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The Big Explanation

Dean was the first one up the next morning, Harry and Sam sleeping off the exhaustion of the previous night. Dean explored the room and found a kitchen fully stocked with food and appliances and put a pot of coffee to brew and decided to channel surf until Sam and Harry woke up. He was just sitting when Harry's room opened and he stepped out looking like he just wanted to go curl back up on the bed.

"You look like shit man, you alright?"

Harry glanced at Dean with a look that clearly said he didn't want to talk right now and went into the kitchen. Dean just channel surfed for a while, not finding anything on, until the smell of food drifted out of the kitchen. He got up and looked in to see Harry buzzing around the kitchen with various things cooking. Dean just stood and watched him move around like a natural in the kitchen, the life slowly coming back in his eyes and seeming not to notice Dean until he spoke without even glancing at him, "Are you going to stand there and stare all day or are you going to help me out and set the table for me?"

"Where's the setup?" Harry pointed to a cabinet next to the fridge and the drawers under it without missing a beat. As soon as Dean set out platters for the food Harry was already putting things on them. Dean found himself watching Harry from the corner of his eyes as they moved about the kitchen, he had a natural grace to his movements and had a small smile on his face as he worked.

They finished setting up as Sam walked into the room looking like he hadn't slept in weeks. Harry's smile quickly faded as last night came back to him and he silently sat down to eat, Dean quickly sitting after him. Sam sat down and just stared at the food, reaching out for a piece of cinnamon toast and nibbling on it as he watched Harry eat. They ate in silence for a while until Sam spoke up, "Harry, I need to talk to you."

Harry gave up trying to eat, he wouldn't be able to keep it down now anyways and looked up at Sam, "Go ahead."


Harry just blinked at him for a second, "Okay."

They both stood from the table and Dean watched them go suspiciously. Sam led Harry out onto the balcony and just looked at the view for a few seconds before chuckling lightly, "A penthouse, Harry, really?"

"I couldn't resist, besides, you know I can sleep in the same room as other people." They looked at the view for a few more moments before Harry asked, "Is this about last night?"

"Yeah, I noticed what you did, I've been noticing things for a while now. I need to know the truth, are you a witch?"

"I'm not a demon deal if that's what your asking. You're surprisingly calm about this."

"I'm not calm, I'm numb. Jess is gone, I can't afford to lose you to, not this soon."

Harry looked at Sam to see him start to cry and was surprised when he felt a similar wetness on his own cheeks. He reached over and put a hand on Sam's shoulder comfortingly. "I'll tell you anything you want to know about me Sam, all you have to do is ask." A second later and Harry had his arms full of a sobbing Sam and it pulled at Harry's heart how broken he sounded, it was like the final battle in reverse. Hermione sobbing into Harry's shoulder next to Ron's body before she became enraged and went after every Death Eater she could find to avenge him. Harry just hoped Sam wouldn't be consumed in the same way.

They stayed there until Sam's sobbing subsided he spoke up again, "If your not a demon deal then what are you?"

"I'll answer the basic stuff and I'll give both you and Dean an explanation later, after we've had time to calm down." He felt Sam nod in agreement against his shoulder, "First, I'm a wizard, a natural-born. I was born with magic running through my veins, a very different kind of magic than you know of here."

"Why haven't we ever encountered it before?" Sam's voice was muffled and Harry smiled at him.

"Because I'm not from here, I'll explain that more when we talk to Dean. I'll need you to keep him from shooting me, although it's almost a rite of passage that my friends try to kill me at least once at this point."

"Why are you here?"

"I'd rather only explain all this once so why don't we go inside and tell Dean."

Harry gently dislodged Sam and helped him up as they made their way back inside. Sam sat on the couch and Harry fetched Dean from the kitchen. Harry was about to walk past Sam and sit in an armchair when Sam pulled him down to sit on the couch. Dean raised an eyebrow inquiringly but otherwise said nothing. Harry cast his eyes downward and didn't say anything for a long moment and when he did he seemed to wall himself, "Sam, Dean, I'm not really sure where to start so I guess I'll start at the beginning. My name is Harry James Potter-Black and I'm a natural-born wizard from England."

Dean tensed and it was obvious he wanted to get up and get Sam away from Harry but Sam just put one arm over Harry's shoulders comfortingly and stared Dean down, daring him to try something until he gave in. Sam gave a reassuring squeeze and Harry started again.

"I was born in Godric's Hollow and my parents were murdered by a mad man when I was a year old. He called himself Voldemort and he was after me because I was a child of prophecy, though I didn't find out until many years later. After my parents were killed I was sent to live with my relatives, the Dursley's for the next 16 years." Harry gave an involuntary shudder at the name and Sam squeezed his shoulders again, "I lived in the cupboard under the stairs for the next 9 years and I was abused and neglected until I left there home when I was almost 17. I didn't find out that I was a wizard until I was 10 and I started getting letters from a school called Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry and they sent someone to fetch me for a response on my 11th birthday. My relatives hated magic and anything else they didn't consider normal so they tried to beat and starve the magic from me. It didn't work.

"I had never felt at home at the Dursley's and I thought I would finally have a place to belong in the wizarding world. I was sent into a world where everyone knew my name and more about my past than I did. The public changed they're opinion of me every few minutes, from the tragic little boy to the exact copy of father and mother, from the heir of Slytherin to the cheating champion, from the liar to the savior. They used for their purposes and then threw me away and tried to get rid of me when I became a nuisance. I wouldn't have made it this far without the help and support from friends but it was still terrible, being famous for something you can't remember that cost you your family. I went to Hogwarts for 6 years and all but one I faced Voldemort, the man who murdered my parents and who was supposed to have died when he came after me on Halloween.

"First year I met Ron and Hermione, my brother and sister in all but blood. That was also the first time I faced Voldemort. He was after the philosophers stone so he could live forever and he possessed a teacher to get it. I defeated him at the end of the school year and the philosopher's stone was destroyed. When he came into contact with my skin he burned, when I asked my headmaster, Dumbledore he said that my mother, Lily, had died to protect and it was her love that protected me from him. Second year the school found out I could talk to snakes and people were being petrified in the school and people believed I was the heir of Slytherin and responsible for all the petrifications. I faced a giant basilisk that year to save my friend Ron's little sister Ginny and nearly died in the process but I made it.

"Third year was my favorite in the end, I met my godfather Sirius Black and he along with one of the professors that year named Remus Lupin were friends with my father. Sirius had been wrongly accused of betraying my parents to Voldemort when it was actually there friend Peter Pettigrew and sentenced to Azkaban, the wizarding prison. Peter got away in the end and Sirius went into hiding but I had met someone who actually wanted to take care of me. Fourth year I was entered into a deadly competition called the Triwizard Tournament which resulted in the resurrection of Voldemort and the death of my friend Cedric Diggory. Fifth was terrible, the Ministry of Magic decided to interfere with school and denied Voldemort's return. They sent Dolores Umbridge to teach that year and we didn't learn a thing so we started our own club called Dumbledore's Army so we didn't fall behind. I had horrible lessons with one of the teachers named Severus Snape to teach me to shield my mind and they ended terribly, Voldemort was invading my mind and I couldn't keep him out. He was after a prophecy about the both of us that didn't know or hear about until we went to save my godfather. He had showed me images of him torturing him in the ministry and I believe them and followed them. It was a trap and I heard the prophecy by lost my Godfather in the process.

"Sixth year Dumbledore decided to show me Voldemort's past and it was one of the more peaceful years until near the end. The headmaster was killed by one of the teachers and the school was attacked. Seventh year I wasn't even their, I spent the year camping and hunting for Voldemort's horcruxes, his secret to immortality. We eventually destroyed them all, including the one that resided within me. The only problem was that I died in order to accomplish that. I lost my two best friends along the way and many members of my makeshift family. I defeated him and left England, unable to stay with so many memories. I travelled and studied the different forms of magic in the world and keeping in touch with those still alive through letters. I learned all about the differ t forms of magic from what only certain people can do to magic that can learned by anyone and everyone regardless. During my travels the ministry decided to claim me as the next Dark Lord and as the years went by they started sending people after me and one of them got me when I was 25. I escaped them back to my home but I actually died and came back for the second time in my life. The first time was unfinished business and the next I had been to chosen to become the Master Over Death.

"The wizarding world repeatedly sent people after my life until I couldn't do it anymore and I came here. A close friend of mine helped me and I'm never going back." Harry stopped talking and kept his eyes downcast with Sam rubbing soothing circles on his back. He could feel Dean's stare and he was fighting not to fidget.

"There's something you're not telling us."


"No Sammy, I don't believe him as it is. I'm gonna a hell of a lot proof before I think he won't attack or kill us."

"If he was going to he would have done it a long time ago, he clearly doesn't want to talk about this in the first place. I'm not gonna force him to do something he doesn't want to do."

The brothers glared at each other until Harry spoke up, "It's alright Sam, you should know. During my travels and when I became Master Over Death I gained several skills and abilities that were special, even by magical standards. My senses and reflexes are heightened, I can see things that others can't, and I don't age or die anymore. The one that's come in handy the most is that I'm an empath, but I can choose when to turn it off and on."

"What do you mean see things?"

"Auras mostly, it's easy that way for me to see who I can trust. In my world I could only see auras, but when I came here I started to see more. Sometimes I'll see outlines around people, in the shapes of things. I travelled in the states before and it wasn't like that where I come from."

"Why do you keep talking like you're not from here? More than just coming from Europe."

"Because I'm not from here, I'm from a different dimension. We don't have demons and monsters the way you do, they're tamer for lack of a better word. I stayed with a tribe of demons in my world and they're very different. I know all about hunting and I actually live with Bobby Singer most of the time."

"Wait, why did mention Bobby before me and Sam left."

Harry had slowly been looking up again and he glanced down with a sheepish smile when he answered, "I scanned your surface thoughts, there isn't a hunter in the states who doesn't know Bobby Singer. Do you have any other questions for me?"

"I have one, where are Nepenthe and Godric?"

"At Bobby's, that's actually who I went to see this weekend. I was making sure he didn't let the place get too bad and double checking the protections I placed on his property."

Dean stared at Harry at for a few minutes in silence, "I'm still not any closer to believing any of this but there's no way you can fake what I've seen. There's no way I can just accept this."

"We can go to Bobby's and he can support me, I don't know any other way unless I show you. I'll leave you two to talk about this while I make lunch."

Harry got up and left and it was like some spell was lifted and Sam immediately got up when Dean did and stopped him from doing something stupid. "Dean, sit down."

"There's no way in hell I'm staying here with him. I don't even know how I managed to stay calm for that long. Wait..."

"If you walk in that kitchen right now then I'm leaving you here and I'm leaving and I'm not coming back."

"How can you say that, we don't what he's capable of. We should be trying to find out what he really is so we can kill him."

"If you even think of doing anything to harm him I will take him with me and leave."

"How can you say that? He's obviously not human and he's probably dangerous."

"You don't know him Dean, he's been my best friend for almost three years and I would trust him with my life. If you think he's capable of hurting either of us even on accident then you clearly haven't been paying attention for the past few days. I'm devastated over Jess but it him a hell of a lot worse, they were practically family. He's been strong for a long time from what I know of him and what I just found out but that's going to last much longer, especially not with your attitude."

Dean stood up from the couch and stormed back into his room in the suite, slamming the door shut behind him. Sam sighed and joined Harry in the kitchen, accepting the cup of tea Harry held out for him and sat down at the table. Harry put a plate of food in front of him and sat down with his own. They ate quickly and silently, Harry wondering what was going to happen now, Sam trying to figure out how to get his brother to see what he was talking about. They finished and Harry just flicked his wrist and the plates floated to the sink and cleaned themselves before floating back in the cabinet. Sam watched in awe as the dishes cleaned themselves and Harry felt a smile start to form on his face.

"If you think that's amazing just wait till you see some if the enchantments I put on Bobby's place, that place is sorely lacking a woman's touch."

Sam looked back at Harry with big puppy dog eyes, "Can you show me some more?"

"I could float Dean over some lunch, or a bucket of cold water over his head. Something tells he wouldn't appreciate that very much right now." Harry looked down at the table and closed his eyes, his hands clasped tightly together in his lap. "Do you trust me Sam?"

"With my life, it's easy to tell when you're lying anyways. If seen you lie flat out to complete strangers but you could never to someone you care about. You do this thing where you look through them and start fidgeting a little."

"Do I really do that?"

"Yeah, it's kind of interesting how you can lie to so easily to almost everyone but if you try lying to someone you care about you fail, miserably. Don't worry, Dean'll come around eventually, it's just hard to understand. We were raised to believe that all supernatural creatures were evil and you just destroyed that image, even if you're technically not native. It just kinda makes us second guess some of the things we hunt, what have we gone after that's innocent, you know?"

"Don't worry about that, hunters find out about these things through strange deaths and stuff like that. I've actually met some peaceful supernatural beings, they don't draw attention to themselves, and some even live in plain sight. Did you know that not all demons are like the ones you hunt? There are some that have emotions and feelings the way humans do, some still have the rage and desire to kill that most do but they have guilt and regret about the things they may have done. I have a couple friends who are demons from this world."

"This is a lot to take in a short amount of time, I need to sit down and digest this information." Sam looked thoughtful for a moment, "I've got an idea, I'll make Dean a plate for lunch and then we can go shopping for new stuff since ours is...gone."

Harry got up and walked around the table until he could wrap his arms around Sam's shoulders. "We'll make it through this, I've seen too much death in my life already, and I've learned how to handle grief. Jessica meant a lot to the both of us, but she wouldn't want us to mope around like this. We can get Dean some new stuff too while we're out, come on."

"How do you know his size?"

"I pinned him when we first met remember? Besides, several of the people in my life have stressed the importance of fashion until it was lodged in my mind, I can't really help it if I can tell someone's size and taste from a glance. I'll tell the story that goes with it sometime, now make Dean that plate and then we can get cleaned up and go."

Harry let go of Sam and made his way out of the kitchen while Sam got Dean's plate. Harry came back a couple seconds later, "Also, can you let him know he doesn't have to worry about housekeeping coming up here too. He can ward this place however he wants while we're gone."

Harry left again and Sam brought Dean lunch. He didn't bother knocking and opened Dean's door only for Dean to fall out of the room hitting Sam and causing the plate to fly out of his hand. There was a loud crash and Dean and Sam both ended up on the floor with pieces of food on and around them. Harry walked out of his room a couple seconds later with the water running in his bathroom and no shirt on. He looked at the sight before him and laughed so hard he fell to the floor with tears down his face. Dean was staring at Harry dumbstruck while Sam gave weird mixed kicked puppy/annoyed face at Harry. He sobered up after a few minutes and flicked his wrist and the food was gone and the plate had vanished back into the kitchen. Dean looked shocked and Sam had that amazed look in his eyes again and Harry realized what he had done and quickly retreated to his room.

Dean just stayed on the ground staring at Harry's door before he started stuttering out partial sentences. "What just, did he just, how...was that magic?"

"Yes Dean, that was magic."

"...Did you see the scars just now?"

"...Yeah, I did. Do you believe him now, at least a little?"

"...I guess. I just can't believe all this."

Sam got up and helped Dean up after him. "Well you'll have plenty of time to process all this information and hopefully come to terms with it. Me and Harry are going shopping so you can do whatever you want here, Harry said housekeeping wont bother us so you can ward this place like no tomorrow while we're gone if you want."

"Wait, you're leaving? Where are you going?"

"Shopping, we kinda just lost all our stuff so we have to replace things."

Dean looked like he wanted to comment but held his tongue and went into towards the kitchen. He spoke back at Sam before he went into the kitchen, "I don't know how much of this I really believe but the guy cooks food from heaven so he at least has my support there."

Sam smiled and thought, 'Figures, the only way to really reach Dean is through his stomach.' Sam went back into his room and noticed it was cleaner than when he left it and there was a set of clean clothes waiting for him in the bathroom. 'Maybe things will work out sooner than I thought.'

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