Author's Note:Okay guys. I am so so so sorry that I haven't posted this. My life has been so freaking crazy. School, emotional problems, relationship problems, and family problems galore. Here it is and I hope you really enjoy it and that it isn't too much of a let down. Thank you all so much who reviewed, liked, and followed this story. It means a lot since this was my first time.

House closed his bedroom door and pinned Cameron against the back of it. Somehow on the way there he lost his dress shirt, socks, and jeans and she lost her jacket, shoes, socks, and shirt. He closed the space between them and kissed her again for what felt like the 100th time. His right hand rested on her hip as his left rested open flat on her stomach. He marveled at the flat and tautness of her stomach as his hand trailed its way up to her breast. She gasped into the kiss as he began to knead it gently.

Cameron kissed along his jawline up to his left ear and whispered into it, "Take me now."

He groaned and closed his eyes. Apparently that was too long for her because she tugged on his ear with her teeth and added, "Please Greg."

House picked her up and she straddled his waist as he made the short distance to his bed. He tossed her on the left side of the bed and stepped out of his jeans. He raised his head to see her still wet jeans whack him in the face and heard her laugh loudly.

House smiled to himself. There's that laugh I missed so much. He flung her jeans and they made a dull thud as they hit his bathroom door. "Ooh you're gonna get it."

"That is what I came here for." She took off her bra and flung that across the dark room. Gregory House stood above her and stared down at her beautiful body. His blinds were up and the moonlight streamed through the window illuminating her pale skin. He was hard at the thought of what the next half hour or so would bring and the very sight of her breath taking body ready for him to take her.

He propped his left leg up on the bed, putting his weight on it, and leaned down to nip at her neck. That shut her up right quick and left her squirming beneath him. His calloused right finger tips travelled the valley between her breasts and made their way past her belly button to the very top of her underwear.

House looked down at it and smiled, "Red underwear? Were you planning this?" She bit her lip unable to answer anticipating what was in store. His hand slipped under the red garment and found her slick already. As he slowly slipped in his first finger she moaned. This little sound egged him on to slip another finger in and started moving them in and out. He worked towards her climax increasing the pace of his right hand as his other hand found its way to her nipple. He pinched and tugged on it mixing her pain with pleasure.

Soon he had her writhing and groaning loudly beneath him in what some call a hot mess. Before she could calm down, he hooked his thumb in her underwear sliding them down her legs. He took off his boxers and quickly put on a condom. As he lowered himself above her taking his weight onto his forearms, Cameron thought about how fast her life changed after one drunk Friday night.

Her thoughts were soon limited to her actions as he entered her quickly. They both froze, unbelieving that they had actually done this. Cameron gasped out a breath unaware she was holding it in. That tiny sound bought both of them back to the task and House slowly started to move in and out of her. Cameron dug her nails in his right shoulder and worked her other fingers into his hair. He really didn't mind the pain, not now anyways. As they got into a rhythm, he increased he speed and both of their pleasure. She felt so good around him.

House leaned down and pecked Cameron quickly on the lips. He needed an outlet to show his emotional feelings not just his primal ones. He could no longer hold himself back now that he let himself go. He was like a racehorse after getting the go ahead from his rider to let loose. His pace quickened as she neared her second and he neared his first. Cameron's gasp broke off and the sound drove him wild. He needed to hear her scream. A few strokes later and that's exactly what she did. House reached that natural high and didn't want to come back down again. When they were finished, he was still inside of her unwilling to leave her warmth.

His leg gave a shout of protest and he slipped out of her slowly before laying on his back next to her. As they stared at the ceiling, they were trying to catch their breath and their thoughts. Neither knew what to do now. House eventually turned his head towards her, about to same something, when he noticed she was fast asleep. He chuckled and peeled of his condom before he tried to get some sleep as well.


Cameron slowly pried an eye open to assess her surroundings. She tried to move but couldn't due to the fact a rather long arm was around her waist. To be more precise, that arm's hand was splayed out so low on her hip bone that half of the hand was under the waist band of her boxers and that arm was connected to a man spooning her... Wait, WHAT?! House spoons! She wiggled a bit and found his right leg between hers.

Cameron snickered and bit her lip to be quiet about it. She sure as hell didn't want to wake him up so soon as she was just starting to enjoy this. Honestly, she didn't know how she came to wearing his boxers but at the same time she didn't mind. As Cameron stared at the wall opposite of her, she thought about what exactly this meant for her and House. Seconds later, she didn't care what it meant. She just wanted to enjoy the here and now. And boy was she enjoying it.

She then noticed that sometime during the night, they switched sides so she was on the right side and he on the left. Cameron rolled her eyes and didn't even try to figure that one out. Cameron felt completely relaxed. It was the first time in a while that she didn't feel the least bit tired after sleeping. Well, her muscles were aching a bit but that was about it.

House slowly pried an eye open to assess his surroundings. He realized where his hand was and smirked. No way in hell was he moving that hand except to bring her closer to his chest; which was exactly what he did. His reward was a surprised squeak out of Cameron. It honestly didn't surprise him to find out she squeaks. As he nuzzled her hair, he smiled satisfactorily.

"Good morning, House."

"Mmm good morning, Cam."

She bit her lip and smiled. His breath tickled the soft downy hair on her neck and sent chills down her spine. She closed her eyes once more and enjoyed the moment. The faint sunlight streaming through the window, his strong arm around her middle as if daring the world to take her from him, the wind blowing gently on her face through the crack in the window, and the care in her heart for the man now cuddling her.

Yes, she still stuck with the fact that she didn't love him; she cared for him. Now if he ever uttered those three words then maybe she'd consider loving him again but she just wasn't ready for the heartbreak that was possibly in store for her. She was happy at where they were and probably would be for a while.