"Tsume wait up!" Toboe whined as he attempted to keep up with the grey wolf, who was way in front of the rest of the group.

The group was made up of four wolves, a girl and one "mutt", a half dog half wolf mix. The first was known as Kiba, a white wolf, but in the eyes of humans, appeared as a teenage boy with messy brown hair, wearing jeans, a white shirt, and a black jacket. Second was known as Tsume, the grey wolf whom had a tough personality as he walked in front of the group. Tsume was a large grey wolf with an x-shaped scar on his chest. To humans he appeared to be a tall young man with white hair, wearing skinny black jeans, black leather vest what revealed his midriff and leather arms warmers. Third was Toboe, the youngest of the group. He was a brown wolf with a tan underbelly. He also had three silver bracelets on his right wrist. To humans he appeared to be a young teenage boy with short auburn hair and brown eyes, wearing green cargo pants and a redish long sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. The last wolf was Hige, a tan wolf. To humans he appeared to be a teenage bow with messy light brown hair, wearing light blue pants and a yellow sweatshirt.

The only female wolf of the group was Blue. She was a mix breed whom had joined the group later on in their journey. She had fur which appeared to be a dark blue in just the right lighting. She had learned how to appear to look human from the group, so now, in the eyes of humans, she appeared to be a young woman with short black hair, wearing thigh high black high heeled boots, a blue trench coat that stopped at the middle of her thigh and a red scarf.

The girl was name Cheza. She however was not human. She was created from a rare flower known as a lunar flower. She was a young teenage girl with short pink hair and her eyes were a magenta color entirely. She was wearing a pink coat with short sleeves. Under it she had a white body suit. Lastly was a pair of pink boots to tie everything together.

The story behind this group revolved in Kiba's search for a legendary place known as paradise. It is a world where wolves can truly live free. In the world they live in currently wolves are extinct in the eyes of humans. The world no longer had forests where they could live in. That is why they are now looking for paradise. A place only wolves can get into. A place only Cheza could take them.

"We should rest" Kiba stopped.

"Fine" Tsume reluctantly agreed, only due to the fact Kiba was the only one who knew where they were going.

Cheza smiled "This one is thirsty"

"There is a lake a few yards to the east." Toboe smiled.

"Let's all get a drink" Blue smiled.

The group nodded and followed Kiba's lead over to a large lake that lay in the center of the grassy valley. Cheza stepped into the water and looked up at the sky. Since she was truly a flower, all she needed was sunlight and water to live.

The rest of the group began drinking the water when their ears perked up hearing a vehicle. The group looked over at a large pickup truck. In the back was a cage with a jet black wolf locked inside.

"A wolf…" Cheza spoke softly.

"Humans just won't quit…" Tsume scoffed.

"We can't just let them take her, they'll kill her" Toboe looked at Kiba who nodded.

"Blue stay here with Cheza…" Kiba ran in the direction of the jeep with the other three wolves following close behind him. The four wolves did not even attempt to hide their wolf forms from these humans since they intended to save this wolf.

Tsume and Hige jumped into the jeep, growling with teeth bared. The men screamed and attempted to hit them with the backs of their guns only to miss. Hige bit the driver's shoulders making him scream and veer off the dirt road and the jeep lost control and tipped over onto its side. The two men climbed out and ran as fast as they could away from the group of wolves.

The black wolf got to its feet and looked out at the group who was standing outside. Kiba and Toboe were in front while Tsume and Hige approached and joined them.

"Are you alright?" Kiba spoke.

"I'm fine." The wolf spoke. She was a young female wolf with green eyes. On her left hind leg was a scar resembling a bite.

"Let's get her out of there" Toboe smiled and bit down on the bars, as did Kiba. The two pulled hard and eventually forced the door open.

The wolf slowly walked out of the cage with a limp in her front paw. The group could now see a bullet wound in her right shoulder.

"You're injured." Hige spoke.

"It's nothing, it's almost healed." The wolf spoke.

"What's your name?" Kiba asked.

"Shizu." She replied.

"Let's bring her back to the lake" Toboe smiled as he began walking back.

The rest of the males began walking while Shizu hesitated before following. It was her instinct to follow a pack, especially since they saved her.

As the group reached the lake, Shizu was slightly hesitant to approach. Cheza smiled and Shizu suddenly felt so calm. Cheza emitted a natural scent of lunar flowers which made wolves feel calm. Cheza walked over and gently pet Shizu's head. Cheza smelt so sweet and Shizu couldn't tell why.

"You've been through a lot…" Cheza spoke softly.

Shizu sat down and looked off to the side. In the past week alone she had lost everyone dear to her.

"What happened?" Kiba looked at Shizu.

"My pack and I were living hiding outside the city grounds. We've been that way ever since construction tore down the forests. Yesterday we were attacked. They killed everyone but I survived the shot and they threw me in that cage. They said something about a lab…then you guys showed up." Shizu spoke softly.

"How about she comes with us?" Toboe looked at Kiba.

"Sure." Kiba nodded. "If she wishes."

"Where are you all going?" Shizu looked at Toboe.

"Paradise." Toboe sighed happily. "A place where only wolves can go where everything is peaceful and beautiful and full of nature."

"Sounds amazing…but is it even real?" Shizu asked, slightly skeptical at the idea of a place she never heard of.

Toboe nodded "Come on, it'll be fun" Toboe's tail wagged happily.

"I suppose I have nothing better to do…" Shizu stood up and stretched.

"I'm Kiba" Kiba introduced himself.

"I'm Toboe" Toboe tilted his head slightly with his tail wagging.

"I am Hige" Hige sat down beside Blue.

"My name is Blue" Blue spoke softly.

"Tsume…" Tsume spoke plainly.

"This one is Cheza" Cheza smiled.

"Let's go. We don't know if those humans will return with others…" Kiba began walking as the others soon followed.