Summary: Washu takes the time to reflect on Ryoko's ability to function in normal society as a fight between Ryoko and Ayeka takes a turn for the worse. What is happening to Ryoko?

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Cyan Blossom

The house was filled with their bickering. Both young women were loud and hellishly persistent on yelling over the other. She shook her head as she walked from her personal universe. It had to be about four in the afternoon as the sun glared its harsh rays into the living room. Her vibrant green eyes locked onto her creation. A deep despairing sigh left her lips as she leaned against a far wall to observe the Masaki mating rituals. Her two small hands came up to rub the exhaustion out of her eyes. Between a week of endless night researching and days of Ayeka and Ryoko's wasteful squabbling she had hardly gotten four hours of sleep.

"Why do I stay here?" Washu asked herself.

"Ayeka, shut the hell up all ready!Tenchi can do whatever he wants and that includes taking a bath with me." Ryoko tugged on the arm hapless young man while the other was held hostage in the grip of Ayeka. More curses and elegant insults were tossed over Tenchi's head.

'One would never know she is one of my greatest creations.' Washu's green eyes softened as she watched the passionate actions of her young creation. For all the hell Ryoko had been through Washu could only thank the heavens that Ryoko could still find it within herself to be carefree and reckless. The ageless scientist had been weary of the ex-pirates ability to cope in society when given back her free will and freedom. There were endless variables that she had calculated to be prepared for her cyan girl; but, she knew no matter how much she prepared or calculated that if she wasn't around for Ryoko she couldn't help Ryoko.

"Get your filthy hands off of Lord Tenchi. He would like no dealings with the likes of you." Ayeka screamed into the ear of said "Lord" Tenchi.

From her spot in the room Washu could see Sasami ignoring the love triangle within the living room to concentrate on her cooking. It smelt like she was making tempura fried shrimp.

"Shut up you spoiled little brat. Tenchi needs the touch of a real woman!" Ryoko leaned away from Tenchi's ear as she yelled over the top of his head.

Washu allowed another deep sigh to leave her lips. Ryoko only passed for a woman in physical attributes. She knew Ryoko was young when she had been enslaved to Kagato, she hadn't completely learned to control her emotions or knew how to hand them. So, while her physical body matured whiled enslaved Ryoko had remained mentally crippled for Kagato's brainwashing. It was only after his defeat that the cyan haired young woman proved to e gathering control of her emotions. However, her adversary, Ayeka should have been in full control of her emotions. The princess had undoubtedly been through rigorous etiquette classes and far more. This type of childless behavior could only shame the calm face that the royal family portrayed.

Ayeka jutted out her hip as she asked, "Who is the "woman" you are referring to, Ryoko?

Ryoko jabbed a finger into Ayeka's chest while simultaneously crushing her chest into Tenchi's face. The young cyan woman jabbed a couple of times before she eventually turned the finger on herself saying, "Me, of course."

The ageless scientist mentally shook her head. That was another issues she had yet to address. Washu was fully aware that Ryoko had yet to recover all the memories that Kagato had her suppress. It was a blessing that Washu wanted to last forever. There were far more atrocious acts that Ryoko had been apart besides the destroying of worlds. She had thought that any memories that Ryoko had lost would return upon Kagato's death; yet, the heavens had been merciful to keep them away.

A sarcastic laugh left the princess as she unconsciously cuddled Tenchi's arm. "It couldn't possibly be yourself. You are a space pirate, a horror story told to children, and a creation made possible only by some unholy clay like substance and therefore you are no such 'woman."

The room fell quiet as Ryoko unceremoniously dropped Tenchi's hand.

Washu felt a chill run down her spine at the developing event. Ryoko's whole form stood stock still, muscles tense and locked in preparation to escape. Her fiery golden eyes dulling as the seconds ticked passed.

Ayeka stared at the other in shock. Washu knew she had said far worse to the ex-space pirate. Nothing had ever been so horrible to make her drop the beloved hand of her Tenchi.

"Ryoko? Ryoko, I'm sorry." Ayeka tried to reconcile.

Tenchi removed his arm from Ayeka as he turned his body to concentrate on Ryoko.

"Ryoko?" He asked.

Washu walked up to stand in front of the eerily quiet young woman. She could hear her through their link. See the realizations flashing before those dull eyes.

"Ryoko." Washu called to her despondent child.

She didn't expect an answer. Ryoko was lost to this world at the moment. It would appear that the heaven's had given her blue-haired child back a memory. Washu wrapped her small arms around Ryoko. Her face smashed into Ryoko's blue dress as she hid her tears just as Ryoko let out the first of many screams…

The End?

AN: Hey Everyone, this is my first Tenchi Muyo published fan fiction. So, I hope you enjoyed! I do have some ideas to expand on if anyone would like me to continue. Actually, I'm going to start working on a part for the story. I just hope that this got people thinking about the behavior of Ryoko and Ayeka. I didn't have a Beta for this one, so any mistakes you noticed please let me know about them. R&R

If Continued I would probably change the name to "To Become a Goddess."