Just a short, funny one-shot, cuz I was bored… and I think these two can be a "hoot and a half" when they're left alone with each other.

Title - Pillow Talk

Prompt - Maid cosplay

Pairings - Mato/Yomi

Disclaimer – I don't own.

There's a rustle of sheets as Mato turns over to face her bedmate.

"…Ne Yomi? You still awake?"

"Uh-huh, what's up?"

Mato thinks for a moment before pointing upward. "The ceiling."

Yomi gives out a snort and giggles. "I meant with you, silly!"

"I was thinking about the school festival. What's your class doing? Mine wants to do a haunted house."

"Hmm, I think I heard some of the girls discussing a café. We'll probably do that."

"Ohh! A maid café? So awesome! I'd give all the money in my piggy bank to see you dressed like a maid!"

Mato breaks out in a grin, and Yomi's cheeks turn pink.

"Uhh, Mato-"

"-Something short, with lots of frills. Oooh! And a big bow in the back!"


"-In red maybe? Naw, green's more your color."



"Umm, you said something about a haunted house?"

"Hm? Oh yeah, my class wants to do a traditional Japanese ghost house or whatever. I'm not expecting much…"

"You don't expect it to be scary?"

"I don't expect it to be anything! Most of the girls in my class don't like scary things."

"You never know, they might surprise you."

"I doubt it… Too bad we can't combine our ideas."

"Combine them?"

"Yeah, a 'Horror Café!' Now that would be fun! The waitresses could dress up like witches and the menu could be normal food with scary names to confuse customers!"

"Hm, like 'omelette rice with ketchup', could be 'Alien brains with blood? And 'somen with tsuyu', could be 'witch's hair, with bat guts?"

"Yes, that's genius! And I bet we could decorate the class with ghosts and monsters of all sorts and make the room dark with lantern light!"

"And we could play scary music with lots of screams and wails too."

"Eh…? What's so scary about whales? I know they're big and all, but I don't find em' scary."

Yomi covers her mouth and giggles.

"Now a shark, that's scary! Especially that one from "Jaws!"

Yomi's giggle turns to full on laughter, and a tear trickles from her eye.

"I'm never gonna get any sleep with you am I?"

"Nope! not a wink."


"Ne Yomi? Speaking of horror movies, wanna watch "Ring" tomorrow? I'll pop the popcorn."

"Mato you know I hate horror movies, especially that one! I get all scared, and jittery, I can never keep still. And before the movie is over, I'll be hiding my head under your shirt!"

"Aww! But that's my favorite part!"

"No chance! Pick something else."

"Hmmm… I can't think of anything."

"How about Twilight? I've been meaning to watch that one."

"Ugh! That's a chick flick!"

"But it's romantic."

"Right! A vampire that sparkles is sooo super romantic and handsome. NOT!"

"I think Edward is plenty handsome!"

"I think Edward is plenty a creeper!"

"Oh come on!"

"Yomi, not even if you had me chained to a wall somewhere… again!"

Mato turns her head away in a huff, pouting.

"Oh… So you're bringing the other world into this huh? Fine." Yomi sits up. "Wanna talk creepers? Let's talk Black Rock Shooter. Now there's a creeper!"

"Yomi? don't go there-"

"-Silent, brooding, face in a constant blank stare, and really doesn't know when to "take a hint" huh? Sounds like a creeper to me."

Mato sit's up. "Yomi-"

"-Pale skinned, boy-ish, and flat chested… Actually, I see why you two get along so well, you have a lot in common."


"-Well not too much in common, after all she is taller than you."

"Oh that's it!"

Mato leaps up and bats Yomi with her pillow.

"Oh, you're gonna be like that huh?"

Yomi retaliated with an attack of her own.

A pillow fight ensues with much laughter, and the girls find themselves off the bed and moving around the room. Eventually Yomi has Mato pressed against her bedroom wall, weaponless. Both pillows are aimed Mato's way.

"You know? I seem to remember our last battle ending like this. You lost then too."

Mato grits her teeth and looks around for a way out. She takes a deep breath and runs forward for a head on attack.


Yomi is unprepared and drops both pillows as Mato wraps her arms around her waist in a tight embrace. Her face buries in Yomi's chest and she concentrates really hard to not let go. Yomi stares wide eyed for a moment before snorting.

"-snurt- Ahahahah! W-what sort of -snort- attack is this? Hahahah!"

"Well, it worked last time!"

Yomi attempts to pry Mato's arms off her waist to no avail. She is forced by Mato to back away to the rumpled bed and falls onto it backwards. Yomi sighs in defeat.

"Okay I give! I give!"

Mato pumps a fist in the air.

"Wooh-haah! Black Rock Shooter: 2, Dead Master: still a big 0!"

Yomi rolls her eyes and turns away. She curls up under the now skewed blanket, and yawns.

"Let's try and get some sleep, before my parents have to come in and tell us to be quiet again."

Mato retrieves the abandoned pillows, and climbs back into bed with Yomi. She rests her chin on Yomi's shoulder and spoons her close under the blanket. Both girls finally feel their eyes drift close.


"Ne, Mato?"


"How about we make a deal? I let you have you're horror movie, if you let me have my chick flick?"

"…I can do that."


"…So, about that maid costume-"

"-Goodnight Mato!"

A/N- I swear, you give Mato an inch, and she takes a mile! Hahahah!
I love these two… I really do. This fic was truly reminiscent of my sleepover days as a kid…

And let me just apologize to the entire Twilight fan-base out there who read this. It wasn't my intention to put myself under fire… But the results were a blast!

I might do more one-shots for these two later… In the mean time? Back to C.O.W. Colors. *snicker*
That abbreviation is never not funny! xD