I don't own Sailor Moon, Naoko Takeuchi does. My inspiration for this fanfic is episode 29 in Japanese and 25 in English of Sailor Moon, it's the scene between Kunzite and Zoisite, when Zoisite gets jealous of Kunzite calling someone else beautiful.

This story is dedicated for Horihachi.

Usagi was with Ami and Minako at the beach playing in the water, splashing each other. Haruka and Michiru were watching them from a rock pool surrounded by white and pink water lilies. They had been keeping an eye on Usagi for some time now. It was possible that she was a carrier of one of the Pure Heart Crystals, but how could they let such a girl lose who she is? Basically she would die.

"It's a shame we have to let such an angel die." Haruka said not letting her emerald eyes leave Usagi for even a second. Michiru wasn't sure if Haruka's feelings for Usagi were the same as the feelings Haruka had for herself. When Usagi was around, she always had Haruka's full attention. Personal Michiru thought of Usagi more as a little sister but Haruka seemed to have secret feelings for her, and the fact that Haruka denied this only made Michiru curiosity on the matter grow. Michiru was very jealous of Usagi being called an angel but she'd let it slide. "Poor Kitten." Michiru just couldn't let that slide though.

"Kitten? You only call me Michiru or Michi, but she gets Kitten, or should I say YOUR Kitten?" Her sapphire eyes burning through her lovers bewildered emerald eyes. Turning away from Haruka she crossed her arms.

Haruka picked a white water lily that had a hint of pale baby blue through it. "Jealousy doesn't suit such a pretty face. Michi."

Keeping her back turned Michiru said "Go away, I don't know you anymore."

Haruka put the water lily into Michi's hands as she cocked her head and sighed and took a hold of the water lily. "Even calling you perfect or a goddess would be an insult to you."

Michi turned and hugged Haruka. "Oh Ruka, I'm so lucky." Still holding each other they turned and watched Usagi play with her friends, Rei and Lita had joined them. The Inner Scouts had no idea what was coming for their leader. Michi and Ruka wished they could tell them, to warn them, but they needed the Pure Heart Crystals.