"Blood Calls Out For Blood"

A Ranma ½ / Sailor Moon Crossover

Sailor Moon and all related properties are properties of Naoko Takeuchi. Ranma ½ and all related properties are properties of Rumiko Takashi. This story is inspired by Vaughan Stevens' "Recruiting" and I owe him a debt of gratitude for a good story and inspiration.

Chapter 0 -

1 Death Comes on Swift Wings

The shadows hung thick in the air, and the smoke filled the streets. The only sounds were that of burning cars and the beating of huge, leathery wings. And then a voice, young, female and filled with pain and outrage, cried out, "Forget love and justice. I am fighting for vengeance. For the blood of the warriors of Mercury and Mars, I will punish you. I am Sailor Moon. Judge. Jury. And your executioner." She snarls as she lifts the Moon Rod, and cries out, "MOON GORGEOUS MEDITATION!"

Magic burned through the smoke-filled air, lashing against the darkness and striking the winged monster in the chest, blasting through it's chest, and leaving but a pile of dust upon the ground. The slayer was vanquished, and justice was served.

But the cost was all around the future queen. No less than twenty people were torn to shreds by Ravener. Among them, were her dearest friends, Mizuno Ami and Hino Rei. A lawyer here. A mother there. The head of a man rested almost upon her red-booted feet. One that would have been handsome were it still attached to the person. A yellow bandana tied around the man's brow that would have made the brown eyes and fanged mouth seem kind of cute… now they were drawn in rage and a hint of fear.

A redhaired woman walked toward the Senshi, covered in blood and her face bleak as a cliff wall. She knelt down at the Senshi's feet, lifting the head into her hands. "Damn it, Ryouga. Why? I told you to stay back."

The warrior of the moon looked down, her own expression just as bleak. "A friend of yours… I'm sorry. We shouldn't have let our guard down."

Musabetsu Kakuto Ryuu master Ranma Saotome looked up at Sailor Moon and nodded bleakly. "Even when he was trying to 'kill' me, he was still my friend."

"Kill you?"

Ranma smiled weakly. "He always got mad at me for one thing or another… It…" She closed her eyes and placed the head gently with the body it belonged to.. "I tried stopping the damn thing. It just kept coming. Even after I nailed it with the Mouko Takabisha…"

Usagi blinked a bit. "A what?"

A ball of azure light, rather dim and flickering, appeared in the martial artist's hand. "An attack of pure ki…" She sighed and shook her head. "Nevermind.. guess it doesn't matter anymore."

The Senshi sighs. "I need to go… But I would like to speak with you again." And as the sound of sirens approached, Sailor Moon disappeared into the night, leaving Ranma alone with the carnage and her grief.