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Bella breathed deeply as she watched the shore line as she sat on the beach.

She had been back in La Push for twenty years now, and she didn't regret coming back, she was happy and healthy with Paul and would change anything for the world, sure she had buried her father and Billy, witnessed weddings and funerals, she had watched her family grow and in some cases start there own, when Paul marked her they should have read more into the histories of the land, they had stoped ageing and would keep look twenty four until Paul stopped phasing, then they would start aging slowly.

Her husband was yet to give up the wolf, she was forty-four this summer and had ten children but she still looked to be in her early twenty's, they known that people were starting to ask question off of the reservation but it wasn't the right time for Paul to stop phasing with the vampire attacks going up within the last few years, they seemed to encounter a vampire every three days, sometimes it was a whole group that came trying to crush through the boarders of LA Push, she knew that this was why Anthony had phased so young, she had talked to Helen about it over the years, they had grown close as the only marked females in history.

Helen had shared with her that she was over a hundred years old, that Quil the 4th , Sarah, and Daniel's father had actually been her second family with Quil the 3rd, and that sometimes having her babies around helped, but it didn't always, as she would outlive all of her family, the first marked imprint had taken her life when her wolf had died, and she had been 30 years old at the most.

Bella sighed lightly as she thought of her mark, she will never forget that night, he had managed to bite her twice and she hadn't felt a thing until morning, but it had still taken him a whole year to inform her that he had imprinted on her when they were at the hospital given birth to there second child, a beautiful little boy that they named Harris he was a bundle of energy from the get go, he didn't want to be left out of anything, and would always follow Anthony around.

Bella thought it was funny that Harris was more then alright with his father and his older brother phasing, but it wasn't til she had had tea with Helen that she found out that her second born would phase as well, but not for a long time Helen had assured her, she had also told her that she was pregnant again to.

Bella would of like to say she was surprise but they had been trying for a year to get pregnant again, Paul had wanted a baby girl and Bella was more then willing to give him one, two years after Harris' birth they had another boy Carne, he was the complete opposite of his brothers he would rather sit down in a quiet corner and colour when he was younger, and then when he was a bit older he would lock himself up in his room and read.

Jason and Carl were there troublesome twosome they came into the world a year after Carne was born, and they never stopped, they were always into something, Charlie swore they would be in the back of his cruiser before they had there sixth birthday, he wasn't that far off, they had been caught wandering the streets and the new chief of police Douglas had picked then up, they had been better behaved after they were both put over there father's knee.

Another boy joined the family in the spring three years later they called him Charlie after Bella's father had died of an aneurism of the brain that year, Charlie was Bella's explorer it took all his brothers and his parents to keep him in there sights but it never seemed to work, she was thankful that her husband was a wolf and was able to sniff him out, she didn't know how many times she would turn around after hanging clothes on the line to find Charlie only to have a giant wolf carrying by the back of his jumper towards her, she was thankful that he had calmed down with the birth of his siblings, he had said to her once that he didn't need to find the stroke as he had alright brought him his Christmas present.

Three years after Charlie's birth, Bella's water had broken at Sam's wedding, and given birth to another boy in the back seat of Jared's impala, Jamie was another force to be reckoned with, Bella could instantly see that he was going to phase as soon as he hit puberty if he didn't phase as young as his Anthony did, he had a quick temper and spent more time in the naughty corner then any of his brothers did combined, and many nights across his father knee when he went to far.

Three years after Jamie's birth Paul had finally got his wish and they had a little girl, follow by there little surprise of another one, they had named them Mary and Sarah there little prince and there little gift, they were doted on by the whole of the Reservation even Jacob had given them his joy at them finally having a little girl and to be given two was even better, Sarah was quiet and shy she never overstepped her boundaries and followed her brothers around like they were the bee's knees, Mary was very different she was loud and made sure that everyone heard everything that she had to say, they worried she would stick around for long, that she would be leaving as soon as she could.

Paul had swore that they could stop now that he had his little girls, but a year later Jonathan had joined there family rounding there number of kids up to ten in eleven years, Bella's water had broken the day that Blake had phased, and Bella was sure that she would be giving birth in her kitchen. Jonathan was Bella's little baker, he was even temper and always liked to get his hands dirty; if he ever went missing she would find him playing in her flour cupboard.

As soon as Jonathan her baby had went to school Bella had felt the loneliness creep in on her, all her babies were leaving her, Carne Carl and Jason were all off to college, sure they rang her every day, but it was not the same as being able to sit down and have a meal with them, Harris and moved out into the bungalow out the back as soon as he turned seventeen much to Bella's dislike, even Anthony had left home and found his imprint. Paul had come home at lunch to find Bella in tears on the floor over the fact that her nest was empty, that weekend all her boys were able to be home for dinner.

Leah and Embry had finally settled down at the time of Carne's birth, and ended up have four kids a girl and three girls Sue-Anna, William, Martin and Scott out of the four only Scott had phased, he was such a happy go lucky kid he had whooped in joy at being able join his cousin at running through the forest.

Sam had meet a nice girl in Portland and had fallen in love the natural way, they had gotten married the day of Jamie's birth and only had two kids Sam jr and London, there pigeon pair as Cassie had called them often, she had even taken to the wolf thing marvellously when Sam jr phased in there kitchen.

Collin had married his imprint and had a son that they called Blake, a year after Carl and Jason's birth, his brother Brady had a daughter a year after Harris was born and had raised her on his own, he had called her Meredith and she phased as soon as she hit sixteen, Anthony took one look at her and it was a double imprint.

The other wolves in the pack had gradually paired off with only Jacob being the single one, he had never actually spoken to Bella but had spoken to her husband and there children at bonfires.


Bella broke away from her thoughts to look up at her son, Anthony smiled down at her, his giant chest covered in the jacket his imprint and fiancé had made him wear for the day "you know you should be out here, dad will kill us all if you get sick."

Bella smiled at him, wiping her eyes she stated "I'm pregnant not dying, and a mother is entitled to have a moment to herself when her first baby is getting married."

"Didn't you use that excuse when Carl's ex-girlfriend gave birth to Stacy last year" Charlie stated as he approached them "congratulations brother, the gods couldn't have picked a better woman for you" he said as he slapped Anthony on the shoulder.

"thanks Meredith thought I was a great catch to" Anthony stated, as he reached for Bella "mum I've just got married you'll still see me nearly everyday"

Bella nodded "oh I know" she croaked as she hugged Anthony to her "I just can't believe my baby has gotten married already I feel so old"

"funny that" Charlie remarked "you still look Anthony's age, we should be calling you sister not mother"

Bella whacked his arm "your still young enough to be put over your fathers knee"

"I'd like to see him catch me." Charlie stated as he looked over his shoulder.

"His changing Stacy's clothes, she got into the water" Harris stated as he jogged out of the forest "all clear, Daniel's just relieved me."

Anthony nodded "come on mum, we'll have a dance before dad comes and steals you away."

Bella nodded as she wiped at her eyes "where John?"

"his actually guarding the girls" Charlie stated as he hooked his arm around his mother's waist and led her with his brother "though Sarah thinks its adorable, we think Mary is going to kill him in his sleep tonight."

Bella nodded, as she looked around to see where everyone was, seeing her grown up children mingling she spotted her husband across the room, holding there grand daughter in his arms.

"mama" Stacy shouted as she wiggled in Pauls arms "gan pa mama over there"

Paul chuckled before walking over to them, kissing Bella lightly he noticed her tear stains "are we in need of another family dinner?" he asked as he eyed his sons.

Bella shook her head "our baby got married today Paul"

"I'm right here mum" Anthony stated "and clearly I can't be a baby since I'm getting married"

Paul rolled his eyes at his wife, before handing the squirming Stacey over to her grandmother. "its apparently the nest thing" Paul whispered to his sons as his wife walked off with Stacey to find either Carl or food.

"oh" they all stated before looking at Paul. "she been crying again" Harris asked.

Paul shook his head "having Carl move back home, and letting him look after Stacey why his at College helps, so does he expecting this one, but we know it was going to be hard with the whole not aging thing" clap Anthony on the shoulder he stated "congratulations son, I'm proud of you"

"Yeah" Anthony asked

"of course" Paul stated as he looked to see where Bella was, smiling slightly as he watched her swaying slightly on the dance floor with Carne, Stacey cocooned between them "you're my first born son, first to get married, and first to phase no matter what you do I'll always be proud of you"

Anthony beamed, as he hugged Paul "thanks dad" he whispered as he pulled away, clearing his throat he stated "now I'm going to find my wife"

"One grandchild is enough for now" Paul stated "so don't be a fool and wrap your tool"

"Thanks dad" Anthony stated the sarcasm dripping from his words as he bounded off to find his wife.

Walking over to Bella, he tapped Carne on the shoulder "go on son go find someone your own age to dance with and take your niece, I want to dance with my wife"

Carne pulled a face before grabbing Stacey "come on princess lets go find your dad"

Wrapping his arms around Bella, he felt her relax, and rest her head on his chest, kissing the top of her head he asked "you good baby?"

Bella nodded "we have done good haven't we Paul?"

Paul nodded "I think we have were forty, ten and a half children, one grandchild and one son married" kissing her again he added "we also have three son's phased, and a few good years in us left."

Bella smiled, kissing his clothed chest "I love you"

"I'll always love you to" Paul stated as he swayed her gentle.

They were happy surrounded by there children, where Paul hoped they would be able to stay forever.

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