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Trina woke up early the next morning with a slight yawn as she stretched out before getting out of bed. She then walked over to her closet, grabbed her bathrobe, and started towards the shower. As she walked to the bathroom, she noticed how quiet it was in her house. Of course that was no surprise. It was slightly after 6 AM; with the possible exception of her dad, the police officer, the rest of her family would still be asleep for at least another hour.

When she got to the bathroom, she turned the shower on to give it a minute to warm up. As she waited she thought back to the previous night. She still couldn't help but smile at the surprise she'd seen on Tori and her friends' faces at her not wanting to play cards with them. Even though it might be seen by most as a small act, Trina saw it was a first step in moving on from them and trying to meet different people.

For the rest of the night, Trina had done as she said and worked on her homework. She had to admit she was curious how the poker game was going, but every time she simply gave her head a shake and got back to her homework for History. To further help her take her mind off Tori and the others, she grabbed her headphones, went to Pandora, and listened to some electronic and smooth jazz songs. True, she didn't sing them herself, but they always seemed to help her relax and relieve her stress better than the pop songs she sang.

After waiting a short while, Trina checked the water and it felt warm enough so she disrobed and jumped in. As the warm water hit her she thought about what to expect for the day. She knew what to expect from her classes. What she was curious about was if she would get to see her new friend.

She smiled thinking of Justin, but couldn't help but wonder if he had been serious yesterday. To talk to someone others would view as lower in popularity than you when no one else was around was one thing. To do the same when all of your peers were around and you ran the risk of losing your status in school was something different. Trina's mood dropped somewhat at the thought, but despite the negative emotions, somehow she knew that Justin wouldn't abandon her. There was something about the way Justin talked to and looked at her that just made her sure he wasn't lying. All she had to do now was meet his friends, the other All-Stars. 'Should make for an interesting day,' Trina thought to herself as she finished her shower.

She threw her robe back around herself as she stepped out before turning to the mirror. Taking note of her appearance, she grabbed a brush to fix her hair, gave it a quick coat of hairspray, and carefully applying her makeup. Once she was satisfied with how she looked she smiled at her reflection, before stepping away. "Not too bad," she said out loud exiting the bathroom.

As she stepped out into the hallway, Trina was surprised that it was still dark and quiet in the house. She thought it was weird at first, but when she got to her room, she saw that it was only 6:20. Now Trina was really surprised. She normally spent at least a good 40 minutes in the bathroom getting ready for school with another 10 to put on her makeup. That was why the rest of her family always got to sleep later: waiting for Trina to get done.

"Guess that talk yesterday's helping in more than one way," Trina said out loud, grinning to herself before getting her clothes ready for school.

(About 30 minutes later in another part of the house)

Tori Vega emerged from her room, sleepily making her way to the bathroom to get ready for school. She'd been up late trying to finish her homework. Turns out her friends ended up staying later than she thought and she was left to put up the poker table and dishes by herself. As a result, she got a late start on her assignments, which cost her a few hours of sleep.

When she reached her destination, she sighed in frustration seeing that the door was closed. Her sister always took forever to get ready and apparently today was no exception. Tori would just have to grab a quick shower and hope she looked her best at school today.

"Trina, come on," Tori said knocking on the door. Trina should know by now that her parents had made her limit the amount of time she could spend shower and put her makeup on. Still, that hadn't done much to decrease the time she took. "There are other people in the world who need to get ready and all the time you spend trying to improve your looks never helps anyway so could you give me a chance to get ready."

"What are you doing," Tori heard behind her.

At first Tori couldn't believe it that it might have been her older sister who said that. 'There is no way I'm letting her take her shower first if she overslept,' Tori told herself. But as she turned around, her eyes shot open in surprise. There stood Trina, dressed and ready for school, giving Tori a puzzled look.

"I-I-I thought you-were in-how are," Tori stuttered, shocked that her sister was ready so fast.

"Tori come on. We'll be late for school if you don't get ready," Trina said before making her way downstairs.

Tori watched her sister walk away, completely confused as she looked back and forth from the bathroom door to the stairs. She checked the door to find out it was unlocked and the bathroom empty. Surprised, she left the bathroom for a moment to look out the window in her room. Peeking through the blinds she looked all over outside. 'Okay, so first Trina turns down a chance to play, and most likely win, poker last night and now she's ready in half the time it normally takes her…but pigs still can't fly,' Tori thought trying to figure out the past few events. "Weird," she said before jumping in the shower.

Forty minutes later the Vega sisters strode into Hollywood Arts. On the ride over, Tori was constantly fighting the urge to ask her sister about her sudden change in behavior. If it were anyone else she could have just let it go, but Trina…her sister rarely broke her daily routines. As they drove to school Tori kept looking over at Trina, both trying to figure out why she might be acting differently and seeing if there was anything else different about her. In the end, all Tori got were a few confused looks from Trina when she noticed her. "What," Trina asked the third time she caught Tori studying her. Embarrassed at being caught, Tori looked away muttering, "Nothing."

While Tori joined her friends over at her locker, Trina went the opposite way to her locker. Even though she saw Tori and her friends looking happy, Trina didn't feel the urge to walk over and join them. Instead she found herself scanning the halls looking for one person in particular. She recognized several people in the halls either from class or plays, but she couldn't find who she was looking for. Sighing, she decided she'd just get back to get her books before heading to class.

"Sooo, who are we looking for?" a familiar voice behind her said causing Trina to jump slightly.

Spinning around she was surprised to see Justin standing and smiling at her. Happy to see him, Trina quickly threw hugged him instead of answering him. Even though Trina heard Justin give a small laugh, she felt him hug her back.

As she stepped away, Trina returned his smile. "I'm sorry if I sound conceited, but I'm guessing you were looking for me?" Justin asked.

Blushing slightly, Trina answered, "Yeah. Sorry Justin. I'm just really happy to see you."

"Well thank you and don't worry. I'm glad to see you today," Justin answered. Just like yesterday, Trina was overcome with happiness talking to him. 'And he's glad to see me,' she told herself. That only added to her happiness.

"So I'm glad to see you're feeling better. How'd the rest of yesterday go for you?" Justin asked her.

"Not bad actually," Trina admitted. She wasn't lying. Even though she just did homework, she'd felt as though a weight had been lifted off her shoulders from her talk with Justin. "Kind of uneventful; I had to finish homework for Gitlin's History class."

Justin groaned. "Ah yes; our easy, but very long, boring, required class," he said.

This time Trina was the one who laughed. "So true. It's not my favorite class either, but it's an easy A," Trina said shrugging her shoulders.

Justin grinned at her. "I'll give you that," he said. "So, ready to go to class?"

Trina finished grabbing her books and closed her locker. "I am now," she said happily.

"Then off to Film and American Society we go," Justin said pointing the way earning another laugh from Trina. "Shall we," Justin asked.

"We shall," Trina said as they both started walking. As the two made their way to their class, Trina looked back and saw her sister and her friends' faces. Judging by their dropped jaws, they were shocked to see her walking with Justin. This only brightened Trina's day more and the bell hadn't even rung yet.

(Break to the Asphalt Café)

"I swear I can never understand what Dr. Brown says in Biochem?" Trina said as she and Justin made their way to Festus' truck. "If it weren't for the book I'd have no chance of passing that class," she said.

"What I have yet to figure out is why someone who gets a doctoral degree in science and even wrote the textbook they use for the class would pick to work at a performing arts high school instead of a university somewhere," Justin answered.

She smirked as she looked at him. "How much you wanna bet it's another attempt by a teacher to get famous based on where they teach?" she asked Justin.

Justin returned her expression, "Well taking into account that you've probably hit the nail on the head with that guess, I wouldn't want to take that bet."

The two teens laughed when they got to the Grub Truck.

"What can Festus get for you," the only employee of the Grub Truck asked. Before either could answer, Festus turned to the back of the bus and shouted, "Keep chopping frog legs for today's special."

Justin and Trina exchanged looks before Trina said, "I think I'm just in the mood for a salad."

"Ditto," Justin answered. After the pair got their salads Trina started looking around for a place to sit.

"So where do you wanna sit?" Trina asked Justin.

He looked at her for a second before saying, "How 'bout over there?' Justin said nodding towards a table.

Trina looked at the table Justin suggested and felt a wave of uncertainty. 'I should have guessed,' Trina told herself. The table Justin proposed sitting at was where the four other All-Stars were eating. No matter how comforted she felt having Justin around her, Trina still wasn't sure what his friends would think about her. Yes, she had never been directly rejected by them, but none of them really branched out.

However, Trina began to think back to yesterday and what Justin said about the group: 'we certainly don't consider ourselves any different from the other people here. We've all just been friends for years so we hang out with each other. People just seem to be too intimidated to talk to us.'

She turned to Justin and asked, "What if your friends don't like me?"

Justin raised one of his eyebrows at her. "What if they do like you," he said back.

Trina took another look back at the group and let out a sigh. "I guess it's worth a try."

Before she started walking towards the table she felt something grasp her hand and a warmth rush through her. Looking down she saw another hand enclosed around hers and realized it was Justin's. Looking up at her she saw him smiling. "Don't forget, I'm here," he said. And with that, the two walked toward the table.

As they got closer, Allen looked up noticing Justin and Trina. He got the attention of the other three and soon all the four remaining All-Stars were looking at them. Trina's breath halted in her chest. 'What do I do? Should I say something? Should I just stay quiet?...?' All sorts of questions flew through Trina's head about what she should do. Just then a voice interrupted her thought process. "Well look who decided to grace us with their presence. Late as usual."

At first Trina thought she should just step away, thinking the statement was directed at her. Before she could Justin answered, "Just because I'm as thankful as anyone when Biochem ends, doesn't mean I'm make a mad dash for lunch when it's over Allen."

Allen simply shrugged his shoulders and said, "Maybe, but still, it's the only way to get good tables out here, avoid a line at the grub truck, and satisfy hunger quicker."

As Trina listened in on the conversation she saw Nora give her boyfriend an exasperated look. "I keep telling you, you need to try eating breakfast," she said.

"Yeah I don't think anyone eats breakfast anymore," Allen responded.

Everyone else at the table exchanged looks of confusion, even Justin and Trina. After a minute or two Justin said, "And with that Family Guy reference and awkward silence, we'll sit down," as he and Trina sat down at the table.

When Trina sat down she knew she wasn't imagining everyone starring at her. At first she avoided looking up, but then curiosity got the better of her and she looked around the table. When she did, she earned a smile from Sean and Kathleen, the two members who hadn't said anything yet. "And who's this you've brought to join us today Justin?" Sean asked.

"Everyone, allow me to introduce our fellow senior and rising star, Trina Vega," Justin said gesturing to Trina.

"Hi," Trina said shyly, with a slight wave to the group, still unsure whether she'd be accepted or not.

"Nice to meet you," Sean said. Gesturing to Kathleen, Sean started to say, "I'm Sean and this is my girlfriend, Kath-."

"We've already met," Kathleen interrupted. When Trina gave her a look of confusion, she simply smiled and said, "We we're partnered up for Biology in sophomore year? We had to dissect the frog," she finished with a slight groan.

Trina shuddered remembering the class. "Certainly I class I don't miss," she said. That earned her a laugh from most of the group.

Trina looked at the remaining members she was only slightly familiar with. Noticing her look, Allen responded, "I'm Allen and this is MY girlfriend, Nora," gesturing to the blonde girl next to him.

"Hi," Nora simply said, before turning back to her food.

The cold greeting caused Trina to pullback slightly and look down at her hands in her lap. Her motion didn't go unnoticed. Justin saw the effect of Nora's indifference, giving the blonde a disapproving look. Seeing his friend's face, Allen nudged his girlfriend who saw Justin's look.

To break the following uncomfortable silence, Kathleen jumped in. "So…Trina, how are all your classes going right now?"

Snapping back to the conversation, Trina said, "Not too bad. Just hanging in there and taking it one day at a time."

Trina suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned to see Justin looking at her. "That's all any of us can really do in high school," he said.

"Yeah, especially for us trying to make it big in Hollywood," Sean said to Justin's comment. "We just study hard, practice our lines, and hope for all our work will lead to an album or a big role in a movie."

"Or a cameo on the Disney channel," Trina added. "You get one of those and you're guaranteed a movie role or two."

Once again, Trina's comment caused the whole table to laugh; she even she saw Nora crack a smile.

"That is so true," Kathleen said. "I mean look at Selina Gomez. She has a small role, she gets on that Wizards school show, a movie or two, and now she's dating Justin Bieber."

"Which I'm guessing won't last once that guy finally stops going through perpetual puberty," Allen said. This finally caused the whole table to erupt in laughter.

Trina had to admit, she was enjoying herself. Despite Nora's negative comments towards her, she felt something she hadn't felt in a long time from the rest of the All-Stars: acceptance. People were finally listening and responding to her. It brightened her entire day.

Trina was so where she was, she didn't even look over at where Tori and her friends were sitting. They couldn't believe what they were seeing. Trina, the girl with an ego big enough for an entire class, who had almost no talent, and practically no social circle was sitting with the group of students everyone considered the best of the best at Hollywood Arts?

"Okay what is up with Trina Tori?" Andre asked his friend.

"Why are you asking me," Tori said just as confused.

"Well Vega, she's your sister," Jade snapped. "It's one thing for her to turn down poker last night, which in and of itself is weird enough. Now she shows up and is friends with bunch of students who already have their careers set and the hottest guy in Hollywood Arts!" she said.

"Hey!" Beck jumped in with.

"You know what I mean," Jade retorted.

"I think what Jade's trying to say is, why Trina seems so different today?" Cat asked a lot calmer.

"I don't know guys. She was even acting different this morning," Tori said, remembering her sister being ready so early."

"You think she could introduce me to the All-Stars?" Robbie asked.

"Why don't you just introduce yourself the way you do to Northridge girls: let them take your wallet and then you walk away," Rex answered.

After lunch Trina went to her next class. All through her last class, her thoughts kept flashing back to meeting Justin's friends. Despite the fear she had felt before meeting them, she felt that had they openly accepted her. Except for one that is.

Even though the rest of the table seemed to accept Trina, she felt that Nora wasn't even giving her a chance. No matter how happy Trina had felt to be sitting with such well-known students, she still felt a sense of rejection from Nora's cold reception. She sighed at the thought of that oh so familiar feeling as she grabbed her books from of her locker.

"Doing okay," someone asked from behind her.

Trina turned around to see Justin. There was a slight look of concern on his face; almost as if he could read how she was feeling.

She gave him a slight smile. "I'm pretty good; just got done with AP Stage Fighting."

Justin returned her smile, raising one of his eyebrows with suspicion. "I'm guessing since you're taking the advanced version of that class it's one of your favorites?"

Trina couldn't help but blush at his response. It was true; the class was her favorite. It gave her a chance to incorporate her martial arts lessons into her education. Doing so gave a chance to practice both.

"So, out of curiosity, what did you think of my other friends today?" Justin asked her.

"They were nice," Trina honestly said. "It's just…I don't think Nora likes me very much."

"I'm not so sure actually," Justin said.

Trina was confused. "Ugh, I don't mean to question how well you know your friend, but she just ignored me the entire time."

"If it were anyone else, I'd say your right," Justin said, "but Nora's different. Believe me, if she didn't like you, she would've told you right out."

"…So what do you think she was doing?" Trina asked.

Justin shrugged. "My guess is she was 'sizing you up,' he said with air quotes. "I really don't know, but then again I don't think even Allen understands half of what she does and their three year anniversary's coming up," he said.

They both laughed at that.

As they stood there in silence for a moment, Trina had to ask one question she'd been thinking over since yesterday. "So that offer you made yesterday about helping me practice…you think we could start this week?" she asked.

"Of course," Justin said. "I still don't know what play they plan on doing here yet, but we can work on whatever you like."

"Great," Trina said enthusiastically. A second later, the pair realized they didn't have much time to get to their next class.

"Well I'm off to French III," Trina said.

"Yeah, I've got Spanish III," Justin responded.

"Okay now that is a class I can definitely help you with," Trina said.

"I'll remember that," Justin replied heading off.

Trina couldn't help but shake her head at his humor heading the opposite direction.

A little while later, her foreign language course was over and Trina got her books together.

"Hey," Trina heard behind her.

She turned around and found herself face to face with Kathleen.

Trina was a bit surprised, but since Kathleen had seemed enthusiastic talking with her earlier she didn't see any harm in talking to her. "What's up" Trina asked.

"Not much," the cheerful girl replied. "I just thought we could talk for a bit before we left."

"I'd like that," Trina said. And with that, the two left the classroom and started to walk towards their respective lockers.

They were relatively silent at first before Kathleen chimed in, "So how've you been doing in Madame Collect's class?"

"Good so far," Trina answered. "I am curious as to why she's brought in French dancers before."

Kathleen laughed at the earlier class. "I think she just does that to brag about her French heritage."

They both laughed at the comment.

"So, I was thinking," Kathleen started, "We've had some classes together and have some now, but I feel like I don't really know you that well."

Trina didn't mind the comment. In all honesty, she didn't really know any personal information about the All-Stars.

"And since you and Justin seem to be friends no I was wondering if we could hang out some to get to know each other better," Kathleen asked.

Trina was taken back at the idea. Not because she didn't want to, but now another All-Star wanted to be friends with her?

"Sounds great," Trina said back excited. "What did you have in mind?"

"Well Nora and I were planning on heading to the mall Thursday; do you wanna come with us?" Kathleen asked.

Try as she might not to show it, Trina felt some hesitation. She still couldn't shake the fact that Nora didn't like her and being in a situation where Justin wouldn't be around to play mediator could only make it worse. Then again, if she was going to be friends with Justin, she would have to try and cope with his other friends.

"I'm in," Trina said, earning a slight squeal of excitement from Kathleen.

"Awesome," she said.

"I might need a ride though," Trina said. Her Pontiac was due to be serviced this week. She would be able to get her and Tori to and from school Thursday, but her dad would be taking it to the service station once they got home and it would take until early Saturday morning for all the repairs to be finished.

"That's no problem; we can pick you up." Kathleen answered.

"Okay then, I'll give you my address tomorrow," Trina said smiling.

"Sounds good and see ya then," Kathleen said before heading off.

As Trina headed for the exit herself, she smiled brightly as she felt the sun hit her. She'd just had the best day at school in forever: She proved to the school that her Justin Cisco was her friend, she had met the other All-Stars without being shunned, and she was invited to hang out with two of them two days later.

'Couldn't ask for a better day,' Trina told herself while she walked to her car and her waiting sister.

(Two Days Later)

After class Thursday, Trina couldn't help but think back over the past few days.

As she expected, the second she got in her car Tuesday she was bombarded with questions by Tori about when she became friends with Justin and why she was sitting with the All-Stars now. Still feeling some bitterness towards Tori for what she'd heard Monday, Trina didn't tell how she officially was re-introduced to Justin. Instead, she simply shrugged her shoulders and said, "I ran into Justin, we started talking, and he invited me to sit them."

Tori had simply stared in confusion after this, not quite understanding Trina's answer, but not questioning any further.

Wednesday had pretty much gone the same way Tuesday had. Classes were the same as always, but whenever lunch rolled around Trina felt that she could sit with the All-Stars without having to worry about any refusal from them.

Still, whenever she did Nora seemed distant. The blonde girl didn't seem to talk much to anyone since Trina started sitting with them. No matter what she explanation she thought of, Trina wasn't sure what she had done that could have made Nora act in such a way. Despite this, she still occasionally felt Nora studying her when she thought Trina wasn't looking.

When Trina and Justin had a minute to talk during the hallway, she asked him if there was any way he could come with her and the other girls to the mall. Unfortunately, he said it was a workout day for him, Allen, and Sean. Sensing Trina's anxiety, Justin just told her to relax and to remember to be herself.

It turned out that Trina didn't have to drive Tori home Thursday. The younger Vega needed to stay after school to help Andre re-write some of his song lyrics and he was going to give her a ride home again. Trina couldn't help feeling relieved because she was willing to bet that if Tori knew she was going shopping with Kathleen and Nora, she would have begged to come along and Trina really wasn't in the mood to argue with her sister about why she couldn't come.

So Kathleen followed Trina to her house with Nora in the tow and once they reached the Vega residence, Trina jumped out of her car, ran inside to drop the keys off, and jumped in Kathleen's Civic.

On the ride to the mall, Trina kept thinking about what they could discuss. She wasn't worried about alienating Kathleen at this point. She just didn't want to give Nora any reason to possibly dislike her further.

After browsing a few stores once they arrived, the trio walked into "New York & Company" to look around some more. Kathleen said that she needed to find a new pair of heels for some event she was going to the following night.

As Kathleen rushed off to look for some on her own, Trina felt uncomfortable being alone and around Nora. So to occupy herself, Trina just looked around at some dresses and other accessories.

Trina heard a slight cough behind her. She turned to see Nora with staring her down with her arms folded across her chest. Trina wasn't sure if she'd irritated the girl or if Nora was just trying to intimidate her. Either way, Trina took a step back just to be cautious.

"Is something wrong," Trina asked.

Nora just gave her a slightly confused look before she said, "Look, for the past three days I've been watching you; seeing how you act whenever you're around me and my friends."

Trina felt a slight unease knowing that the girl had been watching her and worried about what was to come.

"So, after several observations and internal debates, I feel there's something I need to say to you," Nora said.

Trina gulped. 'Here it comes,' she thought. 'She's going to tell me how much she doesn't like me and to stay away from all of them.'

Nora gave a heavy sigh before looking at Trina who was bracing herself for what she knew was to come.

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