Sam stared in shock at his father standing just outside the door and vaguely registered standing aside and letting him in. John had a questioning look in his eyes but refrained from speaking immediately when he noticed Dean sitting up in bed looking perfectly healthy with a pair of arms around his waist. Dean was looking back at him in surprise and shifted to be able to defend Harry from his father if he had to, the movement didn't go unnoticed by John. It was tense for a moment until John spoke up. "What's going on here? Sam calls sounding panicked with news of your impending death and I find the two of you perfectly fine, in bed with a girl no less."

Sam didn't know how to start and looked to Dean for help who took the hint and decided to tell his father only the things that wouldn't get Harry shot. "It's good to see you to Dad, it's only been around six months."

"Explain Dean."

"Sam wasn't lying when he called you, I was dying, and I'm not sleeping with a girl either, his name is Harry and he saved my life."

"How and who's Harry?"

Dean hesitated and couldn't decide what to tell him and Sam took over. "Harry's a friend of mine from college, he was close by so I called him about Dean and asked for help. He came and helped."

"You didn't tell me how." Sam looked nervous and John looked to his eldest for information and got the same nervous look. "What aren't you telling me?"

"Nothing." They answered together and a little to quickly and John narrowed his eyes in suspicion.

"Don't lie to me boys, what are you not telling me?"

Dean was staring at him blankly and Sam spoke up after a few more tense minutes. "We can't tell you, not until Harry wakes up or we go to Bobby's."

"Who exactly is Harry and why do we have to wait until he wakes up?"

Dean looked uncomfortable and looked at Sam and shifted so he was almost completely between Harry and his father and Sam spoke up protectively. "He's a friend from college. He healed Dean and has to recover."

John was watching his boys carefully and trying to see Harry's face from where he stood. "What aren't you boys telling me?"

Dean spoke up this time. "We aren't hiding anything, it's just not our story to tell."

"I expect this kind of treatment from Sam, but not from you Dean."

Sam was watching Dean for his reaction and was surprised when he just met their father's stare head on. John looked ready to kill to find out what was going on and was studying his boys, looking for signs of something off, when Harry shifted on the bed. Dean looked at Harry and saw the pained expression on his face. He put his hand on Harry's forehead and it was burning to the touch, he looked up at Sam panicked and Sam came over immediately, the brothers having almost forgotten their father was in the room. "He's burning up, did Bobby mention anything about this?"

"No, I would've said so last night."

"Then what the hell are we supposed to do?"

John was watching them suspiciously and decided it was time for them to remember he was there. "One of you tell me what the hell is going on right now."

Sam and Dean looked at their father before looking at each other and silently agreeing that Dean would take Harry and Sam would take care of dealing with their father. Dean got out of bed and picked Harry up and headed out of the room before his father had a chance to react and Sam blocked the door. John was too shocked at this turn of events to do anything until Dean was already gone and Sam looked like he wouldn't move for anything. By the time that John came back to his senses he was furious, Sam calls with news of Dean dying in a hospital and he goes there to find that Dean had gotten out somehow and heads to the motel Sam had left in the message to find Dean perfectly fine, sleeping with someone, only to leave with said someone and leave behind more questions than answers. "Explain. Now."

Sam met his father's glare with a calm gaze. "Harry saved Dean's life, that's it."


"I wasn't in the room when it happened."

"Who's Harry?"

"A friend fro-"

"Damnit Sam! If you say he's a friend from college one more time I swear."

Sam was starting to get angry at his father, he was too stubborn to let the subject go, especially since it would appear supernatural to him. John's fury was spreading to Sam and Sam hoped this wouldn't end as badly as he feared. "You swear you'll what Dad? You don't have any right to ask about any of this. You never answered us before now, even when we were back in Lawrence, I honestly didn't expect you to show up just because you're own son was dying."

"Of course I would answer if one of my sons was dying, what makes you think otherwise?"

"Maybe the fact that you haven't contacted either of us despite all the calls, even when I came back! What the hell is so important that you won't contact us until someone is dying?"

"You know I'm close to the thing that killed your mother, I can't afford to lose it."

"Oh forget about revenge, it doesn't take more than a couple minutes to leave a message to let us know you were still alive! You're so consumed with getting whatever it was that got mom that you forget how to raise your own sons! I wanna kill that thing too but you won't even tell me what it is! Forget it. I'm done. Go hunt this thing if you want, but don't bother contacting me again whether you kill or not."

Sam grabbed his stuff and left, leaving his father standing their stunned in the middle of the room. John ran out a second later and looked for his son or the impala and didn't find them, he hadn't the engine and Sam couldn't have gone so far in a couple seconds so he got in his truck and headed for where he hoped the boys would be, at Bobby's with their friend Harry.

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