Chapter One

Bella Swan sighed as she pulled up to the only set of traffic lights in the whole town of Forks.

She hadn't stepped foot into Forks since she left nearly four years ago, at 21 she had gone away got her teaching degree and experienced collage life.

As a small hand touched her lightly, from the passenger seat of her truck Bella smiled.

The four years away had also graced her with her beautiful son, even after dealing with a job, college and being pregnant the first year she was able to handle it all.

She could handle anything fate throws at her.

That was until she had to return to forks.

Charlie was in an accident, and as his next of kin she was contacted, and informed that her father was not in the best of shape and she should come to the Forks hospital straight away.

It didn't even take Bella five minutes, to grab clothes for her and her son, bundle him up and drive the drive to Forks.

That was two days ago.

Two days of driving cross country with a toddler that need to pee every thirty minutes and food every hour, heavy traffic and horrible weather.

But she had made it, made it home to Forks.

Patting her son's leg she stated "we're nearly there baby"

Pulling into the hospital car lot she turned off her truck, scooping up her son in her arm, she slung her handbag over her other shoulder with his day bag, a cuddle rug thrown over the top of the bags to ensure her son didn't get to cold in the hospital.

She was all set, locking up her truck she walked towards the big white building.

Crinkling her nose as the smell of bleach hit her nostrils she walked over to the receptionist, noticing two tall Indians and a petite woman with scars across her face beside them, she looked away quickly as a stabbing sensation entered her heart as she noticed Sam, Emily and Embry.

She wandered why they were there, and if they had noticed her and her son, choosing to ignore there presence, Bella focussed her attention on the receptionist.

"Excuse me" Bella called to the nurse behind the desk, adjusting Anthony on her hip she asked "I was wandering where Charlie Swan's room was?"

"Grandpa" Anthony squealed as he wiggled slightly

Bella shhed him as she looked at the nurse, frowning as her son chewed lightly on his fingers, tugging them lightly out of his mouth she turned her attention back to the nurse.

"Are you Bella Swan?"

"Bella" a voice from behind called

"Yes I'm Bella" she whispered "can you take me to see my father please?"

The clerk nodded as she walked out from behind the desk "right this way" pointing down the hall.

"Thank you" she sighed as she followed the clerk, fixing Anthony on her hip.

"Before you enter, I need to warn you that, your father's injuries are pretty bad" clasping Bella's arm she stated "would you like us to look after your child while you see your father"

"No thank you" Bella stated firmly as she pushed open the private room's door.

She couldn't help but let the gasp out, as she noticed her father lying prone on the bed.

His face a mass of bruises, where his head was bandaged blood was seeping through, one arm was in a cast, the other one was bandaged on the forearm, tubes were protruding out of his hand and a tube was down his throat.

"oh daddy" Bella whispered as tears leaked down her face, dropping her handbag and Anthony's day bag onto the floor by the chair, she slumped into it placing Anthony on her lap, the other hand gripping Charlie's hand.

"Pa" Anthony whispered.

Hugging her son to her Bella stated "grandpa's sleeping"

Anthony, stared up at his mother then over at his grandpa before stating "wake up time"

"I don't know baby" Bella whispered as she gripped Charlie's hand tighter "I don't know when grandpa will wake up"

Three hours later, found Bella standing near the window, her son asleep in the chair she occupied hours before.

She wandered if Charlie would pull through this and how she and her son were going to be able to cope without Charlie.

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