Chapter 1

Percy Jackson

"It was Hercules, not Perseus! You're the one who's wrong!" Annabeth yelled at me. I was at her cabin, and we were arguing about some myth that she was talking about . She was wearing her orange Camp Half-Blood T-shirt with some jeans and her golden curls were tumbling down her back. Her stormy gray eyes were glaring at me. I was pretty sure Perseus killed the Nemean Lion. I mean, his name is cool, so why not?

"No, Annabeth, it was Perseus! Heck, I'm right!" I shot back at her, and her glare intensified.

"Fine, look it up in the Internet."

I went on her laptop which was given to her by this old guy named Daedalus after we slayed some monsters from Kronos's army(long story). I looked up who killed the Nemean Lion. It wasn't really suprising that she won the argument. She always won, because-well- she was Annabeth.

Annabeth grinned at me, with her eyes twinkling.

"I told you I was right! Tell me I'm right." She said, smirking.

I just sat on the chair, with my arms crossed. I stared at the opposite direction of her and huffed. She laughed, obviously amused, and suddenly, I felt her blonde curls on my shoulders. She was hugging me from behind, with her head on my forehead. Her hair smelled like lemon. I looked up, and stared at her gray eyes. They were twinkling madly now, and she looked so… pretty. Her face was amazing and her nose was- Woah, there! Calm down, Percy.

"Admit I'm right?" she whispered in my ear. I just gave her a brilliant answer, like "Uhm…". I stared at her and got lost in her gray eyes again.

She laughed. She was amazing when she laughed. It's pretty funny how she reacts when I'm around her.

Shut up Percy! You know what you're here for! Hurry up! My thoughts were shouting at me.

"Um, Annabeth? Uh… there's something I wanna ask." I said, while I stood up awkwardly. I ran my hand through my hair.


"Uh, well I was thinking, you know- maybe we could eat dinner sometime today?" I asked.

She frowned at me. Oh great. Maybe she didn't like me after all! Maybe, when she kissed me after the whole war, she was just playing with me… But that's not Annabeth. More like some daughter of Aphrodite. But Annabeth? Nah. Hm, maybe we weren't exactly a couple yet. I mean, I hadn't really asked her if we were an "item" yet. Does a girl kissing a guy mean they're together? Man, I hate this dating stuff. It's too darn complicated. She's so pretty. She- A thousand thoughts were going through my head, when suddenly Annabeth said, with a fake frown, "You better not forget your wallet, Seaweed Brain." And with that, she shoved me out of her cabin. I just stood there, grinning stupidly at the door.