A/N: I've noticed in quite a few episodes where when the team splits up to chase suspects Deeks and Callen end up chasing the same suspect/converging on the same place... so I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to thump them both at the same time. Takes place early season two when the team is still adjusting to Deeks.

I have found it is very hard to write an action scene that has simultaneous actions by multiple characters. Keep in mind when you're reading that some of the action is taking place at the same time and jumps from different POV's just like scenes would when watching it on TV.


They had entered the over-large warehouse from the north and south ends, splitting with their respective partners after entering in an attempt to box in the suspects, causing Kensi and Sam to converge mid-way along the east wall of the cavernous warehouse.

"Clear this way," they heard Sam say through the earwig, "I got eyes on Kensi."

"My way was clear also," Kensi reported as she approached Sam.

"I got nothin' so far," Deeks reported moments later.

"G, what about you," Sam asked, frowning when his partner didn't immediately respond. "G, you copy? Deeks, you got eyes on Callen?"

After a few seconds Sam was ready to demand a report from the detective when he heard Deeks tightly pitched voice over the earwig.

"Uh, Sam we gotta pro..." Kensi and Sam exchanged worried looks when Deeks was cut off by the ominous sound of a cocking weapon through their earwigs. Without hesitation they began heading in the direction of their partners.

*ncis la*

Deeks had come around a corner to find Callen surrounded by four armed men in fatigues, immediately recognizing them as the marines that they'd had under surveillance for the last week. The detective attempted to backpedal to a more concealed location when a gun touched the back of his head and a voice ordered menacingly, "Drop it or you die. Do it now!"

Taking a few steps back out into the open, Deeks held his gun loosely and brought his hands out from his sides slightly, "Hey...easy, need to be so-"

Exchanging a quick look with Callen, Deeks spun around suddenly, bringing his gun up and firing while Callen went to disarm the gunman closest to him.

Deeks assailant went down and Callen quickly disarmed his opponent but not before the other three suspects recovered from the sudden attack.

Callen quickly turned to the three remaining suspects, gun raised in a stand-off. Reading the situation, one of the suspects turned his gun towards the detective, who, at that moment, had his back to them as he stooped down to secure his suspect.

"You fast enough to take us all out before we put a bullet in your partner over there," one of the men ground out. "Now put it down, now."

"You shoot him, I shoot you," Callen said evenly.

"Then I shoot you...I win," the other suspect said with a smirk.

"Hey, who do I get to shoot," Deeks asked innocently, suddenly whirling around to add his gun to the stand-off.

"Now, Deeks, don't get greedy, you've already got to shoot someone today," Callen said flippantly, nodding towards the downed suspect.

Slowly rising from his stooped position, Deeks took a few steps closer to Callen's location, never taking his eyes, or gun, off the suspects he replied cheekily, "You did too."

"Ah, I didn't shoot that guy-just hit him." Callen replied.

"So, what now," Deeks asked. "Cause I gotta say, this isn't really a whole lot of fun...I had plans this evening..."

"Well, they could just surrender...make everything so much easier..." Callen said.

The suspects laughed at that, one interjecting, "Yeah, so not gonna happen."

"So, what, we just stand here for the rest of the day staring at each other," Deeks asked, "Really?"

"Where's Monahan...we know you had a meet set up today to sell those classified weapons specs," Callen demanded.

"Wouldn't you like to know," one suspect sneered.

Eric's voice suddenly came over the team's earwigs, "Guys, outside cameras are showing two cars approaching the warehouse."

"Probably Monahan, of all times for bad guys to show up late," Sam supplied, "Kensi and I are gonna have to fall back to cover so we all don't get boxed in; you get that G, you and Deeks hang tight, we'll take them all down when Monahan joins the party. Eric, get us some backup out here."

"On it," Eric replied.

Deeks took a brief second to cast a glance over at Callen, noting that the agent didn't so much as a bat an eye over the rapidly shifting, and his opinion, quickly deteriorating ops.

"Really...really, I certainly hope someone has a plan for all of this..." the detective commented aloud.

Callen, whose eyes never left the suspects, smirked, "Where's the faith there-partner. Partners always have a plan..."

"Yeah, G., your partner has a plan to get you and the Shaggy DA* outa this mess...then, I'm gonna kick both your butts," Sam said over the earwig.

"Really...cause I'm not seeing it," Deeks commented.

"The plan is for you both to die today," one of the suspects said.

"Callen, you got a better plan...'cause, I'm not really liking that one," Deeks commented. "And this whole 'Mexican Stand-Off' thing…it's really getting boring."

The suspect closest to Callen took a few steps towards his downed partner and nudged him forcefully with his boot, "Peterson. Peterson, get the hell up...he didn't hit you that hard."

The man on the floor groaned and rolled over on his back, squinting up at his partner, "Damn."

"Get up...go see if Monahan's here yet," the suspect demanded, glancing at his watch, "If the bastard wasn't late we wouldn't have this problem."

Peterson climbed to his feet slowly, giving Callen an evil glare, "You and me...we ain't done yet."

"Yeah, you can kill him later...right now get Monahan in here so we can get our money," The partner ordered.

The stand-off continued, "So, where's that plan...anybody...we got a plan for this...right?"

"Yeah, we gotta plan, right partner," Callen said casually.

"Don't know partner...that's why I was asking you," Deeks replied.

"Yeah, G, we gotta plan and back up on the way." Sam commented over the comms. "Both of you just hold tight."

Callen just gave a small smirk while Deeks rolled his eyes.

Peterson soon returned with Monahan and three of his men, who immediately added their drawn weapons to the 'stand-off'.

"Really..." Deeks grumbled as he and Callen stepped closer.

"What is going on here?" the well-dressed man demanded.

"We caught these two sneaking around." Sgt. O'Rourke sai

"Who are they?" Monahan demanded.

"Dead men," Peterson spat out angrily.

"What a kill joy," Deeks muttered.

Eying them both angrily, Monahan demanded, "Which agency?"

Deeks and Callen exchange a subtle look but remained quiet.

Monahan ground out again, "Which agency? How much back up..." Monahan looked to the marines and demanded, "Did find anyone else?"

"Nope, just these two..." one of the marines said, "Let's just kill em' and get on with the deal."

Monahan eyed the marine scornfully, "Don't be an idiot, do you really think that they're alone?"

They all scanned the surrounding area of the warehouse before Monahan turned to the two agents, "I know you're not alone...the question remains how far away is your backup?"

Without warning Monahan pulled a small pistol and aimed in the direction of the two agents, a shot echoed throughout the warehouse.

Sam grabbed Kensi, both to steady her and keep her from leaving their cover.

"Steady, Kens." Sam warned. "He's trying to spook us into giving up our position. We move to soon and Deeks and Callen are as good as dead, we need to wait for tactical."

"Sam, Monahan is going to kill them, we gotta do something."

"G, you and Deeks alright," Sam demanded.

"Hey partner, no holes in 'bout you," Callen asked Deeks.

"I'm hole free," Deeks replied.

"Good, try to stay that way," Sam groused through the earwig.

Seconds ticked off like years and the warehouse remained quiet, "So no cavalry charge...perhaps, waiting outside then?"

They watched as Monahan turned to one of his body guards and whisper something to him and the man walked off and pulled out a cell phone.

Peterson looked suspiciously at Monahan, then at the man on the cell phone, "What's he doing...what are you playing at?"

"Just a little tactical divide and conquer. At the moment we have no idea where their backup is positioned so we need to make it harder for them to pen us in...make them spread out their resources so we can slip through; surely as marines you are familiar with that tactic." Monahan explained. "The smaller the target the harder it is to hit."

Deeks shot a look at Callen, noting the agents face remained impassive. The detective was beginning to seriously wonder how many times Callen had been in similar show downs with the 'bad guys'.

"Guys, the two sedans Monahan pulled up in are leaving, they're both heading down a side street towards the back of the cameras," Eric's voice sounded over their earwigs. "It will take tactical another seventeen minutes to be in full position."

"We might not have seventeen minutes; looks like Monahan might be planning on using the marines as a diversion and bugging out the back," Sam said, "Eric, find cameras as close to that alley as you can."

"So, if you're convinced we're not alone...then you know this place has got to be surrounded, you're not getting out of here with the money or the specs," Callen said casually, knowing he needed to stall for time until tactical could get in position.

Monahan answered, "Not quite right. Yes, plans have changed, gotten more complicated...but not impossible..."

"Really, way I see it we can arrest you in here or our backup can arrest you out there." Deeks commented. "Not really seeing a third option for you."

"Ah, but there is...because we have you two," Monahan said.

"Us…?" Deeks asked in confusion.

"He plans on trying to use us as hostages to get him-self out of this," Callen explained.

"Really, that's interesting, 'cause last I checked hostages didn't carry guns..." Deeks replied, giving his gun a little wave.

Monahan looked like he was considering Deeks words and looked at the agents guns, still pointed at the loose knit group of suspects; then he looked at his men and the marines before finally commenting, "What can you hope to accomplish, really; you each get off a shot, take out one guy...still leaves me with five guys…the specs, the money…and, you...well...dead."

Deeks shrugged and shot a look towards Callen, "And you with no hostages and still no way out."

"So, seeing that your weapons really aren't going to help you I see no need for you to have them," Monahan continued, ignoring Deeks comment.

"Sorry, 'fraid I have to disagree on that point," Deeks replied, aiming his weapon directly at Monahan.

Monahan sighed loudly and gave a nod to his men, who all turned their weapons toward Deeks, while Monahan addressed Callen, "I hope you can be more reasonable than your partner here. Now we can do this the easy way or the hard way..."

Deeks exchanged a look with Callen, wondering what the 'spy' handbook said about handing over your weapons to the bad guys and was surprised when Callen gave a shrug and turned his gun to hand it off.

"Callen…really…?" Deeks questioned with ill-disguised surprise.

"Give it to them," Callen ordered. "He's right; we can't shoot our way out of this."

"He's right, give it up Deeks, we'll get them when they leave," Sam's voice said in his ear. "Tactical will be in full position in less than ten minutes, by the time they make the deal we'll have them."

With a frustrated huff, Deeks did as the senior agent instructed, hoping there was a plan in their somewhere.

"Oh, I almost forgot...your comms...I know you have to be wired with something." Monahan said pointedly, his hand out.

When they hesitated, Monahan said in exasperation, "Gentlemen, no one said we needed healthy hostages...negotiations might even go faster if they saw you bleeding out."

Exchanging frustrated looks, both men removed their earwigs; and dropped them in Monahan's waiting palm.

The man rolled them around in his palm for a moment before dropping them to the floor and crushing them under his shoe; satisfied that he had his hostages controlled, Monahan nodded then looked to the three marines, "Where's my specs?"

Static assaulted their ears as Monahan pocketed the earwigs.

"Sam, we've lost contact...we're blind..." Eric said in barely controlled panic.

"Calm down Eric, G knows what he's doing...they want them alive until they get out of that warehouse." Sam said.

Sgt. O'Rourke reached behind one of the crates and produced a small tube. "Here are the specs, if you got the two million."

Monahan nodded, and one of his men held forward a small metal case. The man and O'Rourke exchanged merchandise.

Deeks and Callen exchanged looks as the next few moments were spent with either side giving their merchandise a quick purview.

Giving a nod, Monahan said, "Our business is concluded."

Suddenly Peterson rounded on Callen, a hard right hook sending him stumbling into Deeks, as he sneered, "I'm gonna enjoy this."

"I'd wait until you're away from here before you kill your hostage," Monahan suggested dryly.

Callen felt the first tendrils of panic as Peterson hauled him roughly away from Deeks while Monahan's thugs grabbed the detective and began hustling him towards the back of the an alley with no cameras, and no tactical as a furtive glance to his watch indicating they were at least two minutes out.

Callen realized that he and Sam had both under-estimated Monahan. Monahan's knowledge and actions up to that point seemed to indicate the man was positioning himself for a quick, undetected and uncomplicated get away...he knew where the blind spots were, seemed to have knowledge of where tactical would likely take up position. They had counted on Monahan using the marines and their 'hostages' as a frontal diversion while he made his way out the back unseen and unobstructed.

They hadn't counted on Monahan wanting the burden of a hostage and potential witness.

His struggles against his captors proved futile and soon Deeks was out of his sight as he was pushed towards the front door of the warehouse.

After spending so much time in the dim warehouse, Callen squinted at the brightness of the day, as he was dragged out into the open. He hopped Sam had a plan to end this quickly so they could get to Deeks before Monahan disappeared.

Eying the surrounding area with suspicion, Peterson taunted, "So, where's this backup Monahan was so spooked about?"

"Right here," Sam said tightly as he and Kensi came around from behind some crates. "So this can end easy or it can end hard...your choice Marine."

Pulling Callen back towards him as a shield; Peterson ground out, "...guess that depends on you."

"We got other problems Sam...Monahan bugged out the back, he's the weapons specs…and he's got Deeks," Callen said.

With a quick nod, Sam said, "So, the hard way then."

In seconds, Callen had twisted away from his captor and Peterson was on the ground, dead; his cohorts on the ground with the tactical squad pouring into the scene.

"Eric, we need eyes on the back of the warehouse...Monahan went that way with Deeks," Kensi said.

"On it," Eric's replied as his hands flew over his keyboard. "Cameras have picked up the sedans, they pulled out of the alley about two blocks away, but they split off...ones heading east and the other went north."

The three agents rushed to the nearest SUV, heading out to save their teammate.

*ncis la*

Deeks was pushed roughly into the back of the sedan, hemmed in on either side by Monahan's bodyguards; while Monahan slid into the front.

"So, where we going," Deeks asked.

The men on either side of him remained silent.

Deeks just huffed in frustration, muttering, "I really am not liking this plan…"

*ncis la*

"Which sedan are we supposed to follow?" Kensi asked in a panic.

"We need a way to track Deeks...he lost his earwig..." Sam mused.

"His phone; tell Eric, the GPS in Deeks phone...track it," Callen suddenly said.

"The GPS signal is coming from the northbound car," Eric reported.

"Eric how can we get in front of it," Sam commanded.

*ncis la*

Tearing through the back streets of the warehouse district Sam followed Eric's directions and in minutes they barreled out of an alley right in the path of the north bound sedan, causing it to veer sharply and crash into a large stack of crates.

The SUV barely came to a stop before Kensi and Callen jumped out, guns drawn. As they approached the car they could see several things at once; the two front passengers were slumped in their seats, unconscious, while Deeks was fighting one of the suspects in the back for control of a weapon.

A gunshot, followed by the shattering of the back passenger side window had all three agents diving for cover. Peering from behind their cover seconds later, they saw Deeks overpowered as the man on the other side of him regained his sensibilities and hit the detective in the head with the butt of his gun.

Moving up to surround the car, Callen yelled, "Out of the car now."

The back passenger door opened and one of the men got out, quickly pulling a dazed and bleeding Deeks out with him.

"Your boss is out for the count and you've got no place to go..." Sam warned.

Blinking hard against the blurry vision caused by the knock to his head Deeks attempted to focus, his eyes scanning all the weapons being pointed in yet another 'stand-off' and all but whined, "Not again...I'm tired, and now I've got a, just shoot 'em already."

The other three agents exchanged amused looks as Deeks slide sideways, pulling his captor off balance, giving Kensi a clear shot.

The force of the shot flung the man backwards, pulling Deeks along with him, so that they both landed in a heap. Kensi and Callen quickly moved up to secure the prisoner, while Sam looked to the other man, who just shook his head and dropped his weapon.

While Callen cuffed the prisoner, Kensi knelt by Deeks, who had his eyes closed. "Deeks, you with your eyes..."

With a heavy sigh Deeks said petulantly, "Tired, head hurts..."

"I know, just open your eyes for a minute; need to see if you have a concussion." Kensi cajoled, adding, "then you can take a nap."

With another heavy sigh Deeks finally opened his eyes and gave a lopsided grin, "Wow, double the trouble..."

At that moment Sam walked up, "Eric has back up and ambulances on the way, five minutes out; how is he?"

"Concussed...seeing double...might need a few stitches for this gash on the side of his head." Kensi reported as she rolled her partners head to the side to get a look at the wound.

"Ooww..." Deeks whined, attempting to bat Kensi hand away as she pressed a handkerchief against the wound to stem the bleeding.

"Oh, stop being such a baby and let me look," Kensi chastised her partner gently.

*ncis la*

The area soon filled with law enforcement and Callen handed the suspects over to the LAPD before approaching the open ambulance where Deeks was being assessed.

"Yeah, Hetty, scene and suspects secured...we retrieved the weapons specs; yeah, they're looking him over now, we'll let you know." Callen said, as he ended the call. "So how is he?"

"Gonna take him in and clean up the wound, got a concussion, so they want to keep him overnight," Sam reported with chuckle he added, "Course he's fighting them on it."

Callen looked into the back of the ambulance to where Kensi and Deeks were fussing about his need for the hospital and smirked, "That's all on Kensi."

"What, I don't know, you two did good in there together...thought maybe you were wanting to switch up partners there—partner," Sam teased.

Turning back and listening to Kensi and Deeks fuss, Callen just shook his head and closed the ambulance door, giving it a few sharp raps. "Nah, I've already got you broke in."

"Yeah we….wait, what? What do you mean-'got me broke in? I ain't some kind of dog ya' know! Hey, G, hold up, man..." Sam grumbled as he trailed after his grinning partner.

***NCIS LA***

Had a hell of a time trying to tie this one up and end it...I give up. Didn't exactly go in the direction I wanted it to go, but we all know, occasionally our stories just take on a life of their own and go in a completely different direction than we intended.

*Shaggy DA was as Disney movie from the '70's about a lawyer (I think) that got turned into a sheep dog!