Bubba & Mo-Chro

Chapter 10

Last Chapter.

When morning came around, Lord Monochromicorn was still asleep on his master's floor.

"Mo-Chro," Prince Gumball said, "wake up."

Mo-Chro woke up and found his person out of bed and hugging him around the neck.

"Master your up!" Mo-Chro stomped gladly in morse code.

He nuzzled the prince's face, which was no longer warm.

"Yeah I am," Gumball said, "and I feel great!"

They left the bedroom together, but when they got to the main hall, they found the castle a mess.

"What the?" Gumball responded, "Cinnamon Bun! PM!"

The two females came to him.

"Hey," Peppermint Maid said innocently, "you're up."

"You look so well." Cinnamon Bun said tensely.

"Why does this place look like this?" the prince questioned.

"It started out clean," Peppermint Maid said, "but due to paranoia, mess happened."

"We were too scared to clean it up." Cinnamon Bun whined.

"Why?" Gumball asked.

"Mo-Chro threatened to hurt us if we disturbed you!" Cinnamon Bun uttered.

PG scowled at Lord Monochromicorn.

"Mo-Chro!?" he said scoldingly, "Honestly! That's not right."

The stallion hung his head.

"Sorry." he said contritely in morse code.

"Should we clean it up now?" Cinnamon Bun asked.

"Please?" Gumball replied.

The candy women left.

Gumball turned back to his pet with a stern look.

Mo-Chro looked on meekly.

Gumball rolled his eyes and mellowed.

"Good Equine." he sighed, patting the night-black steed on the head.

"I know." Mo-Chro stomped.

Yay, another story finished. What will I write now?