Ok, I'm getting too many PM's asking me where I'm moving my stories, so I'm going to say that I have created an account on YourFanfiction dot com.

I am under the same penname as here, VRmaster300.

It is the closest site I've found with almost the exact same interface as , so for those of you who are still looking for a site to post your MA fics on, try looking on this one, however the site is currently undergoing maintence so it may not be visable just yet.

This is the status of the fics I'm moving over to the new site:

Naruto in the World of Kunochi- Will be rewritten with a new plot

Unexpected and Akward World- Will be changed to include females from mecha anime instead of jsut gundam seed and 00

Shadow Lord and Potter Family Secrets will be mearged into a single story to make a new plot

The Wrong Spell- will be changed to a new plot as well.

It will take me a while to rewrite them and upload them onto the new site, so please be patient.