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Disclaimer: I only own the writing, not Robin's past or the characters. His back-story is based on the episode 'A matter of family', the first episode of season 4 in the Batman series.

The first thing they saw was an elephant. It was HUGE, with lots of paint and colorful fabrics decorating its dull grey skin. On top of the elephant rode a child with black hair and blue eyes. He was smiling a crazy smile as he rode the elephant around the small field.

"DICK! We need to get ready for the show!" called a woman's voice. The child stopped his rampage and climbed off.

"Were you ridding the elephant again?" she asked as her son approached her.

"Maaaaaaybeeeeee." He said before running off in the direction of a circus tent.

"S-so you're D-Dick G-Grayson?" Artemis asked.

"Yes," robin replied, he pulled off his mask to revel his dark blue eyes. Wally smiled and slung his arm around his best friend's shoulders.

"A-And you knew this?" she asked the red head, he nodded. "Well, now I get the whole 'we'll laugh about this someday' thing you did on the first day of school." She walked over to the boy wonder and gave him a nuggie, "that, is for not telling me."

"You are class mates?" Kaldur asked, slightly confused.


"Woho!" Little Dick cried as he flipped over large piles of wood and people, who laughed at the boy's excitement.

"I'm tellin' ya Mary, a leash is the only answer for that boy." He wraped his arm around his wife before calling out "wait for us son!" Together the couple made their way to the circus tent, happily greeting the fellow circus performers.

"Dick," Mary said as she and her husband walked into the flap of the tent, "Your father said to wai-" she gasped.

Richard slowly backed away from the man who hid in the shadows. The man stepped out, reveling two different colored eyes, one blue, one brown. "Looks like the circus is in town." He made his way over to Richard. "Tony Zucco," he introduced himself as he held out his hand, "Welcome to Gotham city."

"Dick, is this the day that-" Wally cut himself off as he say the horrified look on the Boy wonder's face.

Richards's father pulled him back protectively and held out his hand to Tony, "John Grayson, the circus manger, can I help you?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I'd like to think I'm here to help you, John," Tony Zucco said as he straightened up, "for a small fee." He gestured over to a shadowy corner where a tall, burly, man appeared from. "My, brothers, and I will provide your circus with, protection." Two more men came up behind the family; one was bald and short while the other was fairly skinny with black hair and a small mustache.

"Protection? I don't really understand why we would need protection." John said, crossing his arms, Dick copied his father with a little huff.

Zucco momentarily looked annoyed before tugging on his jacket and said, "I come from circus life myself so let's put this in terms you can understand." He poked john in the chest, but John continued to smirk. "You don't pay us you'll have to deal with a strong man." He gestured to the burly man who punched a tower of barrels which was complexly demolished in one hit.

"A lion tamer," the black hair man took out a whip and snapped off one of the hanging lights, crushing it and brought it plummeting down to the earth with a loud THUMP.

"And a juggler." The family turned around to see the dwarf juggling a few bowling pines. First pin, SMACK, down fell an elephant sign; second pin THWAK, there goes the exit arch, final pin. Before he could throw the last pin Dick ran over, flipped over a small platform and landed directly in front of the short man.



"You've got quite a family here John," said Zucco as he walked over to Richard, he moved him away from the juggler, "my pops always said 'families the most important thing'. I know my brothers mean the world to me! I'm not sure what I'd do if something happened to them." He gripped Dick's shoulder tightly and he winced in pain.

John sprinted over and punched Tony in the face. He fell to the ground beside the 'juggler'. The dwarfed man jumped up and tried to tackle John who simple grabbed him by the waist and threw him over his shoulder. The 'lion tamer' cracked his whip at John who flipped over him and landed on his back. He bounded off the man's shoulders and flipped in the air, landing skillfully a good ten feet away. The largest of the brothers appeared behind the father and hit him upside the head.

John fell to the ground. "Let me be clear John, neither this circus, nor your family can afford not to have our protection."

"Funny," Richard called, bringing the attention of the man to him, "cause I think we can."

"And what makes you so sure about that, sonny?" Tony asked confidently. Dick held up a cordless phone.

"I called the police five minutes ago."

"And guess who intercepted that call." Said a voice from behind Zucco. Tony turned to see THE Batman. The bat punched Zucco in the face, knocking him to the ground. The man with the mustache ran up and started to try and get batman with his whip.

"GO Bats!" Wally cheered.

"Come on we 'gotta go." Said the 'strong man'. The three brothers ran out, leaving the 'lion tamer' to deal with bats. Batman threw a bat-a-rang that first knocked the whip out of the man's hands, then came back around and hit him in the back of the head, leaving him out cold.

Batman looked around, trying to find the rest of the group, only to find the tent empty other then the family of Graysons. Richard looked over at the bat and smiled. Batman gave a small smirk.

"Our family has been divided," Tony said from the shadows of the tent, "we should return the favor."

The team looked back at their little bird to find him crying. "Robin, what is wrong?" Kaldur asked the younger teen. Robin shook his head and sniffled, Artemis pulled him into a half hug, she, and Wally, both knew what was coming.

The scene changed to show Mary and John, waving a smiling to the crowd of screaming fans. They stood on a high platform as Harley introduced them as the 'Flying Graysons'. John started the routine by swinging off, flipping, and grabbing hold of the next bar. The couple continued their act of death defying tricks. Just as Harley was introducing Dick, the unspeakable happened. The line started to snap; the couple saw this and gasped.

"Dick," his mother called. They fell. Richard reached out his hands in an attempt to catch them, but it was too late. The crowd gasped as Richard parents fell. Tony smirked as he looked at the broken, bloody, parents. He held up a small knife, "looks like the Flying Graysons may have to change their name."

Dick, both past and present, were now on their knees, full out crying. The team stared in horror at the gruesome sight.

The memory faded, leaving the team in the dark area, the orb's light slowly dimming. The lights faded into nothing, the team now sat in complete darkness. Robin still crying, Wally and Artemis trying to get him to stop and the others trying to forget what they had just seen.

"Guys," a soft voice rippled through the dream world, "guys, it's getting late, you need to get up." The team opened their eyes to find themselves back at cave.

"What happened?" Wally asked.

"You guys slept in tell 11:00, that's what happened." Black canary said as she walked out of the living room.

"Why am I green?" Megan asked.

"Megan, you're always green." Kaldur said.

"I'm not Megan, I'm Conner." The green girl said, thoroughly confused.

"Oh no!" Conner said as he sat up, "we must have gotten our minds mixed up when BC woke us up." He said hurriedly.

"?" Wally asked at light speed.

"Slow down Wallman." Artemis said, her hands making a fanning like motion.

"So we are in each other's bodies?" Wally asked, this time slowly.

"I can't believe this, it couldn't be scientifically possible!" Kaldur said, he continued to mumble as the team stared.

"Wally?" Kaldur looked up with a raised eyebrow. "Megan?" Conner nodded that time. Artemis looked over at Robin. "Artemis?" Robin nodded, his eyebrows furrowed.

"So me and Kaldur got mixed up, Conner and Megan, and Robin and Artemis?" Kaldur asked.

"My brain hurts." Robin complained as he flopped down onto the couch. "This had better be a dream."

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