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Okay so this is going to be a mini story of about 6 chapters, each centering around one person.

The team entered Mt. Justice felling more tired than ever before. They didn't even bother to report what had happened, only that the mission went successfully. They crashed in the main room, not having the energy to make it to their own rooms, as well as to change into their PJs. Before Megan could drift to sleep, she felt like she had forgotten something well if I forgot it then it must not have been important, she thought tiredly.

Never assume my dear martian, to bad she hadn't remembered to close the mind link, if she had, maybe the scaring experience of learning each other's past might not have happened. Maybe, but probably not, they would have found out sooner or later, but oh well.


It was dark, and cold. The team looked around in confusion; there was nothing, just darkness and small orbs of glowing light, each a different color. There was a yellow, a dark blue, a green, a red, a lighter blue, and a white. They floated around the group of teens, slowly bobbing up and down. The dark blue orb floated closer. It stopped a foot away from the startled teens and started to engulf them in its self. They huddled together as the darkness changed, they found themselves . . . at a beach? What?

Conner stiffened as he recognized the scene. It was the beach at Mt. Justice, the night he had a talk with his 'father' Superman. Their stood the man in blue himself in front of the teens. He looked conflicted, as if he had a lot on his mind. They were seeing through Conner's eyes.

"Sir?" dream Conner asked his voice barely over a whisper.

"What's going on?" Artemis screeched. The color seeped out of Megan's face leaving her skin Caucasian and paler than usual.

"The mind link." She spoke. The team turned to look at her, the scene before them forgotten as they looked at the, now, pale skinned girl.

"What does that mean?" Robin asked.

"We're stuck in each other's minds, I've heard of it before, but I didn't think it really happened." She paused, deep in thought, she sighed. "I think we will get out of this after each memory." The team looked at each other, a look of horror over taking them all.

"There's no way out?" Kaldur asked softly.

"None at all?" continues Wally, his face excruciatingly serious. The Martian nodded, silent tears streaming down her face. They'll know, they'll know. Oh gosh their going to hate me! She made a chocking sound and wiped away the tears.

"Hey it's okay Meg, we don't blame you for this." Artemis tried to comfort the girl.

"BUT I'M NOT YOUR FATHER!" superman's outburst brought the team back to the memory. They caught the end of superman's cape as it disappeared into the forest.

"What do we have here?" asked a slightly familiar voice. Dream Conner turned to find Lex Luther standing in front of the coastal waves, his suit hadn't a single wrinkle or imperfection. He had a creepy smile plastered on his face as he approached the clone.

"How are things going with daddy dearest?" he asked coyly. Dream Conner growled and lifted his arm to punch the finely dressed man when he said "code override command: stop and obey." Dream Conner froze and let his arm fall to his side.

"Good boy." Congratulated the man, he took a step closer. "Did you keep my gift?"

"No way, you're the enemy."

"Am I? Am I really? I just wanted to help my son," Dream Conner and really Conner both flinched at the word.

"I'm not your son."

"Are you sure? I made you that makes me your father, now doesn't it?" the memory faded away and the dark blue orb floated away from the teens to join the others as they bobbed around the team. The light blue one floated closer to the team and engulfed them into the next memory.

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