It was not at all how TeenWitch described it.

It was awkward and embarrassing and nowhere near magical. Their bodies didn't come together and join the primal and eternal rhythm of their forebears or however Loretta Loveit wrote it in her revolutionary article Relax, Its Just Sex.

Andromeda stared at the ceiling, fist clutching the soft sheets to her naked breasts, working on controlling her breathing.



"That was-"

"It was."

"You're not-"

"No." Andromeda gathered her courage and squished out the nerves that had popped back up after the... well, after the deed was done. The soft down filled pillow crinkled under her head as she turned towards her bed partner. "I'm not regretting it."

Lucius visibly relaxed back into the fluffy mattress before he mustered up enough swagger for three grown wizards, let alone a fifteen year old boy- never mind that he had just gotten laid for the first time. "Good," he smirked then and his grey eyes glittered, "because this was all your idea."

Andromeda snorted.

It was true, though. She was the one who read the article (out loud to the majority of fifth and sixth year Slytherin girls), she was the one who then had nothing to say in the ensuing and highly detailed conversation between said Slytherin girls, and she was the one who was so irate over having nothing to contribute to the very in depth conversation that she propositioned her best friend- not that he wasn't quick to jump into bed with her- into ridding herself of her ignorance in all things carnal.

She rolled the rest of the way onto her side. "Yes, and as I recall convincing you was quite the challenge."

"Anything for a friend, my dear Andromeda."

This time she smirked, "Such a giver, you."

"Quite. So how about we give it another go? Really give you something to talk about."