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I just wanted to warn you right away. This story isn't really good, there's a shitton of typos and mistakes, characterization is off and by the end of the story I didn't even know what the f I was writing anymore. I'm currently trying to improve it. So don't bother reading if you expect quality stuff, if you don't care about all that then go ahead and give it a try, but don't say I didn't warn you.

Two Sides Of The Same Coin
Part 1| Boston

Chapter 1 - Conflict

Sometimes, just sometimes, Murphy could be a real asshole.
And sometimes, but of course, just sometimes, Connor would love to kick his sorry ass six ways to sunday.
This was one of those moments where the older twin would love to beat his younger half so hard that even their mother in Ireland could feel it.

"'t was just a fuckin cigarette. Relax, man" Connor murmured and sat down on their shabby sofa.

Murphy threw an empty beer can at him and shook his head.

"No, 't wasn't just a fuckin cigarette, 't was one of my last cigarettes and now I'm almost outta smokes!"

Connor snorted and frowned.

"What? There's still some in there, I saw 'em, 't were another three!"

"Exactly! Now give me one back yah fucker!"

Murphy approached him and kicked his shinbone.

"Ow, are ye fuckin nuts?! I took one cos I'm outta cigarettes meself! Don't be such an egoistic asshole, ye can spare me one fuckin cigarette!"

The older twin rubbed his aching leg and hit Murphy's forearm in return.

"Get us some new cigarette's then!" the younger twin demanded.

"You fuckin know that we haven't got much money!" Connor growled and got up to shove his brother.

Murphy shoved him back.

"Aye, then stop smoking if yer outta cigarettes!"

"How about you fuckin stop smoking then? Yer the one who smokes like a fuckin chimney!"

The blonde hit the back of his twin's head.

"Fuck you!" Murphy spat and shoved Connor once more.

"Fuck you!" his brother responded and they both started scuffling. For a while they just kicked and hit each other until they ended up giggling. Neither of them could keep a straight face for long whenever they started scuffling like that. Their anger soon vanished and got replaced with laughter until Murphy ended up on top of Connor and pinned him down.

"Ye lost. Give up, dickhead."

"Fuck you, I lost cos I let ye win" Connor grunted and tried to shake Murphy off.

His younger twin just giggled and shook his head. He sat on top of Connor and grinned.

"No. Get me some cigs."

"Fuck you, go get them yerself."

Connor pinched Murphy and then shoved him so he fell down next to him.
They both lay on the cold ground for a moment and stared at the ceiling.

"It's shite" Connor said after a while and Murphy turned his head to look at his brother.

"What is?"

"That we haven't got any money left. Nat much. I'll get yer fuckin cigarettes then. But that means no more food til friday" the blonde murmured and turned his head as well.

Sometimes he regretted what he'd gotten Murphy into. It had been his wish to go to America. They'd grown up in a pretty poor household but their ma had always fed them well enough. Now here they were, in America, and they were so poor their mother seemed wealthy compared to them. It wasn't like they needed much money, just enough to actually have something to eat and wear. And to smoke of course.

"Well then the decision's easy ta make" Murphy said and Connor frowned.

"Go and get me my fuckin cigarettes now."

They both started grinning and Connor laughed.

"Right. Screw it. Who needs food when ye can have cigs and booze, aye?"

They both sat up and the younger patted his brother's shoulder.

"Aye. Well said, brother. Well said. Now go and hurry!"

Connor got up and grabbed his pea coat. When he reached the door he froze and grinned.

"Actually...ye know what? I changed my mind. You better stop smoking."

Murphy threw another beer can at him and Connor laughed.

"Just kidding. You and not smoking. That's like Ma and no religion."

He grinned at his brother and left.

It was getting cold outside. Cold and dark. He only needed to walk for a couple of minutes until he reached the next drugstore, but even Connor didn't like being outside at this late hour. Every day and night there were murders and muggings in their neighborhood. It wasn't like he didn't know how to fight, he was quite a decent fighter, but you never knew. Especially when you didn't have a gun. Connor wished he and Murphy owned a gun. Their uncle Sibeal had tought them how to shoot, but they just couldn't afford a decent gun. And they most certainly didn't want to use their friend Rocco's connections with the mob. So no guns. Just fists. And a thin pea coat.

He entered the drugstore and smiled when he saw young Maria, who sitting behind the counter. She was just 21 years old but they knew her since the day she started working in the shop about 3 years ago. They had been regular customers ever since the day they had moved into their apartment. He grabbed two packs of their favourite cigarette brand and another five beer and walked over to her. He gave her his most charming smile.

"Well hello Maria, what's up taday, anything spectacular?" he said and grinned even more.

Connor knew that she had a massive crush on him and sometimes, but just sometimes, he tried to use this knowledge just so they could save a few dollars.
Murphy liked to call him names because of that.

"Whore" he had said once which made Connor laugh.

"Next thing ye do is letting her bang ya fer money."

The older twin had just started laughing even more and grinned at his brother.

"Yer jus jealous cos you look less fuckable. Nat my fault I got all the prettiness and you got all te dorkiness."

That had gotten them into yet another fight, if just for the fun of it. Connor and Murphy weren't really interested in the whole women and fucking business,
but they were well aware of their looks and charm and knew how to use it.

"Nothing much" Maria said which snapped him out of it.

He saw that she was blushing. When she asked him for the money he smiled even more at her.
The Irishman gave her the money and leaned against the counter.

"Maria, sweet Maria, how bout some discount?"

She giggled and started playing with her hair. She always did that when she was nervous.
Connor knew he should feel like an asshole for what he did to her but he just didn't. It was way too much fun.

"You know I can't do that" she said and he sighed.

"Well that's shite. How about I watch yer precious behind fer a bit then. You know, in case there's another mugging? Come on, that's fair, don't ye think?"

Maria smiled and pointed at the ceiling.

"Got security cameras since last time" she said and Connor looked up. He was rather impressed that Jimmy, the shop owner, would spent money on this kind of thing.

"Aye but tha doesn' replace pure man power" the blonde said and turned his head again to look at the cashier.

"Have a nice evening Connor" the woman said and smiled back, making it very clear that there was no flirting and no giving in this time.

Connor smiled and grabbed the cigarettes and booze.

"Alright. You, too. And watch yer back, will ye. Where am I gonna buy me stuff otherwise?"

Connor was just passing by some dark alley that separated one tiny clothing shop from one of the many bars down their street when he heard some noise.
Two people, guys with accents that told him that they weren't from Boston, were screaming down the entire neighbourhood.

Christ, just another pair af losers that start beating the shit outta each other after two pints.

He grabbed a smoke and tried to peek around the corner to see what was going on. There were two buff guys shoving and punching each other. He couldn't really see their faces because it was dark but there was one thing that caught Connor's eye. The taller and bulkier bald guy had a Swastika on his jacket. The Irishman rolled his eyes. Right, so now we've gat tha lot round the corner. And he'd just started to question his decision to drag Murphy with him because they were poor. I don' think we're going ta starve ta death here. There's gotta be some fucker that'll put a bullet ta our heads first.

"I said yah give me my drugs now, yah little filthy, motherless lowlife! I didn't take yah with me for no protests from yah" the bald man growled and hit the other once more. The smaller of the two hit him back and tried to reason with the man opposite him, but it was obvious that he didn't really stand a chance.

"Do I need t'teach yah another lesson? Still not a man? I took yah with me so yah do me proud an take care of my belongings, not t'interfere or tell me yah crap-yah embarrassed Merle in there, baby brother!" he said and punched the other even more.

"Screw yah, I don't need this bullshit, yah know we need the money so we can spent the night someplace."

His brother hit the younger man even more and Connor considered stepping in. Especially now that he'd heard that voice.
He didn't understand half the things they said because the taller man kept shouting and punching.

"Murph?" Connor asked and frowned.

He entered the alley and both men looked at him. The Irishman gasped when he saw the bloody face of the man the nazi prick held tight in a choke-hold.

"Jesus, Murph, what te fuck are ye doing down here?" Connor asked and approached them.

The taller man let go of the other and snorted.

"Well look at that, one of yah boyfriends, baby brother? Or just another faggot yah paid for a night since yah too pathetic t'bang a nice piece of ass?"

The Irishman ignored the man with the swastika and tried to help his brother up.

"Are you alright? Fuck, lemme help ye."

Connor frowned when the other man slapped his hands away and got up on his own.

"Get yah filthy hands of me! Who the fuck are yah?" he asked and frowned.

When Connor took a closer look he saw that it wasn't Murphy. The man looked an awful lot like his brother, but he wasn't. His hair was lighter and he was a bit beefier.

Oh christ.

Connor found himself standing right between the two. They smelled of alcohol. They looked like pitbulls. And they obviously were out for a fight. It wasn't like Connor was scared. He knew how to fight. But he also wasn't stupid. He knew that he stood little chance of winning the fight. It wasn't the first time he'd gotten himself into a fight. He'd been in far too many bar fights but always with Murphy at his side. Sometimes even other friends. And always somewhere inside some bar or down some highstreet. But this was a dark alley. And he was all on his own. Connor moved his hands up to a soothing gesture and walked backwards.

"Right guys. Sorry, wrong guy. I didn't mean ta disturb ye."

The bald guy snorted.

"What did yah say? Sorry I can't understand, yah talkin English here, mick?"

This made Connor angry. No one insulted his accent or home country. Especially not now that he was pissed anyway.

"Fuck you, could say the same, redneck asshole."

"Just go back t'gold nuggets at the end of the rainbow and leave us the fuck alone" said the other one and Connor looked at him.

It sent a shiver down his spine how much that man looked like Murphy.

"Yah let Merle do the business" the bald man said and put one hand inside the pocket of his jacket which made Connor frown.

"All right, don't need this bullshit anyway" he said and kept walking.

He wouldn't dare turning his back on them though because the bald guy's hand in his pocket made him suspicious.

"Just leave it man" the younger said but Merle went after Connor. The Irishman had enough then and stopped walking.

"Ye know, I'm nat here ta fight, but god believe me I will if ye keep following me."

He knew that the redneck was just provoking himm but he wouldn't dare leading him right to their apartment. Right where Murphy was.

The bald guy started laughing.

"Look! The little faggot's scared outta his pants. He's even worse than yah, baby brother."

"Just leave it be. Beat the crap outta me if yah must but just let this dumb fuck go" the other said and Connor frowned.

He was surprised that he wasn't joining his brother. The Irishman froze when he saw how the bald guy pulled a knife out of his pocket.

"No, that little faggot's up for a lesson. No one interrupts a Dixon doing shit."

Connor snorted.

"Yer nat really going ta do that, are ye? You think yer scaring me?"

"Of course yah scared. I smell piss."

Connor started walking backwards again and snickered.

"Nah that's jus yer rotten piece af Redneck ass. How old are ye? 60? I bet that's jus yer incontinence."

"Let's see who's laughing in a minute" the redneck said with a grin and Connor shrugged.

"Fuck ye."

"Merle, come on, let's just go" the younger said but his brother ignored him.

From one second to the next he darted forward and tried to stab Connor who dodged the blow.

"Jesus fuckin Christ!" he gasped and kicked Merle's leg , then je tried to punch his arm so he let go of the knife. But the man named Merle wouldn't. After a minute of wrestling the redneck tried to stab him again. Sometimes, down at McGinty's, they had used broken beer bottles to fight. Connor had always managed to disarm his enemies first, but this was different. Because that guy was strong. It was the 26th, which meant money was short. They hadn't eaten much which was also a disadvantage for Connor, who was a little less stronger than most of the time. He yelped when the redneck cut his right forearm and stabbed his leg.

"Merle!" he heard the guy who looked like Murphy scream. Connor managed to give the guy a decent hook to the chin but ended up screaming again when the guy stabbed him once more. He knew that if they kept going like that the redneck was going to stab him to death.

Christ. I didn't even say goodbye ta ye Murph he thought when he fell down to the ground and felt how Merle grabbed him by his chin. One moment he thought that they guy was about to slit his throat when he suddenly placed the knife just above his left eye and cut him once more.

"How bout we give that pretty goldyface a little surgery" the guy on top of him said

When Connor looked up at him he saw his crazy wild eyes.

Oh great, that fucker's on drugs, he thought and tried to kick and punch his attacker. He let out a surprised gasp when Merle was knocked off him. His younger brother had given him a blow to his head. Connor tried to move away from them and managed to crawl up the street, out on the main road. The two brothers were still fighting until the guy that looked like Murphy ended up underneath his brother who pointed the knife at him instead.

"That's the second time yah stabbed yer brother's back, Darylena! Yah really need another lesson?"

"Just calm the fuck down yah prick!" the younger spat but his brother wouldn't listen and started stabbing and cutting him instead.

This made Connor forget everything. His own stabwounds and injuries. He just saw that face.


He thought and got up to help him.

Must protect Murphy.

The police arrived minutes later. Minutes Connor had spent fighting with the redneck. He didn't even care that the guy had a knife and kept punching him. Merle had made his mind snap, that natural defence mechanism that made him some sort of animal when it was all about Murphy. He knew that the guy on the ground he was protecting wasn't even his brother, but it had just needed that bloody face to made him snap. Policemen and emergency doctor's arrived and managed to separate Connor and Merle. Now that the fight was over the Irishman finally noticed his injuries and how exhausted he really was. When they tried to get him inside the ambulance he tried to fight them off.

"No, I need ta go back home" he said but the policemen grabbed him by his bloody arms.

"Christ, listen, I need ta go back home. My brother'll be worried. I can't fucking leave like that without telling him what's up" he went on and tried to fight the policemen who'd finally managed to place him inside the ambulance.

"We're starting early today. Greenbeans, help me with his legs."

Rhe other policeman grabbed Connor's legs. The Irishman had stopped complaining because he felt dizzy.

"Right, and it ain't even St. Paddies. What's it with all those drunk bastards. I tell yah, I smell something big here this time. Skinheads, I tell yah.
Tryin t' clean our neighbourhood. 'ts just the beginning."

The other policeman snorted.

"Don't yah smell something big all the time?"

"I need ta see me fuckin brother!" Connor interrupted them and the policemen looked at him.

"What yah need's a doctor now, buddy."

They said and closed the doors.