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Naruto and Hinata finally become an item; the same day she gets kidnapped by a certain dark haired Uchiha. War has started and hostages are needed. Sasuke plans to hurt Naruto from the inside out, with the most powerful weapon of all: ...Love. /Sasuhina/

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Sasuke passed through the day fine. Nothing really good, nothing really bad. But, to benefit him and his plan, well, he did share seven out of seven classes with Hinata. And, in every single one he'd sit next to her, if not near her. It's not like she was hard to figure out, anyway. All he had to do was look at her.

And although Sakura had gotten in the way a couple times...everything turned out fine. Though, he did find one flaw in his almost perfect plan. A loud, blond flaw: Naruto.

It didn't take a genius to figure out that Hinata liked him. And it didn't take a brain to figure out Naruto liked Sakura. And...it didn't take eyes or a brain, or ears, or anything really to figure out Sakura liked him.

Now his only question to figure out, was...What to do about this stupid square. He wanted Hinata, Hinata wanted Naruto, Naruto wanted Sakura, and Sakura wanted him...


Right now Sasuke had just gotten out of his last class. He was trying to think up a plan...but seemingly only figured out one...and, well...it sucked.

"U-Um, Uchiha-san...W-Where are we...g-go—going?"

Oh, right, did I forget to mention he had Hinata with him, too? My bad. Sasuke had a firm grip on Hinata's wrist as he practically dragged her out of school.

"Walk faster. You're going to slow." Sasuke glanced back as he saw more fear infiltrate Hinata's eyes, before she nodded, now jogging to keep up with his fast strides.

"I-I'm sorry...I-I didn't mean t-to be a b-burden..."

"It's fine."

Just how sensitive was this girl? Apologizing for someone saying they were walking too slow...I mean, did she even have a back bone?

Sasuke glanced back again, to find the small girl with red cheeks, fast breaths, and gasp sounds every few seconds.

For him, he had been walking for ten minutes. For her...she had been jogging fastly for ten minutes. Sasuke sighed as he came to an abrupt stop, not moving all inch when Hinata collided with his upper back. And, before she could hit the ground from the impact, Sasuke reached out his hand and grabbed her wrist again, pulling her up slowly.

"You get tired easily, don't you?"

"I-I'm sorry—I'm n-not used to r-running for a long w-while—T-Though where a-are we g-going? M-My father wouldn't—like it i-if I came home t-too late..."

Completely ignoring her question, Sasuke gestured Hinata over. She looked very reluctant at first, as she stared at him, shaking slightly in what he presumed was fear. Hn. She's still scared of me.

"May I ask you something?" Sasuke's eyes were penetrating her.


"Why are you scared of me?"

Hinata's eyes widened in shock. How did he know? Was it really that obvious? She...She tried her hardest to act normal. But how could she when he was staring at her all the time...! The look on his face, the tone of his voice...his cold eyes...they were all the exact opposite of Naruto...Naruto the man she loved...and the man she would do anything for...Sasuke was so different...And it scared her.

"W-Wha—What? I-I'm n-n-not...S-Scar—"

"I know I've said it once, twice before..." He paused. And the second Hinata closed her eyes and reopened them, she could feel Sasuke's presence behind her. She almost chocked. "But if I must...I will repeat it, again. I rather you say nothing...then lie to me."

She could feel his warm breath on her neck, and shivered involuntarily.

"P-Please..." her voice trembled. "I-I don't k-know what y-you w-wa—want from m-me..." Hinata hid her face in her hands. "B-But p-please...Just...Just go away!"

Realizing what she said too late, Hinata gasped quietly.

"I-I'm so s-sorry! I-I didn't mean to s-say that!"

Sasuke could see the look of panic and fear in her eyes once more. She wasn't just apologizing because she was sorry...but more because she was scared he would do something to her. How unlucky for him.

"Heh. Being scared of me..." Sasuke inched closer, "Just makes you more amusing..."

Again Hinata shivered...and though he found it really hard to admit...he liked it.

"Sorry, Hyuga...But I wont be leaving you alone. Actually...prepare to have me around, a lot..." As soon as the words left Sasuke's pale pink lips, Hinata could no longer feel his presence...and when she turned around? He was gone.


"AH!" Hinata screamed at the sudden noise.

"Hinata-sama..? Are you okay?"

"N-Neji nii-san...it's you...U-Um, yeah...I-I'm okay..."

"Well don't go running off after school, Hiashi-sama will scold me if you get lost. Now, please, let me escort you home."


Hinata could still feel Sasuke's strong, firm...cold, grip on her...she shivered again. Just what did he want from her? She barely knew him...She just met him! She wasn't anything special, she thought. Sakura, Karin...they were the special ones. Every other boy wanted them, why didn't Sasuke? Why in the world...would he want her?

Meanwhile, Sasuke had just gotten home, only to be greeted by the usual arguing of his parents. Sasuke sighed frustratedly, before quietly shutting the front door behind him.

These days his parents always argued. Always. It was one thing or the other. Too much money, not enough money, house didn't look nice, house looked too nice...sometimes he just wanted to punch the wall out. Well, along with his older brother. Unlike him, Sasuke's older brother Itachi apparently didn't have any dignity or pride. He actually took up the offers of one night stands his fangirls offered him. Of course, he always used protection; if his father ever found out he was randomly making Uchiha babies...well, there would be no more Uchiha Itachi.

"I'm home..." Sasuke whispered gloomily. No one would care, so he didn't know why he always said it...but when he was younger and everything was good...he used to scream the words so loud the neighbors could hear him.

All his family cared about was him getting a girlfriend and him making the next Uchiha heir...Pfft, he was 17, that wouldn't happen for at least 5 years...or more.

Every time they had dinner, it was always, "So, Sasuke, have you found anyone yet?" And his answer would always be the same: "No." But that was all going to change in a matter of weeks. He would get Hinata, show his annoying family that he could, in fact love a girl, and then they'd break up, blah blah. Every thing was already planned out.

As Sasuke made his way to his room, he almost barfed at the sight of his brother...making out with some whore...ON HIS BED!

"Itachi! What the fuck? GET OUT OF MY ROOM! And take that slut with you!"

The two sucking face on his bed stopped to look at him, the girl smirking while Itachi just rolled his eyes. In truth, he was no less good looking than Sasuke. Too bad he threw it all away with sluts, though.

The girl suddenly got too close for his liking. "Ooh, Itachi-sama your little brother has gotten...so well developed..." Sasuke watched in disgust as her eyes trailed down to...restricted areas, before roughly pushing her off and gagging.

"No. Just, no. Don't touch me, and get out of my room."

"Relax, Sasuke. If anything you should admire this sexy girls body. You know, if you're not gay or anything." Itachi smirked.

"I'm not gay! And shut up! If anything this slut is disgusting, now get out!"

He watched in annoyance as Itachi and the girl walked out of his room, the girl whispering, "I think he is gay.." While shooting him a dirty look, before they were fully out of hearing, and seeing range.

Sasuke growled sadly as he looked at his now poisoned bed sheets. Looks like he wasn't sleeping there tonight.

"Kill me now..." He muttered before taking a 'comfy' place on his bedroom floor. Catching his older brother at second base with a tramp was truly, and utterly...scaring.

Two blocks over and a few streets down, a certain pink haired girl was painting her nails and talking animatedly through the phone.

"Did you see that Hyuga girl with my Sasuke-kun? Who does she think she is! She's a nobody! A nobody! Why would Sasuke-kun even want to sit next to that baggy clothed wench?"

She paused, you could hear mumbles and static coming out of the cordless phone she was pinning between her neck and shoulder. Sakura gasped at something the other voice on the line said.

"She is so totally not pretty! How dare you say that! The only thing she's good for is Halloween when you wanna scare little kids with her freaky eyes!"

More mumbles erupted from the phone until Sakura growled harshly, threw the phone at the wall, and pouted sadly, looking at her reflection in her shiny nail-polished toes. Why does everyone like her? Just this morning she was a nobody...like she should be. Everyone loves me. And just because Sasuke-kun is playing hard to get, doesn't mean I'll back down anytime soon! Hinata Hyuga! You have made it onto my list! ...And that's never good unless you like to be publicly humiliated..!

With a huff, Sakura plopped into her pink centered bed and decided to call another 'friend' to rant to.

Hinata was curled up in her bed, the events from just mere hours ago still flashing in her mind. It was scaring her...really badly. Just then a light knock came from her door.

"Hinata nee-chan?" A small voice asked.

"U-Um who is it?" There was really only one person it could be, but Hinata just wanted to make sure. No one else called her, 'Hinata nee-chan' except...

"Hanabi..." She paused. "May I come in?"


As her bedroom door slowly creaked open, Hinata simultaneously sat up, hugging a pillow to her chest.

"What is it, Hanabi-chan?"

The usually bold girl blushed, and turned her head down, making her dark locks fall more into her face. "Um...I need uh...advice..."

"Advice..?" Hinata repeated.

"Y-Yeah...with...boys...I would ask Neji but he'll probably just kill the boy I like." Hanabi finished her sentence with a 'seriously, Neji?' look on her face. Hinata giggled...as she remember when Neji firsxt found out she liked Naruto...The poor blond didn't even see it coming...

"Y-You like a boy?" Hanabi nodded in response.

"Y-You should know h-how to get a boy m-more than I-I do...I still haven't gotten my first c-crush to notice me and it's been l-like...seven years? I'm probably not the g-girl you want to be a-asking.." Hinata trailed off, a depressed look now on her face. Would he ever see she liked him?

Hanabi walked further into her room and came to sit on Hinata's bed with her."You mean that Naruto kid? He isn't even that cute! I heard a Uchiha—an actual Uchiha—is actually going to your school! You should aim for him!"

Hinata blushed, stuffing her face in her pillow. Don't remind me...She peeked one lavender colored eye out only to see her younger by five years sister staring at her cluelessly. What was up with her?

"D-Don't say that n-name in this h-house..." Hinata was blushing darker.

"Why?" Hanabi smirked. "You like him already? I heard Uchiha's are suppose to be really talented and sexy."

"H-Hanabi!" Hinata gasped. "You shouldn't b-be saying words like t-that at eleven!"

"What?" Hanabi looked clueless again. "You mean sexy? I can say much worse than that. Unlike you, I'm not an innocent un-corrupted little girl." She stated matter of factly.

"W-Well then I don't t-think you m-mind getting a-advice f-from Neji nii-san."

Hanabib's eyes widened a little, anything but going to that block of seriousness! Last time she asked him for advice, all he did was ask where 'he' lived, and the next day? 'He' didn't come to school!

"H-Hinata nee-chan!" Hanabi whined.

"J-Just k-kidding.." Hinata giggled. "W-What's his n-name?"


"And what do you n-need advice on?"

Hinata watched in silence as Hanabi's gaze dropped to the floor. "Well...My bestfriend, Moegi? She likes him too...and she liked him first...But I can tell he likes me, not her! So...What do I do?"

Moegi...Moegi...Hinata remembered that name well. She was Hanabi's first friend...She made the girl less serious and dark...because of that, the orange haired girl always had a special place in her heart.

"Drop the crush." Hinata stated.


"Drop the crush." She repeated. "Loosing a bestfriend over a guy who probably wont even last is the stupidest thing you can do, Hanabi-chan. Make a deal with Moegi and tell her that you don't want to loose her over a guy. I know someone who's made that mistake before...they didn't turn out so good." (A/N: Know who it is? :D)

Hanabi just stared at her sadly. Give him up? Was it really going to be worth it? Hanabi focused on her older sister's face expression...sad mixed in with regret...She should trust her? ...She should trust her.

"O...Okay..." Hanabi sighed. "Arigatou, Hinata nee-chan."

"You're welcome." Hinata smiled, she was glad she could help her little sister.

"I have to go, I have to meet Moegi at Ichiraku and tell her I'm sorry..."

Hinata watched as Hanabi took out her mobile phone, and started to mumbled apologetically into it. I'm proud to have you as my little sister...Hinata thought with a smile.

Back at Sasuke's, him and his family were just about ready to have dinner. Everyone was seated, as his mother, Mikoto, passed around the food. Sasuke knew the conversation for dinner, and decided to break their boring routine.

"I found someone." He murmured quietly.

All three pairs of eyes looked over at him in shock. Sasuke Uchiha...Their Sasuke Uchiha actually found someone. The three didn't know whether to be happy, or scared that the world would end.

"Really?" His Mother smiled brightly, "Who is she?"

"Hinata Hyuga." Sasuke said confidently.

"A Hyuga..? Nice choice." His father piped in.

Sasuke smirked at the approving gazes he was receiving, even Itachi was looking happily at him.

"I knew someone who shared my blood couldn't be gay...not that there's anything wrong if you were gay...eheh." Itachi trailed off sheepishly.

"So, when do we get to meet her?" Sasuke's mouth twitched momentarily...meet her? What were they talking about?

"...Next week." He blurted out.

"Alright, we'll be waiting. Invite her over for dinner, if you will, Sasuke." His father glanced at him.


Next week? NEXT WEEK? He completely just cut down his four week plan in QUARTERS! I just put myself in some deep shit...Sasuke was itching to sigh and bang his head against something. How could he be so stupid? But then, his egomaniac personality kicked into overdrive. Tch, a week? That's more than enough time to get Hinata to play as my fake girlfriend. I'm Sasuke. I can do anything and every girl loves me. But somehow, that was easier said, then done. He knew he needed to speed things up, and as he shoved his dinner into his mouth and walked up to his room, Sasuke suddenly got a...interesting, idea.

She liked the blond idiot, right? Hah. This was going to be too easy...Tomorrow, he would get what he wanted. Sasuke Uchiha always got what he wanted. And Hinata Hyuga is what he deemed interesting at the moment. He had just the plan to get her to play right into his hands.

And he would certainly not fail.

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