Andrea sat in the driver's seat of Dale's Winnebago, letting a few tears fall softly from her face. She thought of all he had done for her, and how bad she treated him the past couple weeks. She blamed herself for his death, which she knew was completely ridiculous. She just wished she could ask his advice on how to let him go, she wished she could hold his hand one more time, she just wished she could listen just one more of his stories.

A moment later Dale and Glenn came into the RV looking for Andrea. "Oh, sorry, you okay Andrea?" Glenn said acting like he just walked in on her naked. He turned is head away from her, and looked directly down at his shoes.

Andrea quickly wiped the tears from her eyes and turned and stood up to face Daryl and Glenn. "It's alright I was just…I was just." Andrea stopped herself mid sentence; she just couldn't let the words escape her mouth. "Wait, did you guys need something?" She said putting her worn down cowboy hat on.

"Oh yea, Rick wanted me and Glenn to run a quick perimeter check, except, Glenn actually told Maggie he would help her move some boxes and stuff to the attic. I went and asked T-Dog but he is on cooking duty." Daryl said rubbing the back of his head.

Andrea stood there, still not understanding why Glenn and Daryl were coming to speak with her, did they want her to go on cooking duty so T-Dog would be able to help Daryl. She just shrugged at them, and gave them a confused look. "Okay, I still don't understand."

"So, we came to ask you if you mind going with Daryl." Glenn said still not able to make eye contact with her.

"Shane?" Andrea said shocked that they would ask for her help.

Daryl scuffed under his breath, "I had suggested Shane, but it seems Daryl and he don't get along too well."

"Listen, I can just go alone. Glenn is the one who thought to ask for your help." Daryl said storming out of the RV.

Daryl threw some extra wire fence into the truck bed of the pick-up. He went over to pick up the tool bag when he noticed it was missing. He heard a thump coming from the truck, which startled him. He jerked himself around to find Andrea standing there by the truck.

Andrea's hands were on her hips, "I already put the bag in the truck, anything else we need?"

"What do you mean 'we' girl? I aint even need your help in the first place. Why don't you go give Lori or Carol a hand with the laundry or somethin'?" Andrea could tell that Daryl was upset with her, but she decided just to shrug it off and help him anyway.

"Listen jackass, you asked for my help, and now I'm here. We can go do these perimeter checks in silence, I don't care, but I'm coming along…so deal with it." Andrea said jumping into the passenger seat of the pick up.

The car ride was just how Andrea predicted…complete and utter silence. Daryl then slowly stopped the truck. He pointed over to an opening in the fence. They grabbed the supplies out of the back and started working on the repairs.

"Sorry." Daryl said after clearing his throat and looking in the bag for wire cutters.

Andrea wiped the sweat from her forehead and said, "Excuse me?"

Daryl stood up and said this time with more force, "I said I was sorry." He threw the bag in and jumped in the driver's seat.

Andrea followed behind him and asked again" Excuse me?"

"Damn girl, you deaf or something? I'm trying to pay my respects!"

"Oh, I didn't….thank you." Andrea realized Daryl Dixon was trying to be nice. "I appreciate the sentiment, but why are you saying this to me?"

Daryl threw the remaining tools in the backpack and stood up, "Cause you and Dale were close."

Andrea couldn't move she just stared at Daryl. She looked like a deer caught in head lights. "Thanks Daryl, that means a lot to me."

Just seconds later Daryl saw a deer run past the trees opposite of the fence. They both knew what to do. Andrea ran to the truck to grab her backpack, that had some snacks and drinks in it, while, Daryl ran to grab his crossbow and extra arrows.

Andrea was in awe of Daryl's tracker technique. He was not one to show off or create any attention to himself, he was so confident in his abilities in finding this deer; he made tracking seem to easy. Andrea heard a twig snap a few spaces behind them and unknowing grabbed Daryl's hand. All of a sudden three walkers darted towards them with speed neither of them had ever seen them.

Their eyes both fell on a house, which, they ran straight for. As Andrea ran into the house, Daryl turned and fired a bow at the closest walker. He then pulled the arrow out of that walker's head at stabbed into another one. Daryl was thrown to the crowd by the third walker as Daryl fought for his life, the zombie fought for supper. Andrea quickly snatched up Daryl's crossbow and fired a shot at the zombie nailing him right in the head.

Daryl threw the dead…dead walker off him and wiped the sweat off his brow. "Good shot."

"Thanks." Andrea said heading back into the house. They decided to take a quick look around to see if there were any extra supplies lying around.

Andrea found a duffle bag filled with guns and ammo. She was thrilled, while, Daryl had his guard up. They check upstairs and downstairs, they made their way down into the basement when they heard a gun cock.

"Whoa there, were still alive. Didn't mean to bother you…we were just leaving."

"Do, do you have any food?" A small voice whispered out.

"Not much…we are willing to share." Andrea said as Daryl shot her a typical Dixon look.

The door opened and Daryl slowly walked inside to find a young boy and a girl cuddled up to each other in a corner.