It was a year after the final battle at Hogwarts and the wizarding world had officially turned against Harry Potter. It had started small, a few little articles in the prophet, some ministry slander. It was now a full accusation of Harry Potter, once considered the Savior of the wizarding world and defeater of Lord Voldemort, going dark. As usual there was no evidence to back it up and few people had even seen him after the war had ended and he had lost his two best friends Ron and Hermione but Rita Skeeter had done it again.

Harry had been traveling the world learning different types of magic and had only kept contact with a select few in Britain and wasn't surprised by the recent turn of events. He had just kept traveling until the Ministry decided to send Aurors after him a couple years later while he was in Ireland after having just finished learning about different types of potions made to be mixed with alcohol. He had quickly knocked them out and erased there memories of where he had been and used an untraceable portkey to go to one of his properties in China.

It continued like this for a couple more years until they started using more dangerous curses against him and he had been hit by a particularly nasty cutting curse and portkeyed away again. He had bled out on his floor thinking of how if he could do it all over again he wouldn't change a thing when he had woken up, still on the floor with blood around him. He hadn't even been out for a minute but there was no injury where his clothes had been cut by the curse, not even a scar. He felt something in his hand and looked at it to see the Elder Wand clutched in his fist. He noticed something else on his hand as well and saw the resurrection stone on a ring on his finger. Both items should have lost forever, the wand in splinters and scattered around the Forbidden Forest and the stone sunk at the bottom of the lake.

He got up went to bathroom to wash off the dried blood and incendio'd his clothes after he removed them. He cleaned up and changed quickly out of habit more than anything else and tried to sort through all the new information in his head. The Hallows had apparently chosen him as their master, all because he didn't want to be the Master Over Death he now was exactly that. The Elder Wand had sunken into him when he tried to put it down and the ring refused to come off. The invisibility cloak had been inside his vault at Gringott's but he had felt it sink into him when he had woken up. He was now stuck with the Ministry trying to kill someone who couldn't die or age anymore. Fantastic, he thought, as if there wasn't already enough in my life that fate hasn't messed up already, I get to be the only immortal person who doesn't want immortality. As if life for Harry James Potter couldn't get any more difficult. At least I was twenty five before I "died".

Still the same thing kept repeating itself with Aurors finding Harry and Harry escaping every time without killing or actually harming the Aurors in any way. Harry had become quite proficient at wandless and wordless in his travels and with the Elder Wand apart of him it was easier than before. It wasn't long before his agelessness was noticed and and the groups kept getting bigger every time they went after him until he was hit again with the same cutting curse and they waited for him to die before leaving. Except they didn't expect to see the wound close before their eyes and they fled to report before Harry could get his bearings back and stop them.

Harry had learned a lot in his travels so after the Aurors were gone he went back to his Chinese estate and sent letters out to his only remaining friends: Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom, the remaining Weasley's, and some of his mentors during his travels telling them of his plans. He sent out another message to his surrogate mother, Poryphory Logos, telling her that he was going to need her help. He waited for a few hours until Poryphory or Pory came through the floo. "I suppose you're wondering why I need your help."

Poryphory was a beautiful woman with deep purple hair and eyes who looked to be about 30. "I know exactly why I'm here and I'm actually surprised you didn't ask sooner. I'm warning you now though, it won't be like here, you're form of magic won't exist."

"I hope not, I was already moving onto muggle subjects anyway, I've already covered history and science and I was about to start medical. You know I have no problems acting muggle, a few glamours and memory charms here and there and everything will be set."

Pory stared at him and searched his face for a few minutes before finding what she was looking for, "You're at peace with all of this, you do realize you'll still be the Master Over Death, there's nothing you or I can do to change that."

"That's why I'm going, I'm not the same person I was at the end of the war and I want to finally live a quiet life, even if only for a little while. I can't stay here and expect that to happen." Harry stared into her eyes with determination.

"Then get ready, everything you want to take with you must be on your person when we do this."

"I have everything I need, all my vaults have been emptied into the pouch around my neck along with my belongings and a few of those rather nice sizable houses and Nepenthe is sleeping in my pocket. I just have to grab Godric and I'll be set."

Harry left the room and came back with a small lion cub in his arms and led Pory to an empty room. They stood facing each other as Pory began to chant and placed her hands one over his heart the other over his head as he closed his eyes. The last words he heard before he opened his eyes again were, "Good luck, Harry, live happy."

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