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Chapter 14.

Percy Jackson

I was heading towards a new movie theater they just built in camp. It was movie night for the whole camp, so I saw people coming out of their cabins.

"Hey Percy, wait up!"

I turned to see Annabeth in her usual camp tshirt and some shorts. She smiled at me and I waited until she was by my side. We walked together to the movie theater.

"Hey Percy, what movie is showing tonight?"

"Grover told me it was Scream 4 "

She tightened her jaw. I turned my head towards her.

"What's wrong? It isn't that scary, Annabeth."

She stayed silent, and I grinned.

"Don't tell me that Annabeth the Brave here is scared of Scream 4!"

"I'm not!"

She glared at me, and turned to see Silena wave at her with a bright smile. Annabeth returned the greeting and Silena walked towards us.

"Hi guys! We saved you some seats!"

We thanked her and followed her into the theater. Almost everyone was there, and I took a seat next to Beckendorf. He smiled to acknowledge me and I fist-bumped him. The movie didn't start yet. Annabeth took a seat next to me, and next to her sat Kyle, some guy who kinda annoyed me.

See, Kyle here moved into the Hermes cabin about two weeks ago. He was kinda cocky and he decided to hit on Annabeth. No, no, no. My territory, so lay off. I was territorial about Annabeth, ok, and that's how I should act right? I mean, I wasn't jealous, you know... Well not really, I mean, I just wanted him to lay off a bit, right?

So anyway, here we were, in the movie theater, with Kyle Anderson seated near Annabeth. He leaned very close to Annabeth, and I could hear him say:

"Hey baby, you can cuddle with me in the scary parts if you want. You know, grab my arms and hold on to my muscles." He topped it off with a sickening wink.

Annabeth shot a death glare at him. She looked as if she was ready to stick her knife down his throat.

I was about to tell him to lay off, until I saw Annabeth give him a bright smile. "Honey, my boyfriend has more muscles than you, so lay off."

There was a couple of "Ooooh"'s from the guys who were watching us. Kyle just rolled his eyes.

"Baby, you're better off with me, and besides, you've got a hot bod. I'd like to unwrap that!" He gave another one of his gross winks.

That's it! I was having enough of this guy. Who does he think he is, disrespecting my girlfriend like that? MY girlfriend, my Annabeth. I sat up, and looked at him. I gave him the dirtiest glare I could give.

"Man, shut up, you're disgusting. You better treat my girlfriend with respect, Anderson. She's far better than any girl you'll ever meet. Next time I see you disrespect her, you'll be drowning."

He looked at me in defeat.

"Woah, man okay, I'll back off, sheesh! I just wanted to have some fun with her, you know?"

I was about to sock him in the face for wanting to have "fun" with Annabeth, but I was interrupted by the sound of the movie starting.

I slumped back in my seat, furious at this stupid jerk. Who does this guy think he is? I mean, c'mon! Annabeth does not need that guy, he's so annoying! His face is so annoying, and his wink is just gross. He better shut his face hole up about Annabeth. If I see him even LOOKING at Annabeth's legs, then I'll beat his-

".. Percy, can we leave.."

My thoughts were interrupted by Annabeth, who was staring at the scary scene, her eyes wide.

I smiled at her. "You told me you weren't scared..."

She shot me a glare that said "do not piss me off right now."

I smiled, and held her hand. We walked out the theater, and I looked at Annabeth.


"Fine! I'm a little scared, ok!?"

I laughed, teasing her more and more until she grew tired of it and walked off to her cabin. I sighed, and of course, ran after her.

"Wait Annabeth! I was kidding, I was kidding! It's alright with me! It's actually kind of cute..."

She stopped for a moment. Then she turned towards me, and gave a quizzical look.

"How was that 'cute', Percy?"

"Well, uh... It just is... Because... I like it when you cuddle my arm... And not with that stupid Kyle."

My anger kind of kindled a bit. She gave me a sweet smile, and I could've melted. She walked towards me, and put her head on my shoulder.

"Like this right?"

I let out a strange "Mhm"

She then whispered in my ear, "You were jealous, weren't you? Of Kyle?"

"No I was not! That guy just was weird!"

She stared at me with those amazing gray eyes, and I could see clouds of thoughts. I could get lost in her eyes for days, and I just seemed to stare into them. Her blonde curls were getting in the way of her eyes, and I lifted my hand to push them away, but Annabeth turned away.

"No, no, you cannot touch me until you admit you were jealous."

"Whaat, that's not fair! Fine! I was jealous!"

She tuned and gave me another one of those sweet and gorgeous smiles.

"I win."

I rolled my eyes at her. "Yeah, yeah I get it."

She smiled and put her hands around my neck. I gave her a sheepish smile and she blushed. I loved doing that. She tiptoed, and our lips met with a short kiss. I looked into her eyes, those gray mazes that I could get lost in. She smiled her amazing smile, and then leaned her head against my shoulder.

I grinned. "So you're afraid of Scream 4 huh?"

"Ugh Percy! Not again!"

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