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"Morty…Why are you so attached to that scarf?" She asked as they walked along the autumn path. The dead leaves crunched under their soft treads. One of his many answers came when his Gengar appeared in front of them. The hairs on the back of her neck stood up, the chill creeping down her spine and her brain. The Gengar's presence was enough to do this, but he was still warm and cheery.


Why does one choose not to believe? Simply because they are afraid. Afraid of what may be. Of what is possible in their past experience. Of what their imagination has a limit on. They have too much caution to their thoughts, not wanting to go past logic or science. They choose not to believe ghosts. Not to believe their lives (or most likely past lives). They choose not to believe that they can live without living, and love without a heart.


Morty sat in his gym. The dark fog stood heavily in the unmoving air, as dead as the ghosts around him. The dark colors of the rooms came around with the old, creaky, wooden floors. The feeling of death surrounded the gym leader. Being bored from the lack of challengers, Haunter and Gastly appeared from the grating, timeworn, floor, hoping to scare an unwary passerby. Their cries and shrieks of delight at the shocked face of a gym trainer, all of which enough to give anyone else chills in their back, spine, and finger-tips.


"Aren't you afraid?"

"Afraid of what?"

"You know…Death. All your pokémon?"

"Why should I be? What is there to fear? Something that has died has already lived a life. Can they not have another life to set things straight, or be happier…even in a different form?"


After a tough loss, sometimes all you want to do is mope. Your brain seems to want to shut down, to let your body recover. I prefer to think otherwise; to not choose a road of gold and silver, but the one strewn with rocks, trees, and obstacles. Something challenging that can only make you better as you go along. Something that drives you to become stronger in hopes of fulfilling a dream.


Eusine might be a bit obsessive. Okay…Maybe a lot. Suicune has somewhat taken over his life. I've tried to reason with him, but he bites back with Ho-oh. We've been good friends, but he comes and goes too quickly, not waiting to do anything; always 'on the trail'. Though…I never really see him, or talk too much, or just hang-out like we used to…We'll always be there for each other.


He turned around and stared straight at me. I stood as still as my Gengar beside me and saw the fear creep into my friend's blue eyes. Although he was looking at me, he couldn't see me. A smile crept onto my mouth as I stood in the dark, eerie forest. He turned around and continued walking down the path, quickening his pace.


Being in Ectruteak made me happier. I didn't have to be in a city that I was never familiar with. I got to stay in my home town, where memories are their greatest. The chances to grow stronger and more worthy of Ho-oh's presence are magnified. The towers still stand (and semi-stand). The girls still dance. The trees still change. This is home.


"But why does that happen?" I asked as I stared into those bright eyes. He seemed irritated by my pestering questions. I just didn't want to see him leave. His golden, bright, choppy, hair fell a bit over his purple head-band. His shining purple eyes glistened, and shimmered through the daylight. His face was still kind, my many questions beginning to irk the beautiful smile away from his lips. He was so different from all the other gym leaders. Training ghosts, even though he knows they don't have much physical power. He's so kind and gracious, yet strong and confident when he battles. As he continued talking, I didn't even pay attention.

"-to do so…Why do you ask?

"Oh...It's just interesting."


My body froze up when I opened the door. The bucket landed right on my head, spilling its contents all over me. Inside just happened to be icy water. I stood, shocked and shivering. Two bright faces beamed at me from the other side of the room. I glared at them and took of my soaked headband, wringing it out with chattering teeth. The ice-cold water seeping through my clothes and into my skin. Chilling my bones and thoughts alike. Oh~ How I'd get Bugsy and Whitney back. They might get a visit from me and Gengar later, you do not want a Gengar to be against you on April fool's day…

K- Kaleidoscope

They are quite similar actually. The colors change when you move or turn, shifting positions and the way you think about it. Aimed at the light you see differently than when you aim it at the ground. Ghosts are alike in that weird way. When you move, their shadows will shift to follow you, to skulk. Their own full bodies, never really visible. You see parts, but never as a whole. Depending on where you look, you may see many, you may see none. The shadows support their growth, as the light pushes away. They're quite similar…as in opposites

L- Labyrinth

I turned left and came to a wall. I laughed quietly to myself and walked through the partition. I know my way through my own gym, Gastly and Haunter try though, and I'll give them credit for that. Anyone else would have turned right back around. The dark lighting in my gym left enough light to see partials of the floor. I stepped over a piece of the creaky wood and onto a hole. Yes, onto. Gengar came from n the wall and chuckled as to how their tricks don't work against me; fake holes, fake walls, fake fires, fake floors, and fake doors. My gym has always been the same labyrinth, but my ghost Pokémon enjoy changing it up a bit, making it even more difficult.

M- Materialize

You never know just when a ghost will appear before you. They just come. I plea onto them occasionally, like when they are bothering trainers that come to challenge the gym. Or when there is someone or something in trouble. I call and they come. Within seconds their gaseous bodies materialize from the thinnest of air around me.

N- Nocturnal

Ghosts like the night most of all, I guess I do too. Not the night life of the bright cities, of all the lights and sounds, but the quite, dark, cool forest. Walking down the dirt road, I listened to the breeze blow through the trees and across the rocks and grass. The voice of a Hoothoot and Noctowl came through to my ears. The night life became more pronounced. Night life, meaning the real life of the night. Being nocturnal isn't so bad.

O- Opponent

"Totodile is unable to battle. The winner is gym leader Morty!" The referee called out from the sidelines. I thanked Gengar, as he always does a great job, and returned him. The challenger looked sullen as to losing.

"Don't let it bother you. Continue training and getting stronger. Form better stratagies and a closer bond with your pokemon. Then come back and battle me again." I stared into the young boy's bright, sparkling, brown eyes. He smile and nodded his agreement.



"Hi Morty! It's Whitney. I was just bored so I thought about calling someone. Bugsy's busy and so is Falkner. Jasmine doesn't talk a lot, you know that. Then Clair, she can be a little mean. Plus Pryce and Chuck are too old. Well Chuck's not that old, but still….So what are doing today? That's a stupid question. You're probably at your gym. Are you battling anyone? Oh no! I hope I didn't distract you. Ehh… but you wouldn't pick up if you were in a battle. Are you getting a lot of challengers lately? Probably not cause I've been winning a lot…hello?"

"I'm still here." Sometimes Pokétches are a nescience…other times they're pretty nice to have around.

Q- Qualm

"You mean you don't feel like this all the time?" I asked my stomach churning unpleasantly as I looked at the Ecruteak gym leader.

"Nope." Was all he said. Whenever I walk in his gym, the creepy feeling makes my hair stand up, my legs shiver, and teeth chatter, and my gut feels like it's doing flips. I rubbed my chilled arm, the goose bumps not going down as I proceeded in the room.


Oh sweet sweet revenge. Bugsy and Whitney were going to get it after they dumped a bucket of water on me on April fool's day. The sun had just started to go down over the horizon and I silently watched from the woods as they walked along the pathway, laughing at who they pranked today. I saw the bright childish smiles on their faces and thought that they would soon disappear when the sun drifted away from sight. Like my Gengar beside me I walked silently towards them as soon as the sun was completely gone. Quietly I snuck up behind Bugsy and blew cold, chilling air on the back of his neck. I saw the small hair stand up straight as Gengar took my arm and we disappeared from sight. After we did the same to Whitney, they were both on edge. Once the air was heavy and the stars were out. Gengar and I appeared right in front of them was they walked.

"Boo…" I said, and their screams seemed to please my Gengar as he smiled and laughed. This was after all, his favorite 'holiday.'


Many people think that I am a ghost myself. They are dead wrong. I have a living body, a living mind, and a living heart. But most importantly to me, I have a living soul. A soul that lets me concoct feelings and emotions. Actions, and thoughts. Live a life to its fullest. A soul that lets me be happy, sad, frightened, and courageous. A soul that allows me to change and be as diverse as I am.


Not again…They finally pulled me into the room. That one room I dread. The Ghost Gym Leader's. Do you know hard it is to survive a few hours in there…me being me? I am the only male ghost gym leader out of five. Five! I thumped my head against the wall repeatedly, as they chatted on about Arceus knows what. Arceus would be the only one to really care at this point…How did they even get me trapped in here?


They roamed the dark woods and forests, old houses, the towers, and especially my gym. Just searching for someone…something to walk past. Only to come out of a dark and gloomy corner, or materialize from thin air. Creating a frightful illusion, or just for the heck of it, jumping up in their face to see the reaction. The screams and yells of terror seem to fulfill their hunger. They laugh and kid at the outcome of the things they scare. It's impossible to tame their thirst for fear.


The think air of my gym hung heavily in my lungs. The dark fog was wet and cold, dense and tingling. Gastlys floated through a wall, followed by Haunter. The air didn't stir the slightest bit as they glided through the deep haze. I watched as Gengar floated behind a gym trainer, and had to keep myself from laughing. The trainer glanced nervously behind him, and not seeing Gengar as he had disappeared into the vapor, continue on, more nervous than before.

W- Winter

The wind didn't move the slightest bit as Morty walked along the paths in Ecruteak. The snow lay fresh on the ground. Bright, cold, and glittering in the sun's daylight. The conifer trees still bore their green needles. Their waxy coating glistening in the light. The frozen water lay in clumps around the ground where it had gotten too heavy for one the branches. Soft snow crunched under his shoes, and the wind still ceased to exist. Though without the bristling howl in his ears, Morty felt the chill in his body. He just huddled deeper into the thick purple scarf of his.

X- eX-tranormal

The feeling of being unearthly can certainly overwhelm someone. And ghosts have this feeling all the time. Then unknowingly pass it on to others whom are in their chilled atmosphere. Not being from Earth itself, ghosts seem to see and know about our own unknown. They know of our legends, and our times. Our habits, and our histories, but know their own world's even more.

Y- Yank

I just wanted a peaceful walk along Ecruteak's city streets. But did that happen? Not really. It started off good, with the wind blowing through my hair, feeling damp and cool. Rain was going to come soon. My feet trod the ground as the trees went past me, rustling leaves in the wind.

"Hey! Morty, Wait up!" Falkner called to me. Why was he here? I just kept walking; I didn't want to be bothered. Just a pleasant walk was all I wanted after a long gym day. Falkner didn't leave, instead ran up from behind me and yanked hard on my scarf…that got me to stop.


I tried to follow the gym leader out of his gym. But that proved difficult. He would turn and walk then turn in a different direction even though there was nothing in front of him. I watched his purple and red scarf flap behind him as he walked in the thick fog. That one time where I didn't watch his steps, I fell into a dark pit. Screaming and reaching for something that wasn't there. I'm going to die, was all that was going through my head. Then I thumbed on the ground, dust swirling up around my body. When I opened my eyes, bright purple ones stared back down. He smiled, teasingly.

"I recommend watching your step."

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