A/N: Hey guys! I was looking through my flashdrive and found this little story, which was probably a brainstorm for my other ones. Anyway it's really short, just thought I'd share.

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Forever Tangled

Rapunzel smiled slightly as she watched the beautiful lanterns float towards the sky. She could still remember the day she saw them up close for the first time. That entire day had been filled with so many first; she got to run through grass, swim in a lake, and traveled to a city. But the very best part of that day, had been Flynn Rider. "Eugene.." Rapunzel whispered.

At first she had been afraid of him, mother had always told her that men had pointy teeth, but Flynn never showed his. He was kind and handsome. During their journey she was so sure that he was falling in love with her, but no. he only cared about the crown all along. Rapunzel laid a hand on her bare stomach as the image of him sailing away flooded her memory. It was the worst feeling she had ever felt. Mother had been right all along. If it wasn't for her I would have been killed…Rapunzel shivered as she remembered the two huge men that came after her, how all her hope had been lost until she heard the sound of her mothers voice, the sweet voice of the only person she knew would never betray her. Yes, everything is ok now. I'm safe in my tower where no one can ever harm me.

A soft voice snapped Rapunzel from her thoughts and she turned around slightly facing her mother. Gothel was sitting up on her side blinking tiredly, her dark sheets draped over her nude form . "Come back to bed dear."

"Just a second," Rapunzel replied as she took one last look at the floating lights, they would be back for her twenty-fourth birthday anyway. She slid under the covers into her mothers embrace and sighed.