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"Please, tell us your name." The teacher gave him a welcoming smile. Though Sasuke dismissed it and just kept staring at the ground in boredom. Why he was being forced to go to some stupid public school he didn't know.

Why his father decided to take him out of his old school and put him in this dump, he didn't know.

Sasuke Uchiha hated not knowing things. It made his blood boil to the point where he was ready to scream.

"Sasuke..?" The teacher whispered to him.

Looks like I have no choice. Sasuke slowly turned his head up, taking a quick glance around the room. Every girl was staring lovingly at him.

Not a surprise.

Throughout this 16 year old life, Sasuke has switched schools eighteen times...and, through out those eighteen times...he's never even made one friend.

Yea, sure, girls trailed, and stalked him where ever he went, and he was never alone...even if he wanted to be; but they were never true friends. He never considered, or acknowledged any one of those people to be a...friend.

. . .

PSH! Not that he cared! ...maybe.

Taking in every single detail of the room, and every single person, Sasuke sighed quietly, giving his...nicest greeting.

"Uchiha Sasuke. I don't care who you are. Just don't get in my way."

Screams and squeals followed in pursuit. God, will any school be different? Any? At every single school it's the same. Girls fangirl him, boys hate him and secretly want to be like him, it annoys the crap out of him, his father makes him and his family move, and then...it starts all over again.

Sasuke stared menacingly at the teacher, who, in response flinched. Even the teachers were the same. All boneless fools.

"Okay, now that we...have that done, please, pick your seat Sasuke..."

A girl with cotton candy pink hair, and light teal eyes suddenly stood up, smiling 'seductively' at him.

"Oh! OH! Sit by me, Sasuke-kun! Aren't I beautiful enough for you?"

Her voice was like a gun shot to his ears.

Another girl, a red head with the same piercing red eyes stood up and glared at her.

"HA! Not likely! Your so called, 'beauty,' isn't even worth all the mirrors you break."

The two girls glared at each other, resulting in an all out war. And, as almost all the other girls joined in, Sasuke noticed one who did not. She was sitting in the back of the room, right corner, blushing and staring not at him... But at a blue eyed blond who was clinging desperately to the pink haired girl fighting over him. Sasuke raised one eye brow.

She had light lavender eyes that seemed to fade to white at the bottom, along with violet purple waist length hair. She seemed to be a quiet type, that benefited him even more.

Taking another glance around the room, it seemed every boy was glaring at him, and all the girls would most likely rape him if he sat next to them. So, stuffing his hands coolly in his pockets, Sasuke quietly made his way next to the light eyed girl, startling her as he spoke to her for the first time.

"May I sit here?"

She looked at him as if he was going to kill her. And, well...she thought he was..! The look on his face was anything but welcoming...and as all eyes turned on them, the girl in question felt like she had lost her voice.

"U-Um...I-I do—don't—k-know..." She looked down.

What if Sakura and Karin killed her for letting this boy sit next to her? Looking back to the red head and pinkette, Hinata winced as she saw they were glaring at her.

"Why would you want to sit next to that weirdo, Sasuke-kun? Whitey eyes is perfectly fine sitting by herself like the loner she is." The pink haired girl, Sakura, spat out, venom dripping from every word. And for once, the red head, Karin, gave no objections and agreed with her.

Hinata flinched in fear, her bottom lip quivering in sadness. If only he would go away. Then no one would look at her, and no one would notice her, and she could go back to staring at Naruto in peace..!

"Y-Yea...I...T-They want t-to...t-to sit n-next..."

"You're actually agreeing with them?" There was still no emotion on his face.

"Of course she is! That is, unless she has something else to say, right, whitey eyes?" Sakura smirked victoriously at her.

Afraid of bursting into tears if she spoke, the shy girl merely nodded, squeezing her eyes shut in hopes of the tears threatening to leak out subsiding.

"I asked her, not you." Sasuke replied coldly.

Everyone in the room had to gasp. Even Hinata looked up, surprised at the stranger for telling off the most popular girl in school...

"P-Pardon?" Sakura stuttered.

"I said I asked her, not you. I'm sorry if you have a hearing problem. But I don't like to repeat myself, so please don't ask again, if you can manage."

Sasuke was now leaning his body against the desk. His onyx black eyes staring expressionlessly at Sakura, as if she wasn't even there.

He expected the girl to run out crying, like most of the popular girls did when he 'insulted' them. But that part never came, because it was interrupted by a loud...screech.


The blue eyed blond he found the other girl staring at a while ago was yelling at him. He was standing on top of a desk, glaring at him. Any other kid would probably be fazed, but, Sasuke wasn't just any other kid.

He looked back to the small girl next to him, and found her looking twice as scared as the average normal person. She was trembling.

"...Who are you?"

"I'M UZUMAKI NARUTO! And I wont let you talk to Sakura-chan like that you bloody ass—"

Suddenly Naruto was thrown of the desk he was standing on.


"B-But Sakura-chan I was just—"

"Just being an idiot! I know! Now shut up!"

"...O...Okay...I'm sorry..." The blond looked down, a depressed look on his face.

A scowl pulled at Sasukes lips. Who was this bitch anyway? He looked back at the girl next to him, only to find her head down, still trembling...but this time he could see her small hands clenched into fist. She was mad. So why did she still say nothing?

"She can't talk to Naruto-kun like that..." He thought he heard her mumbling, but then again, he could be imagining things. This small girl wouldn't even defend herself, why would she defend someone else?

"So sorry for that loser insulting you, Sasuke-kun! He's just an idiot who doesn't know his place in the wor—"

"You're annoying."

Just then you could hear more gasp around the room. But Sasuke seemed unfazed. It was then he noticed the now quiet blond glaring at him, and rolled his eyes. He calls the girl who was insulting him annoying, and he still gets mad? Weird kid.

"W-What..?" Sakura seemed to be in a daze, as if she didn't believe someone just called her annoying. A boy, much less. Every boy loved her! She was beautiful! ...Or, at least her body was. The body she loved to flaunt and throw around in one night stands. The body she practically never covered.

Just by looking at how little clothing she was wearing, Sasuke knew that much, and was utterly, and truly...disgusted.

"I thought I said I didn't like to repeat myself." Sasuke blinked slowly. Earning a terrified whimper from the the girl.


"So now you can't even form sentences?" Sasuke turned his head down, only to look up seconds later with a glare that could murder bank robbers. "How sad. Please, feel free to watch your own actions before insulting others."

Deciding that their conversation was done, Sasuke took the seat next to the shy girl without so much as her answer of approval.


"I'm going to sit here." He announced.


Looking towards the front of the room, Sasuke was surprised to see the teacher still teaching, as if nothing odd had gone on, and no one had yelled or insulted each other.

Getting bored and tuning out the lesson, Sasuke turned to look at the petite girl sitting next to him. She was fidgeting uncomfortably.

"What's your name?" He asked.


"Hin?" Sasuke raised an eyebrow.

"A-Ah no! Hinata H-Hyuga!" The girl blushed, but Sasuke could tell it was more from the embarrassment of not being able to say her full name, rather than being in his presence, as most girls would do.

He was gorgeous, after all. All toned muscle, tall, vampire pale, jet black spikes, serious dark eyes...most mesmerizing face in history, as some would say. But this girl...this girl seemed to be more afraid of him than anything..!

"Hyuga, huh?"


"Why are you shouting." It was more of a statement than a question.

"A-Ano...I-I'm s-sorry..!"

"You're still shouting." Sasuke almost laughed.

"I-I am? I-I'm sorry..."

How stupid she must've looked...Hinata bowed her head in shame alone. But him...he...intimidated her to the point where she wasn't even sure she could speak...His eyes...they were so...serious. Nothing like her carefree Naruto's...

When Sakura was yelling at him...oh, how she wanted to smack her so badly...but Hinata knew she could never do that...Sakura won against her in Brains and Strength...smartest in their class, even...

And most of all...She won Naruto's heart...That personally made her heart break slightly. Though, she supposed she shouldn't feel that bad...who would like her anyway? Just the shy girl in the back with weird eyes...That's all she was. That's all she thought she was...

Throughout the rest of the lesson, Hinata could feel his eyes on her...and when she finally mustered the courage to look back, she almost flinched again when she met his gaze and he held it...they stared at each other for a long time. It was making her very uncomfortable.

"D-Do I h-have something o-on m-my—my f-face?"

"Hm? No.."

Dammit...he was caught. Though, he guessed he was kind of stupid, openly staring at her like that. It's just...she...looked like his Mom...And, well, there was no one his Mom would like better than someone that...was like her. Sasuke mentally smacked himself. He didn't know this girl at all, and he was already thinking crazy, stupid thoughts.

But it was so tempting...Plus, she's probably the only girl within this whole school who wont try to molest him. Sasuke didn't know if he should be happy, or offended at such a fact.

Class ended, and Hinata quickly got up, relieved that she didn't have to be under the Uchiha's gaze any longer.

Along with the jealousy waves radiating off Sakura and every other girl in her first class, this...Uchiha kid scared her to death..!

All he kept doing was staring at her! ...That always made her uncomfortable...Especially with his eyes...God, she wanted to crawl in a hole!

Finally getting to her locker, Hinata almost screamed when she saw him there.

"Hello." he greeted her with a stoic look on his face, as usual.

"H-Hello..." She greeted him back with uncertainty.

Carefully taking her books from out of her locker, she felt him staring at her again, causing her to fumble with her books out of nervousness.

"A-Ano..W-What are you d-doing here...?"

Sasuke paused for a moment. "You have to show me to my next class...since I 'sit' next to you, and all."

"O-Oh...Okay...W-Well what's y-your next c-class?"

Sasuke took out his schedule, out of the corner of his eye he could see Hinata trying to peek over, and smirked slightly. He was more than a head taller than her, there was no way she was going to see anything unless he showed her.

"Looking for something?" He glanced down at her.

After realizing what she was doing, Hinata could feel her cheeks getting a familiar shade of red. "N-No...S-Sorry...I-I just d-don't want t-to be...l-la—ate."

Sasuke nodded silently. "My next class is English."

"O-Oh! T-That's m...mine t-too...l-let's...go..."

Good, this girl didn't seem to be interested in him at all. In fact, it seemed to be the exact opposite, really. He wasn't stupid, nor was he born yesterday. He could see the slight fear in her eyes. The only question, was why? He'd barely talked to the girl, and, when he did, in fact, talk to her, he wasn't even the slightest mean in his view. Maybe a little blunt, but certainly not mean. Unless the girl was really that sensitive.

Then he was just an idiot. Sasuke was never good with sensitive people. Especially when they didn't...well...completely annoy him. He either said something wrong...or, he said something wrong.

Sasuke stared on as he heard Hinata's quiet footsteps behind him. Girls within a mile distance were giving death glares to the small girl...that's probably why she didn't want to be any closer to him, if possible.

Well, too bad.

"Shouldn't you walk in front?"

"H-Huh?" She finally looked up at him.

Sasuke had closed the distance between them; pretty much walking elbow to elbow with her. You could practically feel the jealousy eating you up. All girls were glaring at her. Hinata has never been so scared in her life..!


"What?" Sasuke looked down at her.


Of course that was a lie! They both knew it. As his fore arm brushed against hers, Sasuke could literally feel her uncomfortable shiver. Now that just plain out amused him. Through out his whole entire life, every freaking girl he's ever met, wanted him. Either because he was a Uchiha, he 'interest' them, or just because he was plain out sexy. But this girl? This weird, stutter friendly girl...didn't seem to care about him at all.

In truth it kind of bothered him.

Although it was a little funny at first, the thought of someone decent...or just really anyone at all not liking him irritated him, and his ego.

Sasuke's morning thoughts came back to his head...finally, a girl his Mom, or Dad...or annoying asshole of an older brother could talk to, without her just staring at them. She was a Hyuga, after all. Although their rank wasn't nearly as high as the Uchiha's, they were still pretty high up there.

His parents would very much approve.

Taking another glance at Hinata, Sasuke saw her still trembling. Now to see how much she could handle. He may not look it...okay, maybe he did look it, but that's beside the point! He was a pro at acting. Whether it was with words, facial expression, or physical contact...No one ever knew. And with an innocent girl like this? Hah! Piece of cake.

"Are you cold?" Hinata was surprised at the sudden gentleness in his voice. She stared up at him, not uttering a word.

Hinata blushed slightly. "N-No...N-Not re—really.."

Stopping in his tracks, Sasuke put both his hands on her small shoulders, holding her in place.

"Like I said...I rather you say nothing...than lie to me."

Hinata's blush deepened as Sasukes deep, husky voice filled her ears. What if he was sick? She didn't want to get sick! And what was up with him... touching her..?

"A-Are you o-okay? ...Y-You sou—sound s-sick..."

If Sasuke was sitting, He would've fallen out of his chair. What the fuck? Honestly, that voice would've made any other fangirl faint and drag him to her bed! Oh, Sasuke, have you forgotten that she isn't just some other fangirl? Tch. That's right...she wasn't even a fangirl.

"U...Uchiha-san?" He hadn't spoken in a long time, and his steel grip on her shoulders made her unable to move.

"U-Uchiha-san..?" She tried again.

Sasuke merely stared down at her, a blank expression on his face. Before he smirked slightly, the gentle look in his eyes disappearing, and being replaced with a look of...disbelief.

He slowly let go of her shoulders, taking a step back, and slowly walking away.

"You're weird, Hyuga..." You could hear him murmur softly.


"...But you're also different."

She blushed, not knowing what to say...she wasn't even sure if that was a compliment, or an insult. "W-What about f-finding y-your cla—class..?"

Sasuke stopped in his tracks, slightly turning to face her. "I know where it is."

Maybe his thoughts this morning weren't so crazy. She was definitely different...that's for sure. Thinking his sexy voice was him being sick...HAH. Now he's decided. He will get Hinata Hyuga...one way...or another.

But...not for the reasons you would think. Sasuke's goal by the end of the year? Get Hinata as his fake girlfriend to one, throw off the fangirls, two, make his family stop bothering him about thinking he's gay, and three, just for the fun of it. Then, he'd make her fall for him like every other girl did...And when she turned out to be like all the rest...well, the answer is simple, really.

He'd throw her away.

Sasuke could already feel his fallen ego boosting. Nice...Innocent Hinata Hyuga...prepare to fall for me.

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