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"Goukakyuu no Jutsu" – jutsus being announced

"Brat" – demon speech

'What an idiot' – thoughts

"Dobe" – speech

"Son of a -" back-round voice

The Return

Naruto stared at the window in pure boredom from the inside of the academy room as it was pouring rain. It has been raining for the pass week and a half straight for a reason that seemed to escape the people of Konoha. Sitting in the back of the classroom next to the window, he looked at his refection in the window he had spiky hair that went a little bit pass his shoulders heading to the middle of his back. The color was white with a few sections of stranded hair being blonde and a lot red. He had tan skin with blue pure eyes. He wore a blue shirt with a white/gray jacket (with a hood) over it, black pants, and black sandals.

Looking closely at the window at his eyes he focused charka into them making rings appear in his blue pupil. He had the legendary Rinnegan but it seemed to have evolve to what legends said it would look like. According to the legends it was suppose to appear once in every 15 generations and even than it would have a 1 in a thousand chance of appearing. In translation it was impossible to get the Rinnegan but he did. 'Oh lucky me'.

Looking to his right now, he looked and scolded at who was near him. It was his siblings sitting next to him. Why did they sit next to him escapes him for the most part as he doesn't care about their reason. It's just the fact that they are there. Sitting next to him was Natsuhi having long blonde hair, blue eyes, and wearing a blue shirt and some blue pants and sandals. She was the calm one who uses her brain a lot as she is the smart one. Next to her sat his other two sisters Kari and Ashi. Kari had short red hair while Ashi had long red hair. Kari was the slightly perverted and sadistic which she picked up from a certain someone while Ashi was what you would call the evil in her own special way one. Kari wore a dark red shirt that stopped at her stomach, a dark red skirt, with fish netting under all of it, and red short heals. Ashi wore a simple one piece black battle dress with black tight shorts underneath, and black sandals. And finally at the end was no other than Arashi the Jinchuuriki for the Kyuubi no Kitsune. He had blonde spiky hair, blue eyes, tan skin, with whisker marks on his cheeks. He wore and orange and blue jumpsuit. He was the idiotic, hyper active, surprising knucklehead of the siblings.

Now while the Kyuubi was kept a secret to the younger generation the siblings knew about it. Naruto would have his evil moments to him and would bashed him over the head if he ever though he was doing it to him because he had the Kyuubi in him. It's because he was the elder brother and that's his job along with he's a complete and utter moron and practically asks for it. As the Kyuubi was kept a secret his Rinnegan was not as he activated it when he and his siblings were being attacked by the villagers sending out a invisible force that shattered most of their bones to his extreme joy. It's too bad that now that everyone knows about it they don't want to try and attack him again. He needed practice after all on moving people besides his brother.

Looking back at the front to Iruka-sensei as he started the lesson he could only groan in misery at his long lectures.

"Ok class today we are going to go outside for the rest of the day. We can use the weather for training" he said before everyone slowly walked outside to the balcony.

Outside Konoha Walls

A large group of nins were standing behind a figure who was wearing a cloak facing the wall. All the nins had in common was a red vest with the plates in the vest blue along with a metal headband on different areas of their body having a swirl engraved in it. The figure formed a ram seal making her hands glow blue before in mid air she drew seals. Once finished they glowed a bit before disappearing.

"The barrier is gone temporary. You know the mission so let's go" said the figure in the white cloak as they all nodded and leapt into the village.

Back to the Academy

Naruto along with the rest of the students in the class were looking at the rainy field before Iruka sensei and a female having long gray hair along with a descent shape body walked up. Her name is Mizuki (oh yeah I made him a female so the fuck what). They were standing in front of the class as they looked at the two confused.

"Class. Originally we were going to do are taijutsu class when it stopped raining but we pushed this class behind far enough. It would also make good practice to train in different conditions. So let's get to it" spoke Iruka walking out into the rain as everyone slowly followed him outside.

"Oh man this rain is ruining my hair" moaned most of the females as the other signed. Looking around Naruto watched Inuzuka Kiba play with his dog Akamaru and his cousin Kaori who looked similar to him but with long hair. Haruno Sakura a girl with long pink hair and Yamanaka Ino a girl with long pale blond hair were talking to a few other females including others from each other clans. Akimichi Chouji and Nara Shikamaru were looking at the rain with frowns. One his chips will get soggy and the other can't sleep in the rain.

Not too far from them was Hyuuga Hinata who kept to herself for most of the time. It wasn't that she was shy or something of the sort. She was just more of a loner. Looking at the water with a worried glance was Aburame Shino and Shina who was his cousin. Because of their bug colonies in their body being in the rain irritated them.

The final group were a group of Uchiha's. A few years back a teenager by the Uchiha Itachi had massacred most the clan leaving a few alive. He left his younger brother Sasuke alive who is now the only loyal male Uchiha alive. Along with him being alive was his mother Mikoto, and currently in his group a total of four cousins and 2 sisters. Why he left them alive Sasuke would never know until he has his hands around Itachi's bloody neck squeezing the information out of him.

"Well Naruto would you like to fight first" spoke Mizuki leaning down over his shoulder as he glanced at her. For as far as he could remember having her as a sensei, she had always flirted with him trying to get alone time with him. When he really thought about it, it was around the time of his activation of his Rinnegan. But then again who didn't have their own motives. It was perfectly normal for people to have motives but it just matter to what sort of damage it would cause. Placing a hand on his shoulder she lead him to the opening only to see a figure waiting for them.

Getting a bit closer they saw the figure wearing robes similar to the Hokage with the hat and all but with red and blue swirls instead.

"Who are you?" spoke Mizuki now stepping in front of Naruto in a defensive stance making him raise a eye brow. 'I guess her devotio-wait her love...admiration...obsession...well something of the sort is a lot for me' he thought as the rest of the class with Iruka-sensei joined them.

"I won't ask again. This is restricted grounds for Konoha Shinobi only" she glared taking out a kunai from her pouch. As the figure spoke in a soft, calm, and feminine voice.

"I have come for the Uzumaki's" only for everyone to look at her very confused. "Yeah, I'm expected to hand over five of my students to you just like that? Not going to happen" spoke Iruka as the figure released a sign and snapped her fingers making ten nins appear behind her.

"I beg to different, and they are elite jounin equal to or greater than your elite jounin" she spoke as Mizuki and Iruka looked at them in shock. Thinking as quickly as she can Mizuki analyze the situation.

'From what I can sense according to their charka levels she is correct about them and her charka is amazingly large. At least Kage level. There is no way we can fight them off and protect the students. Even if we didn't had to protect them we can't win' she thought

In Hokage Tower

The Hokage was gaining enough nins before he charged into battle. He noticed the white cloth figure in the clearing at the training grounds as soon as he went to check on the Uzumaki's in the academy with his globe. In front of him were his elite ninja including legends and clan heads. Clearing his throat he quickly gain everyone's attention.

"We have a code red at the academy. We have to move now!" shouted the Sandaime Shunshin off with amazing speed as a lot others followed his speed. After all their kids were there. Code Red meant prepare for a full out war and that's no place to have one near or at the academy.


"I'll will now ask you again this time. Hand over the Uzumaki's now and no harm will happen to any of you" she said before in a Shunshin the Hokage appeared facing the unknown nins with his ninja appearing all around them. The clan heads were now in front of their clan members protecting them.

"So it is true" spoke the Sandaime gaining everyone's attention. "Uzu no Kuni has been rebuilt and by looking at your uniform you also rebuilt your ninja village Uzushiogakure no sato" he finished as everyone looked at the new group in a bit of shock

"Yes it was a uphill battle recovering and bringing it back together but over the years we managed and now we are stronger than ever before. We are only missing one piece now. One main important piece that makes our nation what it was before" she said looking at a few people in their direction which the Sandaime immediately notice. "The Uzumaki's" he answered

"You are very correct. You are as smart as they say. While we recover all the clans that belonged to Uzu it was the main clan, the Uzumaki Clan that couldn't be recovered. After all they are almost extinct. But we also know there are Uzumaki's here in Konoha and we have come to take them to their homeland" she finished

"I know our villages have been allies but I'm afraid I can't allow you to have them. They are very important to our village. I hope you respect our ties and leave them here"

"As you know of our connections then you tell me this. Why are they hated and treated like dirt. For the longest they were getting attacked until one of them awakened something that has the power to wipe out this whole village. The ties the Uzumaki Clan had were with the Senju Clan and they are all wiped out except for one who turned her back on them in their time of need.

I know why they are important to you. To and this village they are your weapons of war. One is the jinchurkin for the Kyuubi and now one has the legendary Rinnegan to which I can only guess that most of your council members plan to breed out. To have a clan of Rinnegan wielders leaving the boy as a baby maker. I can bet even some of the clans planning on breeding him into their clans" she stated as the group looked around in shock while the Uzu nins glared.

"That's not tru-" started the Sandaime before being interrupted. "I'm not done yet old man. While knowing that there is another reason as well. They are also the children of your Yondaime Hokage, Namikaze Minato and the royal princess of the Uzumaki Clan Uzumaki Kushina. Me!" she finished removing her veil covering her face to every there to their shock.

"You will return my kids or I'll murder each and every one of you!" she yelled