I Never thought I'd get so many people actually asking for this! Lol. Okay, so background (Some know it, some don't) Is that this world is YJ world AFTER Dani from Ephemeral Reflections. It's basicly, what happens after the show, after my fic and when Danielle Fischer who was born to that world is grown up some. Some important background info is that While in Sparrows (In this she'll be called 'Bloodwing) world Tim had the background of Jason (street kid and stuff) In this one I'm making it closer to the comics.. pre reboot.. So Tim gets his comic book origins in this world, also making All the things that happened when Dani was young (like finding her sisters and stuff) happen when she's a bit older and when this story starts, she'd quite older.. I'd say 16-17 or something like that.. The beginning's gunna look the same but there's more than the preview so make sure you read it.


Red.. so much red so much blood. She could feel the sticky, oozing substance flowing down her cheeks from where it'd flew when the shard of broken glass had plunged deep into his neck, the artery sliced and pulsing out his life with each passing second. Her hands twitched, flexing in the crimson as she jumped back, Derringers body falling at her feet, gasping out one last choking breath.

Bruce scrambled to the mans side, his dark hands closing over the wound, attempting to stop the flow. Useless. It was all so useless. She locked gazes with Tim who stared at her from the floor where he'd been just seconds from Derringers crushing blows just a moment ago, his body battered and bruised, mask lifting around the edges of his mask where a hard lump was forming on his high cheek bone, his blue eye visible from where the monster had managed to knock out his white out lens.

She never told him.. It all came so clear now. The dark, deep hole that was where her heart used to be staring at his eyes. She never told him.. now she never could..

She flew from the scene, nothing but the sound of her heartbeat pounding in her head, lungs burning as she fled the factory into the pouring rain. She knew Robin was after her.. Tim was after her.. He'd be easily lost.. She was always better at stealth than him, she always blended into the shadows better. He always spent far too much time on that computer...

She ran, no where to go. She couldn't go back. She broke the highest of rules. She took his life, she took the life of the man that stole hers. A fitting end, but against the rules none the less. Where would she go? Where could she hide? Without Bruce, Danielle Fischer was nobody. Without Batman, Sparrow was no one. SHE was no one...

Lightning struck, blinding her. When she could see again she screamed. The bat! It was Batman swooping down on her. This was it.. it was over.. it was all over..

The dark figure glided right for her, she didn't even have time to turn before his body slammed into hers, throwing the breath from her body with a startled cry. Her shoulder slammed into the ground, enough forced causing her to bounce and tumble away. Before she could do more that twist and claw at the ground, trying to gain some purchase and force herself from the ground she felt the weight above her, pulling her shoulder to lay her flat on her back. She screamed looking upon the face of the man that had been her mentor, her father. He was no longer her father.

He was the demon. She saw the demon that every villain in Gotham feared. The disfigured face of a creature of the night, white eyes boring into your soul and revealing every sin you've dared think of in the darkest depths of your heart. The cape lifted into giant wings, tattered and torn, threatening to devour her. His armor was now skin, leathery hide that would be impenetrable to mortal weapons. Still, as his face morphed into that of a snarling, fanged beast she could do no more than kick at the creature above her, punching and digging her hands in where ever she could pray to find a weakness.

"It's okay." Came the growl, rumbling from the chest of her tormentor, his grip bruising. "You're alright!" Came another snarl. She trashed, throwing her body about, desperate to run One dark, clawed fist raised. She let out an ear splitting scream.

There was a loud gasp hey eyes flying open. Narrowed eyes met hers, mouth set in a line as Jason looked down on her. Several panicked seconds later she came to the realization she had been sleeping on the large mattress in their less than glamorous base. A dew more fevered pants before she gained control of her breathing. A nightmare... It was.. a nightmare..

A Moment later she felt a trickled under her fingers, the coppery scent so familiar. Quickly releasing the death grip she'd taken on Jasons bare bicep she could see the lines of red, little half moons from her nails where they'd dug in. There were scratches, gashes, covering his body that hadn't been there before he'd laid down beside her earlier. There were a few new bruises to add to the old, a split lip. She'd been fighting him unknowingly...

"I'm sorry..." She whispered out. With a sigh he released her, gently running his left hand over the red print left on her cheek. He'd tried to get her up without hitting her.. he had. She nuzzled into the hand, placing a soft kiss to the palm. Closing his eyes Jason fell off to his side of the bed, hands cupping the back of his head as it fell into the pillow. Raising from her side, she leaned over him, placing soft lips to one of the claw marks she had left on his left pectoral, ghosting over his skin with feathery softness, She licked her lips of the small drop of blood she'd gathered as she looked up to his examining eyes.

"Again." Came his demand. Jasons fingers ghosted over her hip, gliding up under the thin shirt she wore to bed to play along the scars on her stomach as she rested her head on his chest.

"It's the city..." She said. It was the only reasoning she could come up with for the sudden outbreaks of her nightmares Jason had just moved them back into Gotham. So far they'd kept extremely low key. He wanted to have his plans mapped out just right before daring to make a move. She trusted him, knew he would know just what it would take to get Gotham back, to get it on the right course. But there was a cloud still looming over this city, always had been. It was an oppressive force that threatened to crush the soul of any who dared live within it's dark sphere. It still haunted her...

Jason wrapped an arm tighter around her, tugging her in. His little bird was being far to brooding. "Rest.. we go out tonight." She nodded against his chest, falling back into a bit of a fitful slumber in a few minutes as he stroked her hair.

Okay, so again some Background. Think of it as like Final destination in a way. Even though Sparrow warned against Jays death, it still happened. Not gunna go into details. You'll have to wait.