A Star Trek/Battlestar Galactica Crossover

by Robert Perkins


The story you are about to read is a crossover story featuring the 2003 version of the television show, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, as well as STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE, but also including elements taken from STAR TREK (The Original Series), and STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION. In blending these two universes together, I have had to create what is essentially an "alternate history" of both universes. Therefore, in the following passages of this Preface, I am going to provide a brief timeline of events in the history of this alternate, combined universe leading up the beginning of the story itself, which will provide some background for readers of the story and hopefully avoid the excessive use of "As you know, Bob" type exposition in the body of the story itself. Therefore, without further adieu, the timeline...

Circa 4.5 billion years ago...The first intelligent humanoid species in the Milky Way Galaxy began exploring the galaxy. They found none like themselves. Recognizing within themselves the beginnings of a decline which would eventually mean the demise of their species, they seeded the primordial oceans of countless other worlds with their own DNA, thus guiding evolution on those worlds toward the development of intelligent, humanoid life. Over the next two billion years, their species did, indeed, die out. There are no intelligent humanoid species in the galaxy for over 2 billion more years. [1]

Circa 100 million years ago...There arose, on the Planet Arret located in the Beta Quadrant, one of the first of the second generation of intelligent humanoid species, spurred by the DNA seeded into the planet's oceans by the ancient humanoids. Over the following millions of years, this species gradually developed an extremely advanced civilization. They explored much of the galaxy, finding it mostly empty of humanoid lifeforms like themselves. They founded many colonies, and began conducting eugenics experiments on themselves which led them to develop extremely long life-spans and tremendous mental powers.[2]

Circa 600,000 years ago...By this time, the Arretians had developed to such a degree that many among them began to think of themselves as gods. Furthermore, as time had gone on, they had finally begun to encounter other humanoid life forms at a much lower state of development than themselves. Two factions began to form within the Arretian body politic. One group held that the Arretians should hold dominion, as gods, over these lesser races, and rule them. The other group opposed that view, arguing that it was the moral responsibility of the Arretians to guide and protect these new species, but without dominating them. The second group began to interfere in the activities of the first, causing conflict to break out between them. The war released unimaginable power which ripped away the atmosphere from Arret. Nearly the entire population died, and, severed from contact with the home world, most of the colony worlds either followed suit shortly thereafter or fell into barbarism and forgot their Arretian origins (the planet Vulcan was possibly one of these). But two small groups survived. One group, led by a scientist and philosopher named Sargon, survived as disembodied consciousness protected within receptacles, housed in a secret archive located over 100 miles beneath the surface of Arret. [3] The second, larger group escaped into space.[4]

This second group of Arretians initially settled on a nearby colony world, where they eventually perfected their experiments on life-extension and achieved virtual immortality (they could be killed violently, or die accidentally, and they could also willingly give up their lives by "spreading themselves upon the wind." But otherwise, they would live virtually indefinitely). This group was a mixed group of survivors of both sides of the conflict which destroyed Arret, who had agreed that they must eschew the idea that they are gods and accept their role as benevolent caretakers, rather than rulers, of the lesser races of the galaxy. Eventually, the group split up and various factions went their separate ways. They traveled the galaxy for hundreds of thousands of years, carrying out this benevolent role, helping many races in the process.

Circa 75,000 years ago...The eruption of the Toba supervolcano caused severe climatic effects on Earth, leading to a population bottleneck which almost caused the extinction of the young species of Homo Sapiens. A group of Arretians visited the Earth about this time and decided to intervene. Assuming that humans on Earth were doomed, they transported a group of primitive humans to the planet which would one day be known as Kobol, deep in the far reaches of the Beta Quadrant.[5] The region of the Beta Quadrant where Kobol was located was mostly devoid of life, and was one of the few regions which was not seeded by the ancient humanoids. Once on Kobol, this faction of Arretians settled down and guided the development of human society on Kobol.

Circa 10,000 years ago...At first, the Arretians on Kobol acted benevolently toward their human "children," as they regarded them. However, as primitive peoples are wont to do, the humans began worshiping the Arretians as gods. This caused a conflict within the group, as time went on, as gradually most of the Arretians began to succumb to the temptation to once again think of themselves as gods. But a great philosopher among them, named Yah, opposed them. Yah argued that they should hold to their oaths to be the benevolent protectors and teachers of mankind, not their rulers. A small group of followers, known as the Angelii, gathered themselves around Yah. However, Yah was persecuted by the majority of the Arretians on Kobol, and was driven into hiding. He eventually abandoned his physical form, as did his followers, and they began to live as beings of pure energy. In this guise, they gradually began to undermine the rule of the other Arretians, who styled themselves the "Lords of Kobol." Yah himself reluctantly began to accept the worship of humans as "The One Whose Name Must Not Be Spoken,"and gradually he and his followers began to organize an underground, monotheistic, "counter-religion," opposed to the Lords of Kobol. But Yah never deluded himself that he was, himself, an actual god, merely accepting this role for the greater good of mankind.

Circa 8,000 years ago...By this time, the humans of Kobol, whose development had been greatly accelerated by the guidance of the Lords of Kobol, had created a high civilization, developing, among other things, high-sub-light-speed space travel and robotic, artificial servants known as Cylons. Twelve major nation-states arose, each with unique cultural traditions.

Circa 7,500 years ago...The Cylons achieved sentience, and many of them adopted the monotheistic faith of Yah and began to resent the slavery in which they were held by their human creators. The influence of Yah and his monotheistic religion among the human population had also been steadily growing, and more and more people were abandoning the worship of the Lords of Kobol. A mass rebellion against the Lords of Kobol broke out among the Cylons and their human allies. The Lords impulsively responded with a display of awesome power which crippled the biosphere of the planet. Most of the human rebels were killed, and all of the Cylons, leaving behind a core of those who still believed in the Lords of Kobol. However, horrified by what they had done, the Lords of Kobol fled the planet, thinking that they had unintentionally doomed the child race that had been entrusted to their care.

There was enough time, before the planet became completely uninhabitable, for each of the twelve major nation states to construct a generational ship, whereon it sent its best and brightest into space. Unknown to them, they were guided by the Angelii, the servants of Yah, who appeared to the certain of the leaders of he expedition in the form of visions who no one else could see.[6] Under their guidance, they eventually found the Helios Star Cluster, where the Twelve Colonies of Kobol would be founded.

The awesome power of the Lords of Kobol, as displayed during the rebellion, convinced the survivors of Kobol that they were true gods after all, and during the long trip from Kobol to the Twelve Colonies, the Scrolls of Pythia were composed, which became the central texts of a new religion which worshiped the Lords of Kobol as abstract deities, rather than the living, ever-present beings they had been on Kobol itself. Furthermore, the Lords of Kobol had ensured that mankind on Kobol retained a memory of their origins on another world, but over the tens of thousands of years since their arrival on Kobol, this memory had become distorted. As recorded in the Scrolls of Pythia, mankind had originated on Kobol, but a legendary Thirteenth Tribe of humans had left Kobol long ago, to settle on a green planet known as Earth.

Circa 6,500 years ago...The descendants of the survivors of Kobol arrived in the Helios Star Cluster, consisting of the stars Helios Alpha, Helios Beta, Helios Gamma, and Helios Delta. This star cluster was deep inside the Great Void, the large region of the Beta Quadrant which had not been seeded by the ancient humanoids and where very little in the way of higher life forms had developed at all. The Helios Star Cluster was found to contain twelve habitable planets. Each was settled by the survivors of one of the former nations of Kobol, who had become known to themselves, during their journey from Kobol, as the Twelve Tribes.

Little of the great material culture which mankind had achieved on Kobol had survived the journey into space, and once the survivors landed on their new homes, it would be a long, hard road as they rebuilt their civilization. Some of the servants of Yah stayed with them, but as Yah had instructed them, they did not often intervene directly into the development of the Twelve Colonies, for fear that the temptation to "play god" would once again become too strong. But through their influence, the belief in "He Who Must Not Be Named" continued among the survivors of Kobol as a tiny minority cult.

Circa 4500 B.C. onward...In the millennia after their arrival at their new homes, the people of the Twelve Colonies would slowly rebuild the civilization. At first, the various planets were separated from each other, and often consumed by internal warfare. But eventually, the planets united, and then rediscovered space flight. With the discovery of space flight, the Colonies rediscovered each other, and a series of interplanetary wars were fought between them. But eventually, the wars would end, and the Colonies would join together to form a common government.

Circa 4,500 B.C...After fleeing Kobol, the former Lords of Kobol had wandered galactic space, aimlessly, still in a state of shock and grief over the disaster they had caused on Kobol. Eventually, they had found their way back to Earth, and to their surprise, found that humanity had survived on its original home planet. But to their dismay, they found that mankind was still in a primitive state, having discovered agriculture only some 5,000 years before and with most of mankind, outside of a few small regions in Africa and Eurasia, still living a hunting and gathering existence. After much debate, the Arretians decided to settle among the humans and guide their evolution as they had done on Kobol.

Circa 4,000 B.C...On Earth, history repeats itself as the former Lords of Kobol are worshiped as gods, forming the basis of most of the polytheistic cults which gradually begin to replace the native "Earth Goddess" cults on Earth. One group of them settled on Mount Olympus in Greece, where it became the basis for the Greek pantheon of gods. The Arretians once again began to be seduced into accepting their role as gods. But this time around, they did learn something from their past mistakes, and they ruled with a much lighter hand than they did on Kobol, only rarely intervening directly into human affairs. Meanwhile, Yah and some of his servants, who, unknown to the other Arretians, had traveled with the Lords of Kobol to Earth, once again began working to undermine them. The cult of "He Who Must Not Be Named" was first as one minor god among a polytheistic pantheon...among a tiny group of desert tribesmen in the Middle East who would eventually become the ancestors of the Israelites.

4 B.C...Yah, disappointed that his "Chosen People" have turned his faith into their national religion and were not actively proselytizing among the nations of the world, decided to take action. He entered the womb of Mary, a Jewish woman living in Nazareth, and, nine months later, was born as the man, Jesus.

27-33 A.D...The Ministry of Jesus. Beginnings of Christianity.

33 A.D...Jesus/Yah executed by crucifixion. Yah left the human body of Jesus for three days, then returned to it long enough to establish the belief in resurrection among his followers. Then he "ascended," returning to his native form of pure energy and destroying the human body of Jesus in the process.

36 A.D...Seeing that his former disciples were turning Christianity, like its parent religion of Judaism, into a "Jews only" faith, Yah appeared, in the guise of Jesus, to Saul of Tarsus on the road to Damascus. Saul was converted to Christianity and understood that the purpose of the religion was not merely to save the Jews, but to proselytize the Gentiles.

36 A.D. Onward...Pauline Christianity gradually became the mainstream version of the religion, and began to spread rapidly over the Mediterranean World. The Arretians who formed the basis of most of the polytheistic cults on Earth, seeing this, knew that it was only a matter of time until a mass rebellion against them broke out, just as it did on Kobol. They influenced various Roman and Persian rulers to persecute Christians, but to no avail. The religion kept growing.

February 313 A.D...Roman Emperor Constantine issued the Edict of Milan, granting to Christians the right to practice their religion in peace.

Circa 400 A.D...The Arretians, recognizing that they had lost the struggle to contain the new monotheist religion, and not wanting to repeat the destruction they had unleashed on Kobol, decided to leave Earth. They eventually ended up on the uninhabited planet Pollux IV, in the Beta Geminorum star system. Knowing that mankind would one day take to the stars, they settled down to await their eventual reunion with their "children."[7] Yah remained on Earth with his followers, but rarely intervened in human affairs after the departure of the other Arretians.

610 A.D...One of the Angelii, known as Gabriel, became impatient at the slow growth of Christianity and, without Yah's approval, appeared to a merchant from Mecca named Muhammad as he meditated in a mountain cave. He appeared to Muhammad several more times over the next few years, giving rise to the religion of Islam. Unfortunately, the two religions soon became engaged in a long series of wars with each other, rather than in mutual cooperation to convert the rest of the world to the peaceful ways of Yah.

1200 A.D...Yah, despite his unhappiness over the ill effects caused by Gabriel's unauthorized actions, was loath to intervene directly to correct matters, fearing that he might cause more harm than good. He did attempt to indirectly influence various human leaders in an effort to heal the damage, but after several of these attempts failed, sometimes with disastrous results, Yah concluded that it was impossible and decided to leave Earth with his followers before they could cause more damage to humanity. Yah and his followers eventually settled on the planet Organia.[8]

1863 A.D...A large wagon train on the Oregon Trail was abducted by the Skagarans, an alien race, and transported from Earth to a planet in the region which would one day become the Delphic Expanse. The human abductees were forced to work as slave laborers. Soon after their arrival, however, a man named Cooper Smith led the humans in a successful rebellion against the Skagarans. The humans killed most of the Skagarans, destroyed the alien starship and all the other alien weapons and technology, then imposed a brutal apartheid-like system of laws in which the Skagarans occupied the lowest rung of society and are prevented from going to school, owning property, or marrying. Thus began the history of New Earth.

1960 A.D. Onward...Mankind on Earth takes its first tentative steps into space. By the end of the 1960s, one of the nation-states of Earth will have put a man on the moon. But they would not go further than that, except through robotic exploration, for some time.

1985...Colonel Shaun Geoffrey Christopher commanded an expedition to Saturn, marking the renewal of human interest in deep space exploration. The ship used during the expedition was a fore-runner of the DY-100 class nuclear powered interplanetary craft which, with its successor the DY-500 class, would form the basis of the human space program until the discovery of warp drive in the mid-21st century.

1992-1996 A.D...The Eugenics Wars on Earth. A group of genetically enhanced "supermen" attempted to take over the world, and succeeded in taking control of over 40 nations. However, the rest of the world banded against them and eventually defeated them. Although nuclear weapons were used on a small scale, the primary leader of the "Augments (as the enhanced humans were known} Khan Noonian Singh, refused to order a full-scale nuclear strike on his enemies, arguing that the effects of such a strike would be such as to "render the prize not worth taking." In late 1996, as the armies of his enemies were approaching his capital at New Dehli, Khan, along with eighty of his Augment supporters, fled into space, in suspended animation, aboard a DY-100 craft called the S.S. BOTANY BAY. The escape of Khan and his henchmen was deliberately erased from the historical records by the victorious allied governments, for fear of causing a panic among the surviving population.

2024 A.D...The Bell Riots on Earth.

2026-2053 A.D...The Third World War on Earth. Lingering fears about genetic manipulation and the possible rise of more Augments led to a series of conflicts on Earth. At first, these were fought covertly, but eventually the conflict turned hot, and two large coalitions, the Eastern Coalition (led by China) and the Western Alliance (led by the United States) fought a brutal war, at first with conventional weapons, and then, with full-scale nuclear strikes which left cities all over the world in ruins.

As governments collapsed following the widespread use of nuclear weapons, local warlords such as the genocidal Colonel Philip Green arose. Green led a campaign which resulted in the deaths of 37 million people, and there were other warlords who were nearly as brutal in their brief careers. Green survived the war and went on to oversee the euthanization of hundreds of thousands of those who were afflicted by radiation sickness as a result of the recent atomic warfare, arguing that this was necessary in order to prevent the passage of radiation-induced genetic mutations into the human genome. As governments finally reorganized themselves on Earth, warrants for Green's arrest were issued, and in 2053 Green fled into obscurity, never to be seen again. His final fate remains unknown.

However, the final tally of the Third World War is known...over 600 million died in what was humanity's most brutal internal conflict.

2030s A.D...The Xindi Civil War ends with the destruction of the biosphere on the planet Xindus. Shortly afterward, the Sphere Builders start to make appearances to the surviving Xindi and manipulate them into assisting them in the transformation of that region of space into the Delphic Expanse.

2030s A.D. onward...The Sphere Builders, an alien race of transdimensional beings, with the assistance of the Xindi, begin constructing a network of huge spheres, each the size of a small moon, which emit gravimetric distortion waves which warp space in bizarre ways, creating deadly spatial anomalies scattered randomly throughout the region which will be come the Delphic Expanse. The spheres also generate an intense thermobaric cloud around the region, forming a formidable barrier to any vessel trying to enter or leave. Unknown to the Xindi, who believe the Sphere Builders are doing all this for their protection, the are actually reconfiguring space in that region to be hospitable to their life form, in preparation for an invasion.

2037 A.D...The NASA deep space exploration ship, CHARYBDIS is launched, commanded by Colonel Stephen Richey. It is to explore Alpha Centauri.

2044 A.D...The CHARYBDIS encounters aliens of unknown origin as it approaches the Alpha Centauri system. The ship and its crew are transported hundreds of light years away to the planet Theta VIII. Most of the crew die as a result of the first contact with the aliens, but Colonel Richey survived. He is placed in a protected environment, fashioned after the hotel in the pulp novel, HOTEL ROYALE, and left to live out his life there.

4 April 2063 A.D...Zefram Cochrane tested the newly built Warp Ship, PHOENIX. Later that same day, he made first contact with a Vulcan survey vessel which had noted the warp signature generated by his first warp flight. A Borg vessel from the 24th century tried to prevent the flight, but was foiled by the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE, commanded by Captain Jean Luc Picard, also from the 24th century. The wreckage of the Borg vessel crashed in a remote section region near the North Pole.

2063 A.D. onward...In the aftermath of First Contact with the Vulcans, humanity gradually put aside its differences and a unified world government, United Earth, was formed. With the help of the Vulcans, problems such as hunger and want were finally conquered, and mankind began to see its destiny as being "out there" in space. Exploration of nearby stars began soon after the discovery of warp drive.

2063-2119 A.D...Zefram Cochrane will work on further developing his warp engines with scientists and engineers such as Henry Archer during this period. He will also take part in the exploration of the Solar System and Alpha Centauri.

2064-2069 A.D. The Earth/Kzin Wars. In 2064, human exploratory craft encountered the Kzinti, a predatory species of feline humanoids whose home world was located on the planet Kzin, orbiting the star 61 Ursae Majoris. This ignited a series of four short wars between the two species, each of which ended in a crushing defeat for the Kzinti. The Treaty of Sirius, signed in 2069, ended the wars. By terms of the treaty, the Kzin Government was forced to demilitarize, with the exception of a small force of police vessels. Earth was to be allowed full and unrestricted access to all planets within Kzin space.

2064 A.D...The optimistically named United Earth Space Probe Agency (U.E.S.P.A.) is founded.

2065 A.D...The S.S. VALIANT, an early warp-capable deep space explorer, is swept by a magnetic storm into the energy barrier at the edge of the galaxy. After several crewmen begin to develop psychokinetic abilities of extreme power, the captain of the vessel destroys the vessel. It's recorder marker is ejected prior to its destruction, however.

2067 A.D...The warp-capable space probe, FRIENDSHIP ONE, was launched from Earth by U.E.S.P.A.. It would eventually reach the Delta Quadrant.

2069 A.D...The S.S. CONESTOGA was launched, carrying a colonization expedition to a planet in the Eta Cassiopeiae star system, approximately 20 light years away from Earth. The colony would be known as Terra Nova. The Emperor of the Klingon Empire dies without heirs. No successors from other branches of the family claim the throne. The Klingon High Council takes control of the government of the empire.

2078 A.D...The S.S. CONESTOGA reaches Terra Nova. The New United Nations collapses on Earth. It is replaced by what will eventually become the government of United Earth. The United States of America admits its 53rd State.

2079 A.D...On Earth, the nations of the former Eastern Alliance, which suffered by far the greatest destruction in the Third World War, are still suffering from the post-Atomic horror, as conditions there are too chaotic for the Vulcans to assist in the early recovery of that region of the planet.

2081 A.D...An asteroid strikes the planet where the colony of Terra Nova is located. The environmental effects flood the colony with radiation for decades and force the colonists to take shelter in underground caves.

2082 A.D...Colonel Stephen Richey finally, mercifully, dies on the planet Theta VIII, having lived for almost 40 years among soul-less facsimiles of characters from a badly written pulp novel.

2090 A.D...The Orpheus Mining Colony on Luna is established.

2096 A.D...The first Cylon Centurions were created on the planet Caprica. They were used as servants and warriors, to do those jobs that humans were reluctant to do because they were too dangerous or otherwise onerous. Their use eventually spread to most of the Twelve Colonies. Unknown to the people of the Twelve Colonies, however, the programming of the Cylons had been infected with a virus which allowed them to develop sentience, and also instilled them with a belief in "He Whose Name Must Not Be Spoken." The Cylons came to believe that they were the new children of God.

2097 A.D...Under a treaty signed this year between Andoria and Vulcan, the Class D planetoid Weytahn is claimed by the Vulcans.

Early 2100-2130 A.D...A number of DY-500 colonization ships will be sent out from Earth. These ships are capable of only Warp One and as a result, travel time between star systems is measured in years or even decades. Therefore these colonies travel in suspended animation and many are lost due to malfunctions and other mishaps along the way. Some do reach their destinations, however, such as the S.S. MARIPOSA, which left two colonies in the Ficus system during this period.

2101-2112 A.D...First Cylon War. The First Cylon War began when the Cylon Centurions rose in revolt against their human enslavers. The Articles of Colonization were signed in 2101, uniting the Twelve Colonies of Kobol under a single government for the first time, partly in response to the dire threat to all the colonies posed by the Cylons. After massive loss of life and atrocities on both sides, the Treaty of Cimtar was finally agreed upon, and the Cylons retreated behind the Cimtar Armistice Line, where they remained for the next 40 years.

2103 A.D...The first human colonies on Mars are established.

2105 A.D...The Redjac entity kills eight women on the Martian colonies. Jack the Ripper has begun his odyssey across the stars.

2112-2152 A.D...During the long armistice following the First Cylon War, the Twelve Colonies had little contact with the Cylons, who established a home for themselves on a huge space station in orbit around a naked singularity, well beyond the Cimtar Armistice Line. There the Cylons experimented with the creation of biological Cylon models, eventually succeeding in creating seven models. The biological Cylons took over the leadership of the Cylon community from the Centurions, who they modified to make them compliant to the will of the biological Cylons. But like the Centurions, the biological Cylons followed a warped version of the old cult of Yah, or "He Whose Name Must Not Be Spoken," considering themselves the true children of God. They plotted the downfall of the humans of the Twelve Colonies, inserting agents among the population of the Colonies to prepare them for the final assault. One of these agents, a Number Six model, was successful in attaching herself to a scientist involved in designing a new defense computer system for the Colonial military, one Gaius Baltar, and was successful in uploading a virus which would render the Colonial defenses useless.

2113 A.D...With the help of the Vulcans and the new wealth of resources being brought to Earth from its fledgling colonies in space, by this year war, hunger, poverty, and most diseases have been eliminated on Earth. The foundation of United Earth takes place, a government with sovereignty over most of Planet Earth and all of its installations in the Solar System.

2119 A.D...Zefram Cochrane leaves Alpha Centauri for an unknown destination and disappears. He is presumed dead, but instead, has been swept by forces unknown to the Gamma Canaris region, where he encounters the being he will know as The Companion.

2120 A.D...The Transporter is invented by Emory Erickson on Earth. However, it will take some time to perfect.

2134 A.D...Dr. Arik Soong steals Augment embryos from the space station Cold Station 12, where all surviving Augment embryos left over after the Eugenics Wars are being stored.

2137 A.D...On Vulcan, Syrran discovers the Katric Ark containing the Katra of Surak. He takes Surak's Katra into his own mind, and soon afterward founds the dissident group known as the Syrranites.

2139 A.D...Transporters are finally certified as safe for the transport of living creatures, including humans. However, there is still much controversy...some of it justified...over their safety. Around this time, the first Earth Starships are equipped with first generation transporters which are not certified for living matter, but only for use in transporting cargo. In this year, Emory Erickson attempts to create a Sub-Quantum Transporter which is capable of transporting people over theoretically unlimited distances. However, the attempt fails.

2141 A.D...First Contact with the Deltans, by the crew of the Earth Cargo Service vessel, E.C.S. HORIZON.

2143 A.D...The NX Program on Earth breaks the Warp Two barrier.

2144 A.D...The NX Program on Earth breaks the Warp Three barrier. Arik Soong is found an captured, forcing him to abandon the Augments he was raising to adulthood on a planetoid in the Trialas system.

2147 A.D...Star Fleet begins research on force fields. The NX Program on Earth breaks the Warp Four Barrier.

2149 A.D...Construction of the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE NX-01, Earth's first Warp Five capable vessel, begins.

2150 A.D...Jonathan Archer is selected as Captain of the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE. Australia, the last of the independent nation states of Earth, joins the United Earth government.

2151 A.D...First Contact between Earth and the Klingon Empire when a Klingon officer, Klaang, crash-lands near Broken Bow, Oklahoma. The U.S.S. ENTERPRISE NX-01 begins its journey of exploration. First Contact with the Andorians and several other species are made in this year. Humanity's involvement in the Temporal Cold War begins with the first contact with the Suliban Cabal.

2152 A.D...The voyage of U.S.S. ENTERPRISE continues. First Contact is made with the Romulans and numerous other species.

February 2153 A.D...The Fall of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol. The Cylons launched a massive attack on the Twelve Colonies of Kobol. The Cylon computer virus worked perfectly, and the Colonial fleet was destroyed with few losses to the Cylons, who then proceeded to bombard the Twelve Colonies from orbit with nuclear weapons. Virtually the entire population of the Colonies was wiped out in a single day. Less than fifty thousand survivors, aboard every ship with faster-than-light capability which could be saved, fled the Colonies into deep space, protected by the single surviving Colonial Battlestar, the GALACTICA. Recalling the old legends of a "Thirteenth Tribe" of humans on a faraway planet called Earth, the fugitive fleet begins traveling across the Beta Quadrant, searching for it and pursued by the Cylons.

March 2153 A.D...The wreckage of a Borg Sphere is discovered at the North Pole on Earth having been buried there for 90 years. The surviving Borg manage to steal a transport and escape Earth before they are intercepted. U.S.S. ENTERPRISE catches up with them and manages to destroy the Borg-assimilated transport, but the Borg manage to send a subspace signal to the Delta Quadrant, which will take 200 years to arrive. Later that month, a Xindi probe attacks the Earth, killing seven million people. It is soon after learned that the Xindi intend to exterminate all humans, fearing that humans will one day destroy them.

April 2153 A.D...U.S.S. ENTERPRISE NX-01 is ordered to the Delphic Expanse to seek out the Xindi and, if possible, stop them from carrying out their genocidal plans.

In the Beta Quadrant, the Colonial Fleet finds Kobol. The Tomb of Athena is discovered, providing a guide to Earth.

July 2153 A.D...The Colonial Fleet encounters the Battlestar PEGASUS. Destruction of the Cylon Resurrection Ship, which forces the Cylons to scale back their pursuit of the Colonial Fleet dramatically.

October 2153 A.D...In the Beta Quadrant, with the help of Athena Agathon, a Cylon defector, adjustments are made to the Colonial Jump Engines and navigation computers which make them capable of reaching the Planet Caprica in a single day. A rescue force of Raptors and space marines is sent to Caprica, where it has been learned that a group of human survivors still exists. The FTL Jump Engine of one of the Raptors, commanded by Lt. Margaret "Racetrack" Edmondson, malfunctions.

Meanwhile, at about the same time, the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE NX-01 arrives at a planet in the Delphic Expanse, where they find a colony of humans from Earth, apparently taken there as slaves by an alien race in the 19th century. The enslaved humans had overthrown their enslavers and established their own society shortly after their arrival on the planet. The society found by ENTERPRISE was still at a 19th century level of technology. After briefly getting involved in the affairs of the planet and sparking a social revolution there which will eventually see equal rights granted to the descendants of the Skagarans, the ENTERPRISE is preparing to leave orbit when there is a bright flash of light nearby and a small vessel is picked up by the starship's sensors. It is the Raptor commanded by Lt. Margaret Edmondson...

[1] These beings were seen in ST: TNG: "The Chase"

[2] These are the beings encountered by Captain Kirk and the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE in the ST: TOS episode, "Return to Tomorrow."

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[5] Of the four quadrants of the galaxy in the Star Trek universe, we know the least about the Beta Quadrant, so it seems the most likely candidate for the location of the relatively sterile region of space shown in the 2003 Battlestar Galactica series.

[6] "Messenger Six" who haunts Baltar, and her counterpart, "Messenger Baltar" who haunts the Cylon, Caprica Six, are two of these Angelii.

[7] ST: TOS, "Who Mourns for Adonais?" By the time Kirk and Co. arrived, only Apollo still survived, the rest having given up hope of humanity's arrival and "spread themselves upon the wind."

[8] Thus becoming the beings shown in the ST: TOS episode, "Errand of Mercy."