?" Kurt didn't have the coherency to keep up their little act, and arched his throat closer to Dave's mouth. "But… but what about the m… mpf! —movie?"

Dave nipped playfully at Kurt's ear. "I'll sing 'Seasons of Love' to you tomorrow at rehearsal."

Kurt couldn't find the pause button fast enough.