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Life bustled past me as i stared up at the building. The NCIS headquarters, Navy Yard, Washington DC. My first job... I swallowed slowly, terrified at the prospect of the long day ahead meeting new people, being the object of their attention. Yes, it wasn't the job that freaked me out. I have always been a very shy, quiet person. The only time i was ever comfortable was when i was with... "No Bella, forget them now. They have forgotten you years ago." So had I, to an extent. I don't think i could ever forget them completely... They will always be a part of me. Maybe not as important as earlier. But Edward will always be a part of me.

I took a deep breath and entered the building. After going through the necessary security check, I took the elevator and went for my briefing with Director Vance. He looked pretty stern, but I've heard rumors that he never smiles. So I'll try to not take it personally.

"Agent Isabella Swan"

"Just Bella, please"

"Very well then, Agent Bella Swan. You have worked for two years with the Forks Police Department. Your father was the sheriff there, am I right?"

I looked up at him. "Yes, sir"

"No wonder you come highly recommended"

My cheeks flushed in anger. "I was very good at my job Sir. My recommendation has nothing to do with the fact that I am the Chief of Police's daughter."

He looked at me and twitched his lips. Maybe trying for a smile. "Very well then. I will place you with one of our toughest agents present. You manage to gain his respect, you will gain mine"

"Yes sir. I'm looking forward to it"

"Please wait outside then."

I nodded my head at him, then went to the waiting room and sat there. My eyes breathing fire. How dare he... How could he even think that the only reason Charlie recommended me was coz I was his daughter. He didn't even want me to take up this job. He thought it was too dangerous. Though, in all fairness... How could I expect Director Vance to not doubt me... It was his job, and I WAS recommended by my father. I sighed; all the fight left my body. I sat up straight in the chair.

I will just have to prove myself. And I will.

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