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After careful consideration I have decided to leave Naruto with a Harem, Torune to 2 girls or more if asked, and Arashi is…..ok I got nothing so tell me your ideas on his pairing. It can be single, mini-harem, or regular harem for him but no yaoi. As for my Oc Torune, it may seem like he is godly powerful but he is not. He has the potential to become such as all the siblings but he still lacks the experience and training. Zabuza can even defeat him (no offense to him). In case you forgotten Kushina can wipe the floor with him as well.

As for who the strongest sibling is I think it would be obvious or maybe not so much but its Naruto. He has the Rinnegan and his siblings are starting to distinct themselves into their own type of combat styles.

I may have focused on Mito, Kushina, and Torune a bit much (more so Kushina and Mito then Torune) is because their part in the storyline have to be explain just a little bit.

As for Kushina not telling her kids she was alive is because it would cause an incident if she does. Konoha will find out she is alive with Danzou having Root hunt her down and the kids were young. They would make irrational decisions just to get to her causing the relevance of Uzu ahead of time.

I may do a slight cross over with Final Fantasy 7 or Bleach just to full up Oc's for the village. No, they will not have their 'regular' powers from the anime but it would be modified to fit the Naruto anime.

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"Goukakyuu no Jutsu" – jutsus being announced

"Brat" – demon speech

'What an idiot' – thoughts

"Dobe" – speech

"Son of a -" back-round voice

Uzu's Dock

Kushina and Mito were standing in front of the Uzumaki's with the Guardian Core next to them as the ship was prepared to set sail for the main land. Along with them being there was a man to the side dressed in a red Kimono having black long hair, brown eye having an eye patch on the other, with a scars on his face having one over his exposed eye. Facing the group Kushina started to speak up.

"Now we will be gone for almost a week on this mission and I want no problems while we are gone. That man over there goes by the name Toushi and he will be in charge of the village until we return. Natsuhi and Shizuku will be in charge of the house hold until we return" she started

"What about our training and teams? I would like to get started on them already" spoke Naruto gaining nod from the siblings.

"No need to worry about that either. Toushi has already been informed on the teams. As Shizuku, Torune, Tayuya, and Karin are already on a team they will still be taking missions. Toushi will explain it all, so don't worry" smiled Kushina waving her hand. "Now I will see you all when I get back, so don't cause any problems" she finished as she hugged them each. Some regrettably unable to avoid it before Mito did the same then leaving for the boat.

"So what do we do now?" asked Naruto before a rough voice interrupted them and said "Train or missions. Pick a one, I care not of what you chose" spoke Toushi

"Mission it is. Later!" yelled Tayuya grabbing Torune in a headlock with one arm and with the other grabbed Shizuku moving along the path as Karin releasing a sign and followed after waving good bye.

"I want to train. I need to unlock more of my Rinnegan abilities and get stronger" spoke Naruto as his siblings nodded agreeing as well as Toushi smiled at them.

"Alright then. Since you are all in agreement with that I guess I can put you through a bit of hell. Heh, if you don't unlock a few of your talents and all of you aren't chuunin level by they get back would be surprising" he spoke before walking off beckoning them to follow with a wave of his hand.

A Few Days Later

A group of figures were seen walking up to the gates of the hidden leaf village Konoha. The gate guards noticing them walked up to them.

"Halt, state who you are and your reason for visiting Konoha" stated the guard as he toke in their appearance. 7 guards had old style armor placed upon the curtain style of clothing on. 5 of the color armors were red while the last were black; each armored man was armed with a wicked boa with a dangerous blade on the top. The last two people they toke in appearance wise were two females having red hair and wearing a Kage like robe. He watched the one wearing a robe step forward to speak.

"I am Uzumaki Mito the Shodai of Uzu and this is Uzumaki Kushina the Nidaime of Uzu along with our guards the Uzumaki Guardian Core. We are here for the meeting with your Hokage" she spoke to which a group of Anbu landed down around them when she finished.

"We shall escort you to the Hokage Office" spoke Tori (Anbu) as Mito nodded and had him lead the way. Walking along the road she noticed many things had changed while she was gone and they gained the attention of everyone while walking.

Hokage Office

Entering the office she saw the Sandaime sitting down by himself confusing them but they also sensed Anbu all around at the same time. Sitting down in front of him they gave him a soft smile before Kushina spoke up.

"Glad to see you still kicking old man but where are the rest of the fossils" she smirked while Mito released a soft sign. "It's good to see you again Hiru-chan" she smiled as the Sandaime released a soft groan at the nicknames.

"It's good to see you again Kushina-chan, Mito-sama. We will join the others later when we meet in the council chambers and have our council meeting but I was hoping we can solve some things while it's just us. I'm not looking forward to this headache" he spoke as the two agreed not looking forward to it as well.

"Well we can do that but there are certain things that your whole council need to understand. I'll let you start" spoke Mito as the Sandaime released a sign.

"I want the Uzumaki's back" he started

"No" they both replied making him narrow his eyes at the two.

"We need them back in order to maintain the balance the peace between the nations. Once they seen that we lost the Kyuubi jinchurkin along with the Uzumaki's they will take advantage of it and attack us" he warned

"Then you should have thought of that when they were touring my kids" glared Kushina. "I'm not going to sacrifice my kids for this ungrateful village" she finished crossing her arms.

"The answer is no. I'm sure Konoha is a village strong enough to survive on its own. Plus you have allies. On a side note I don't think it would be for the good of your village to try and force a jinchurkin or more precise the Kyuubi jinchurkin and a Rinnegan user to live the rest of their lives in a place they consider hell" spoke out Mito

"You are correct there" admitted the Sandaime before trying a different approach. "What about us being allies like we were before. I'm sure we can both profit from an alliance like we had last time" he offered.

"You are correct in that sense. We can profit from such a thing but we will not being having an alliance with Konoha" finished Mito shocking Sandaime as he asked "Why is that?"

"You have tortured Uzumaki's, took us out of most of your history records, and practically abandon Uzu in our last war. Granted you couldn't reach Uzu in time but you put no effort in saving the scattered Uzumaki's. I had to find and save them. No in order for you to gain the alliance we had you are going to have to earn it. You can start off you are to remove all the Uzumaki swirls on everyone's uniform and in this village" she finished as he looked at her in shock. Rubbing his head in frustration he looked at the two to see that they were dead serious.

'It is their right to say if we can wear it or not. I can't deny them that' he thought before an Anbu shunshin into the office.

"The council has been assembled" he spoke in a knee as the Sandaime waved him off.

"Well let's be on our way. We can discuss your terms with the council" he spoke standing up and taking the lead out of the office with Kushina and Mito following him.

Council Room

The Sandaime, Mito, and Kushina had walked in to see the council has been assembled. One side had the civilians and the other side sat the ninja council including the three elders, clans, head medic, and the anbu commander. Once the three had sat down the Sandaime cleared his throat to gain everyone's attention.

"Now the leaders of the newly rebuilt Uzu have come here for peace talks. We already discussed some things that I have to announce to everyone here as well. I give the floor to Mito-sama to start off" started the Sandaime giving Mito the nod to begin. Shifting a bit to show a serious stance in her chair she began speaking.

"As you should know I am Uzumaki Mito the ex-wife of the late Shodai Hokage Senju Hashirama, but now current leader of Uzu the Shodai Uzukage. I have sent the Nidaime Uzukage Uzumaki Kushina to Konoha in order to retrieve her kids from this hell-hold to bring them to Uzu, their rightful home" she stated as civilian council member slammed his fist on the table.

"Those kids rightful home is in Konoha! You will return them" he roared as some mumbled in agreements but everyone went silent as Mito and Kushina released their killing intent out. Releasing it once they had everyone's attention Mito glared at the member.

"It would do you well to hold your tongue council member before you lose it. Everyone who is a ninja at least should know that the Uzumaki's true home is Uzushiogakure. You stating it is this place is an insult to us" she glared

"You civilians only want to bring them back so you can have someone to hate and torture which is something I will never allow again. The ninja council wants the Uzumaki's back for their power. You all make me sick to my stomach. For now and forever more I will now forbid an Uzumaki to come to this place unless under massive protection. I don't trust you as far as a civilian girl could throw you" she stated as a lot thought 'Because you can throw them half way across the world'.

"We need them back here in order to maintain peace through the nations" started Homaru. "If another nation learns we lost the Kyuubi they would declare war on us and wipe us out" he warned

"Well tough luck. You should have thought of that before attacking them. In my opinion I hope they do attack you and wipe you all from the face of this planet" she responded as some yelled some protest at her before the Sandaime slammed his fist shutting everyone up.

"She is the current Uzumaki clan head and the leader of her village. It is within her right to decide what to do with the Uzumaki's. Along with that it is within her right to order the removal of all our swirls on our uniform and village, which it is what she wants" he stated as many went into an uproar before Kushina had enough and slammed her fist on the table.

"ENOUGH! You brought this upon yourself and you will face the consequences. You should know by your spy Jiraiya-baka you have no chance of opposing us anyway. You will remove the spirals, you won't bother us never again but the Uzumaki's or Kyuubi as they will now belong in Uzu, and our alliance between us is over. And I would love to see you try and oppose us. Start a war with us and Iwa and Kumo will rained down upon you in order to rid a common threat. You have no Yondaime to save you now" she warned

"What happened to you Kushina? You use to love this village" asked Tsume

"My love was destroyed the day you all turn your back on my children and torture them" she answered as most of the members looked away from her glare.

"It will be done" answered the Sandaime not caring if most disagree while Danzou frown at the situation. Even if he didn't like the way things went he knew better than to oppose Mito. She was smarter and more vicious than him when the time asks for it.

"And what about Torune?" asked Mikoto gaining everyone's attention. "He is an Uchiha and part Senju. He belongs here with his clan just like how you state Uzumaki's belong in Uzu" she spoke as Mito smirked

"He is Uzumaki as well and since there is now Senju representative besides myself who married one I have 2/3 of the control of him more than your third. So overall I chose for him until he reaches age and I say he stays in Uzu. Besides why would he want to leave the village he loved and help create to a village who shun his own family? So don't ask about him again" she spoke before standing up with Kushina

"That concludes this meeting. Your daimyo have been made aware of everything and you will do as I ask within the next week. We shall take our leave now" she finished as she walked out with Kushina.

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