Love Is Strange

Author: Keysaer Lachlanny


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Summary: This is a kind of funny – as in weird – fic about how Ginny falls for Severus Snape, and his reaction to her when he finds out – and how he finds out is probably the most unoriginal bit ever – but I tried really hard to keep Severus in character, and the emotions and situations real, and not cheesy. Yes he's 'older', and yes, she's 'young' – but give it a chance, it might grow on you. I think the title explains it all.

It's an odd pairing, but it's nagged at me, and it's my first, so do be kind and please review!


1. Beautiful


Have you ever watched someone? No, I don't mean just looking at a person, simply staring and then moving on.

No, what I'm talking about is just straight on watching a person – a person who just absolutely intrigues you, beyond anything or anyone else in your world.

It's weird, the things you notice about a person when you watch them from day to day.

Like how many different shades of black are in their silky hair, or how their skin isn't really pale and sallow, but creamy white like warm milk…how their eyes aren't flat and black, and cold, but endlessly deep and glinting, incredibly, sharply intelligent and hinting at hidden passions that take your very breath away…

What am I thinking?

All right, all right – I've obviously given myself away. It Professor Snape I'm talking about – wait, wait! Before you go getting the wrong idea, I don't have a crush on him – I really don't…

Severus Snape. How could I have a crush on a guy with a name like that? Much less an 'old' guy with a name like that…no matter that he's indescribably sexy – in a weird way, of course…

I'm watching him even now, you know. I'm supposed to be taking notes about some stupid potion and instead I'm practically talking to myself – talking to you, anyway, diary.

It still seems crazy, 'me' writing in a diary after all that happened my first year here at Hogwarts. I still wince every time I hear the name 'Tom'. I guess I just got so used to writing my thoughts down…

'He' is at the chalkboard again, scribbling something in his barely discernable handwriting. The spiky ends of his raven colored hair are brushing the high collar of his black robes, and I can feel those same strands brushing through my fingertips…

God, he makes me ache.

Did I really just write that?

Okay. So I have a crush.

On Professor Snape.

It's no big deal…really, it's not.

Oh, God, I have problems.

It's not just a crush, either. I want to believe it is…but it's not.

I'm seventeen years old – very nearly eighteen…I've had crushes – I know crushes - I had one on Harry Potter, my brother Ron's best friend, the wizard who went on to at last defeat Lord Voldemort, only last year…I've even had one on Draco Malfoy, of all people…I was fifteen…and thank God that one hit the high road…

All I have to do is look at my teacher, and my whole chest hurts. I know it's more than a crush, because there's this feeling of hopelessness entwined with the hurt – you know, that feeling you get when you see something you desperately want, and know intuitively that you'll never get it? Sorry, you're a diary, you don't 'know' anything, do you? Except my deepest, darkest secrets…

Well, I finally admitted it.


I love my ill - tempered, grouchy, greasy – haired, much older Potions teacher.

There is something seriously wrong with me.

The world is ending – or I'm just insane - that must be why I keep looking at him and seeing our children in his eyes…God, that's lame…I'm not old enough to even 'think' about having children…I could almost laugh. Could you see what our children would look like?

They'd be absolutely, ridiculously…beautiful. Oh, Lord…

Damn…must go – he's giving me the evil eye. I smell a detention sentence in the air.

I can only hope.


1 I really need help…


"Miss Weasley!"

Ginny jumped and accidentally dropped her quill. Her elbow jerked and she bumped her bottle of ink off the table and scrambled to catch it, only to watch in horror as it shattered chaotically on the ancient stone floor.

The crash echoed in the suddenly silent room, and Ginny winced even before the professor opened his mouth, knowing already what was coming.

"Ten points from Gryffindor, Weasley – and clean up that mess before you go – the rest of you are dismissed…and I suggest you read the homework, I'll be quizzing you on Chapters 18 through 24 on Monday!"

A few brave souls dared a collective groan, as they filed from the classroom, eager to leave before he actually gave them written work.

Ginny rubbed her eyes, her hands shaking, as she knelt to gather the books and parchment she'd also bumped off the desk. She swallowed hard as his shadow passed over her in the dim light, as he moved silently across the room, sending not so unpleasant chills down her spine.

As she worked to clean up the glass and ink, she found herself listening to his breathing, which was low, and even. She could have used 'Reparo' for the glass, but instead deliberately took her time with her task, even though being around him made her unbelievably nervous and stupidly clumsy. It soon became so quiet in the classroom that once she almost fancied that she could even hear his heart beating.

When Ginny knew she couldn't dawdle any longer, she tipped the glass into a trash bin and brushed her hands clean. She chanced a look through her long red curls at his desk, only to widen her eyes in surprise when she didn't see him there.

She looked around the room, feeling disappointed when she couldn't spot him.

He'd left without a word…she really should have been thankful…

Ginny sighed and turned to retrieve her schoolbooks – only to walk right into the object of her thoughts.

Her nose buried itself in his soft black robes, and her breasts brushed his lean abdomen as she accidentally stepped on his feet and lost her balance.


She voiced the surprised exclamation as she fell against him, and she caught the surprisingly clean scent of…of…Oh, God, the dark, angry, black robed man smelled of pure sunshine. She was so lost…

Large, strong, fine boned hands grasped her upper arms hard, and set her back on her feet effortlessly.

Ginny brushed her bangs out of her eyes and found herself staring at his chest. She was so close she could make out the finely woven threads in the unrelieved black of his robes…he cleared his throat loudly, and crossed his arms, and she looked up – and up, until she was finally looking into his dark eyes, hiding as they were beneath his lowered black brows.

Midnight strands of dark hair fell forward around them as he subtly shook his head. She watched his cruelly sensual looking lips purse in that achingly familiar manner he had, and observed them as they opened, in a sort of fascinated way…

"You must be the most cloddish, thoughtless, intellectually devoid excuse for a student I've ever had the misfortune to have in my class..."

Ginny blinked and stared at him. Oh, God – what had he just said? She hadn't been paying attention…

Had his eyelashes always been that long?

"- No wait – I believe that honor has already been taken by Neville Longbottom…but you're running a close second, my dear…"

He'd just called her 'my dear'…she swallowed and dropped her gaze to the white collar encircling his throat. She needed to go away. Far away…

"- You listening to me, Miss Weasley?"

"Er, yes, sir."

"Then perhaps you wouldn't mind repeating what I said about the effects of the bite of the Malaclaw during class today?"

Ginny frowned at the sneer in his voice, and then searched her mind desperately. Nothing!

"Um…I'm sorry, Professor. I d – don't remember." She crossed her fingers beneath her robe sleeve, for luck.

It didn't work.

He snorted, looming over her, reminding her just how short she was. And how alone they were – her legs trembled.

"Obviously. It seems to me, you've been 'forgetting' an awful lot lately, Miss Weasley…you're grades have been slipping since the beginning of the year." He arched one brow and tossed his hair back, before looking down at her in his usual speculative manner.

"I believe, Miss, that since you've wasted so much of my time of late, that you owe me at least one night of detention."

Ginny bit her lower lip and could have sworn his eyes flickered down to it for the briefest moment before he narrowed his eyes and took a step toward her, making her step back reflexively.

"I shall expect you at eight o'clock this evening, and in addition, you will re-read every chapter I've assigned in the past week, and write a report about each, none less than one length of parchment long, to be handed in no later than the end of class on Monday, understand?"

She nodded dumbly and continued to stare up at him. Did he have to be so damn tall? She was getting a crick in her neck…

"You are dismissed." He made a jerking motion with his head towards the door, and Ginny looked away from him reluctantly, absentmindedly soothing the lip she'd been biting with her tongue.

She gathered her things, and made her way to the door. Pausing, she looked back at him, watching as he moved around his desk, and swept back his robes as he settled himself elegantly into his chair.

What are you doing? She shrieked at herself. Move!

"Yes, do you have something to say, Miss Weasley?" He snapped impatiently without looking up from the papers on his desk. "And if you do, allow me to warn you, I have no problem with taking extra points off for attitude."

Ginny knew exactly what she wanted to say. But she didn't dare. Never in a million years would she dare.

His dark head jerked toward her, his expression annoyed. "Well?"

Her lips felt glued shut.

"Well, don't stand there gawking, girl – spit it out! I haven't got all bloody night!"

"I – I –"

"What is it?" He fairly roared in exasperation.

"I think you're…beautiful."

Ginny's eyes flew wide open at the same time as his, and she clamped her damnable mouth shut and turned on her heel, intent on disappearing from the face of the earth.


Severus stared after the Weasley girl in slowly dawning horror.

"I show up, I teach them – WHAT THE BLOODY HELL ELSE DO THEY WANT FROM ME?" He shouted this angrily, his lips curling back into a snarl.

He slammed a fist onto his desk, sending papers flying every which way, and stood, pushing back from his seat, making the chair legs screech loudly on the stone floor.

Severus began pacing, knotting his hands into a fist at the base of his lower back as he walked, feeling like a caged animal.

He 'd never been the recipient of a student's misplaced crush before in his entire teaching career – hell, he'd been bloody lucky to get laid back in his own days as a student at Hogwarts…women just weren't attracted to him that often…of course his stand - offish manner and generally bad outlook on life surely hadn't helped, either…

What was the idiot child thinking? Honestly, he was old enough to be her father – strike that, he'd known her father!

He clenched his teeth and kicked a book on the floor out of his way – and then he realized, as it slid across the floor and struck the wall with a thud, that it belonged to Ginny Weasley.

Severus took a deep breath, attempting to calm himself, and eyed the book with intense dislike. It was her notebook, the one she was always scribbling away in when she should have been damned well paying attention to him instead!

He stalked over to the book, retrieved it, and flipped it open to see if she really had been bothering to take down notes – but it was obvious she hadn't – the pages were covered in flowery writing, in paragraphs about senseless, fluffy, female things…he was about to close the book when he saw his name written neatly in back ink.

Unable to resist reading about the undoubtedly nasty things she had to say about him, he laid the book open on his desk and began to read, eager to find any excuse to give her a week's worth of detention for giving him a migraine…

Ten minutes later, he carefully closed the book and pushed it to the far edge of his desk.

He sat there, his usually pale cheeks having turned pink, looking at it as if it might come alive at any moment and bite him.

Severus slowly lifted a hand to his suddenly aching head and clamped his eyes shut with a suffering groan.

What the hell was he going to do?


Ginny's heart stopped when she realized her 'diary' was missing.

Of course she was in her last class of the day, Divination and couldn't go chasing after it…

She choked back her panic and tried to concentrate on what Madam Trelawney was droning about, but it was impossible – God only knew who might get their hands on it!

She shuddered, startled, when Trelawney suddenly jerked her head toward her from her contemplation of her 'crystal ball', her eyes huge through the glasses perched on her face.

"I don't believe it!"

Ginny stared at the woman with surprised eyes. "What?"

After a moment, the older woman broke out into a totally uncharacteristic cackle of laughter and Ginny realized her classmates were staring at her.

The woman waved her hands and tried desperately to stop laughing. "I-It's nothing, dear, nothing – I just –" she coughed and went off into gales of laughter again, and Ginny shook her head, watching helplessly.

Thankfully, the woman had to dismiss them early, and Ginny shouldered her back pack, racing down into the dungeons at breakneck speed – she bumped into a rather surly looking Slitheryn boy who cursed after her, but she didn't dare slow down. If Snape had gotten his hands on that book, she might as well miss a step and break her neck on the stairs…

She approached the door to his classroom quietly, trying to slow her ragged breathing…she cautiously stuck her head around the door, and closed her eyes in relief when she saw that the room was empty.

She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw her diary laying on the edge of his desk.

That was definitely not where she'd left it…


She looked at the book longingly, her body humming with adrenaline…but she couldn't take it…he'd know it was missing…and if he had read it, he'd know that she knew he knew…

Ginny mentally kicked herself and prayed he wouldn't look at it before she had a chance to retrieve it from him at detention.

She made a mental note to take the point that fate was striving to make, and never write in a diary again.


"Good evening, Miss Weasley…"

Ginny crossed her arms over her chest, gripping the seams of her robes in her fists nervously. She avoided the potion's master's eyes as she stood before his desk, dry mouthed with fear…it wasn't that she was actually afraid of him…but rather, what he might say.

She chanced a glance upwards and blanched at the sight of her book in his slim hands.

"Professor – "

"I suggest that you sit down and shut up, Miss Weasley…I have something to say to you, and I won't tolerate your sniveling interruptions."

Stung, Ginny whirled and took a seat at the desk directly in front of him. She stared at the scuffed black boots and the snug fit of his black trousers around his calves before he slowly turned on his heel, and she was presented with the long, sweeping length of his trailing robe, which slithered along behind his tall, slender form before abruptly, he turned back on her again.

She ducked her head and looked down at her hands eyeing one jagged fingernail absently. He almost seemed as out of sorts as she, if that was possible.

His shadow passed over her again, and she realized he was pacing…she could hear the gentle glide of his robes as he prowled before the desk, and she could just picture the look on his face…

Minutes passed in this fashion, the silence lulling her into a false sense of comfort before she felt the weight of his eyes on her again.

He drew a deep breath, and when he spoke, finally, his voice was almost soft. His words were not.

"Miss Weasley…I'm sure you've realized by now, that I've read the contents of your book…"

Ginny felt her cheeks burn in humiliation, and she tried desperately to shut his voice out – she didn't want to hear anything he was about to say.

"I won't apologize, for it, either. I've observed you time and again scratching away at this – this, nonsense, while you should have been taking notes…"

She flinched as he slapped the book onto the desk before her.

"But the question of your rather dubious note taking can be discussed at a later time…"

Ginny felt her stomach lurch in panic as his hands came to rest flat on either side of her on the desk. He leaned down, and she felt his breath brush her bangs.

"Do you mind telling me just what in bloody hell possessed you to write all of that?"

Staring at the stark whiteness of his shirt cuffs barely visible beneath the sleeves of his robes, she could only shake her head.

"Sweet Jesus!"

Startled by his sudden, frustrated curse, Ginny looked up to watch him spin away from the desk, and stalk to the door.

"Do your homework, Weasley – and then get out of my classroom. We'll talk further about this – matter - later."

Confused, she stood and followed to hang out the doorway and watch him disappear down the torch lit corridor.

The flame light shone on his glossy black locks, and she watched him fascinated as always, before he unexpectedly came to a halt at a corner at the end of the hall, his dark, quick eyes flickering back to catch her staring at him.

Ginny's eyes flew wide, and he sneered at her, one dark brow arching insultingly – she spun around and went straight back to her desk to work on her homework, hoping to finish before he returned.


Severus watched the girl shrink at the force of his glare, and smiled with satisfaction when she disappeared back into his classroom.

His smile faded, though, when he turned the corner and he collapsed back against the corridor wall, bringing his palms to his forehead.

What had the swotty little brat done to him? He was shaking so badly he could barely stand.

He forced himself to take a deep breath, and closed his eyes, only to see the fiery red curls on her head calling to his cool fingertips, and recall the comforting scent of warm vanilla that had teased his senses.

His body drew tight, and he shook his head in denial angrily, running his fingers through his hair. He drew himself up, squared his shoulders and continued to walk out of the dungeons.

Severus really had no idea where he was going, but he knew he didn't dare return to his classroom while the girl was still there…a thunderous frown creased his brow as he moved along, sending anyone unfortunate enough to be in his path rushing to get out of his way.

He strode along, lost in thought, and found himself lost as to what to do, for what may have been the very first time in his entire life.

There was certainly nothing there to love about him…despite the stupid, foolish words Ginny Weasley had scribbled in that damned troublesome book of hers…

'Skin like warm milk, eyes dark with hidden passions' – right. As if anyone in their right mind would ever use those words to describe him…'silky hair'…bah!

Severus growled and clenched his jaw. Why could things never be simple?

He'd been stern, yes, cruel even at times, in his career…and very definitely unfair…he'd actually had a first year student refer to him as 'Bloody Lucifer himself', once…

So what could the girl have possibly seen in him that made her fancy herself in 'love' with him? It was madness, complete and utter madness – it was beneath his notice, really…

Why was he letting the scrap of a girl get to him so badly then?


"I see we're suffering from selective amnesia, today, Miss Weasley…did I not ask you to have those reports on my desk by the end of class today?"

Ginny carefully stacked her books next to her backpack as the rest of the students in her class filed out. She unrolled a thick sheaf of parchment from it's ribbon and stepped up to his desk as the classroom emptied out.

"I have them here, Professor."

She kept her eyes down as he took the papers from her outstretched hands and thumbed through them.

"Very well," he said, sounding reluctant. "You may go."

Ginny moistened her lips, and forced herself to raise her head to look at him.

"Professor…about last week…"

"It's been forgotten, Miss Weasley…" he looked at her, his black eyes piercing in their intensity. "I suggest you do the same."

"I- I don't want to forget," she dared to murmur, protesting.

A look of irritation crossed his angular features. He fairly glared at her as he tossed his hair from his eyes and leaned across the desk towards her on his forearms.

"Miss Weasley," he began, with the air of someone with sorely tried patience, "whatever it is you think you're feeling…it's not real. And I don't have time to sit here and explain it to you – go pour out your 'girlish heart' to McGonagall."

With a snort of disgust, he dismissed her, and settled back into his chair, picking up his quill.

Ginny stared at him, her eyes tearing with hurt. She clamped her trembling lips shut, and retrieved her things.

Just before she left, she very pointedly stopped next to the trash bin near the door, and dropped in her 'diary'.

"Good afternoon, sir," she said softly, and disappeared out the door.


The Commencement Ceremony was long over, and many of the students had left already – left Hogwarts for the last time.

Ginny stood outside in the setting sunlight, near the entrance to the main hall, reliving her years at the old school. There had been bad times – really, really bad times – and times that had been amazingly, unbelievably good.

She sighed heavily, her eyes tearing as she watched two of her closest friends at last wave their goodbyes and depart, pulling their bags behind them…it was really over, then. It was time to move on, and she felt lost – because there was nowhere else on the planet she'd rather be than at Hogwarts…

Ginny swiped a tear from her eye with the sleeve of her robe – it didn't help – more just came tripping down her cheeks - and blinked when a white handkerchief was dangled before her nose.

She felt a shadow move over her, and looked up, eyes widening as she saw the dark potions master looming over her.

He shook his head when she didn't accept the handkerchief, and sighed moodily, muttering beneath his breath as one long finger tipped her chin up, and he began not so gently scrubbing her cheeks dry.

Ginny found herself smiling up at him, and he abruptly dropped his hands away.

"Have you quite gotten yourself under control now, Miss Weasley?" He tucked the handkerchief back into his robes and stood glaring down his crooked nose at her with his arms crossed.

She shook her head at his surly manner, and briefly closed her eyes. "It's nice to know some things around here are never going to change."

He looked at her from beneath is lashes and curved a brow. "You sound as if you aren't keen on leaving us, Miss Weasley."

She sniffled, and pushed her hand through her thick fall of curls. "I'm not. I'm really not." She looked around at the lawns and castle walls, and shook her head. "This is home."

"Miss Weasley –"

"Please, Professor…can't you just once call me Ginny? Please?" She looked up at him appealingly and then rolled her eyes, and dropped her head. "I'm sorry…I - I should go. My family is waiting for me..."

Ginny stepped down the front stairs, feeling his gaze on her back as she went. With every step she took, something in her felt as if it was ripping apart…she looked up at a single, twinkling star in the orange and purple twilight sky, and wished with all her heart that he would call after her, say her name, come after her, anything…

But she reached the bottom of the stairs and heard nothing.

Unable to help herself, she paused when her feet touched the gravel of the walkway, and slowly turned to tentatively look over her shoulder at him.

He wasn't standing where she'd left him.

Ginny felt any hope she had left slip away, and her face crumpled. She watched the spot where he'd been standing for a moment more…and then turned away, her throat constricting painfully as she fought the tears already burring her vision.


She gasped and put a hand over her heart as she again walked right into Professor Snape's chest.

"I hate it when you do that," she snapped, and then, to her horror, heard a sob escape her throat.

His harsh, troubled expression softened slightly, and he cursed roughly, pulling her into his arms.

Crying for something she knew could never be, Ginny buried her face in his chest, and felt his heart beating rapidly against her cheek.

She took a shuddering breath, and swallowed, curling trembling fingers in the fabric of his robes.

They stood like that, leaning against each other, for long minutes, savoring the silence of the evening around them.

Crickets began chirping as the sun went to sleep, and the moon rose high above.

Ginny finally stirred and turned her head to look at their surroundings through sleepy eyes.

Lightning bugs flashed bright yellow all over the lawns, and she smiled slightly, before tilting her head back to look up at him.

He lifted his chin from where it rested on the top of her head, and watched her with dark, unsure eyes.

"Did I ever tell you, you smell like sunshine?"

At her quiet whisper, he narrowed his eyes down at her faintly, and shook his head. "You are a very strange girl. No. However, I do seem to recall you telling me I was 'beautiful'."

"You are..."

"May I suggest, that you get your eyesight checked, Miss Weasley?" He asked in a distinctly suffering tone.

Before Ginny could answer, the man had dropped his arms, and turned, walking away, dissolving into a deep shadow cast across the lawn by the castle; leaving her alone in the velvety warmth of the night.

"Aren't you even going to take points off for old times sake?" Ginny murmured with soft, sad, sarcasm before giving herself a shake and forcing herself to walk away across the lawns, swallowing against tears.


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