It was late afternoon one day and I decided to head out to find something to eat in the woods. Out of the blue, a cat appeared; a bright blue cat with enormous eyes. I recognized the cat as one of the toys I had made when I was young.

"Cheshire?" I asked even though I knew I had guessed correctly.

"That is right, I am Cheshire the cat, and you will lose your head if you don't get out of here now."

"What do you mean lose my head? I won't lose my head, plus I have nowhere else to go, I can't get out of here." I protested. I was angry that my own creation would kick me out of my own home, but then I heard a trumpet, and thousands upon thousands of footsteps.

"Oh my, I guess I'm a bit too late to help you now!" Cheshire said as he disappeared right before my eyes.

But I didn't have time to ponder on the cat's getaway because at that moment, a multitude of card soldiers appeared on the forest trail. I ran as fast as I could to my cabin and grabbed my hat, the one that had brought me to wonderland. Still cards came faster so I sprinted deeper and deeper into an even darker part of the forest, holding on to my hat so it wouldn't fly off the top of my head.

No matter how fast I ran, the cards where still pursuing at my heels. I found myself in a labyrinth so I dashed inside hoping that the cards would get lost, but when they didn't, and instead I got lost, the cards surrounded me, wrenched my arms behind my back and marched me deeper into the labyrinth.

At the center of the labyrinth was the biggest castle I had ever set eyes on. The castle was light pink except for the roof, which had white shingles and the doors and windows, which where all red and shaped like hearts. The cards took me inside the castle and into some sort of a throne room where a fat, short woman sat. I recognized the woman immediately. I remembered how I had sewn her smile on wrong when I had been a boy and how it had appeared like the doll had been frowning. Now, the woman sitting on her thrown definitely wasn't smiling. She pursed her lips when she saw me.