(A/N) I know. I shouldn't be doing this. But I've had this in my notebook for ages. Might as well go ahead and start on this multi-chapter.

Two Three… Four…

Round seven of trying to count the endless field of green and pinks dashes on the floor did nothing to quell the unease in his gut. Hyde's gaze sifted over the stark, white tile and harsh lighting in the tiny waiting room. Blue eyes drifted up the wall to the ceiling where gashes squirmed like tiny bugs overheads. It was unsettling to say the least. Bringing his hands to his face he let out a long sigh before allowing his body to rest uncomfortably on three black chairs. One week, it had been one week since he had seen Eric, two days since he had seen Donna, far too long since he had seen Jackie ( He lost count after the cold set in. ), and even longer since he had seen himself.

'So this is it.' He thought with a grimace. Years of indifference and stone faced denial had finally caught up with him. Calloused fingers grazed the rim of his coat pocket. Nervous habit, he guessed catching the movement.

It really shouldn't have surprised him that he was here now. He knew it, deep down, this is where he would wind up. He practically asked for it. Accepted his path in life before he even started down it. Even going so far as to be proud of it. At least he pretended to be. If he had nothing else in life at least he had 'cool'. Not to be confused with 'Zen'.

"Steven Hyde."

He turned his head to the sound of a petite voice. A young woman wearing blue scrubs stood in the doorway. He took a moment to adjust his sunglasses before sitting up. Black clouded his vision for a moment before returning to normal, followed by a pounding ache rocking the front of his skull. His stomach turned as the nurse smiled politely at him, "My name is Linda. Do you need some help, honey?"

"It's cool." He answered gruffly steadying himself on the chair and trying to ignore the cramping in his legs.

"Honey, you know you can't wear those in here." Linda stated helping him to the next room.


"Those sunglasses, sweetie. They're not allowed. We gotta be able to see your eyes."

Not feeling the argument that was to come at that moment he grudgingly removed his glasses and -

Uh oh.

First they take his sunglasses, now he's vomited on the first staff member he's seen. This was going to be a long night.