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Wizard of Odd Part 2: Getting our Wishes Granted

Perry's POV

Once Doofenshmirtz the Wicked Witch/Warlock made that threat to Candace and me back in Patchkin Land, I made a promise to myself to keep Candace out of danger. As soon as Candace asked Baljeet the Nerdcrow to join us on our journey to Summer Fun City, I headed on my way to the villain's castle. I had to keep Doof from causing trouble. At least Candace was now travelling with a character I could trust.

It wasn't hard to find the castle. Linda has read the book to a young and curious Perry the Platypup years ago. Heading west with my fedora on, I reached my destination. A chorus sang, "Doofenwitch Wicked Witch Castle!" I heard Doof shout out, "It's not Witch! It's Warlock! Argh!" I climbed up the side of the tower and jumped inside right onto Doof's face just as he was checking his crystal ball.

Next thing I knew, I was stuck on a spider web. Doof approached me. "I know you! You're with that little boot thief, right?" Doof turned toward the window. "Well, I'm sending my flying squirrels after her!" Outside the window flew a squadron of pilot-outfit-wearing squirrels in war planes slowly flying towards the Yellow Sidewalk. Squirrels? Candace's involuntary fear? She's going to need a lot of comfort after this!

Soon, the squirrels came back with Candace. She was placed next to me by a spider monkey (or monkey spider, I don't know which). "Okay," Candace analyzed the situation. "Kidnapped by flying squirrels and get stuck in a web that came out of a monkey's butt. Well, I guess I've had weirder days."

Even without P.A.T., I chattered, Candace, they didn't hurt you, did they?

"There you are, Perry," she said.

Doof stepped up. "I've got you now, my pretty. You might as well hand over those boots!" He threatened.

"I would, but they've kinda grown on me!"

"I know, they're nice," Doof complimented. "The color really sets off your eyes!"

Candace was serious, saying that the boots have literally grown on her. She couldn't take them off!

Doof then reasoned that if he couldn't get the boots off of her, he'll get her out of the boots. And by that, he meant disintegrate her entirely!

Candace and I were in trouble. I proceeded to saw myself out of the web with my fedora's built-in saw. Doof called out his guards, leaving me outnumbered. I escaped the castle with Candace shouting, "Run, Perry, run!"

Outside, I lowered my fedora with a glare and ran back down the Yellow Sidewalk toward the bog. Hang in there, Candace! I'll be right back!

I quickly found Candace's companions and tried to tell them, Come on, guys! Candace is in trouble! When they couldn't understand me, I pulled out my P.D.A. Monogram appeared on screen. "Gentlemen, we're out to stop Doofenwitch. You want to rescue the girl. I see an opportunity for some inter-agency cooperation. Now, here's the plan. Wait, why am I a fairy?"

To fit with the theme, obviously.

Soon back at the castle, we put our plan into action. Disguised as witches, my companions distracted Doof with a free haunted castle makeover while I went to Candace's rescue. I vacuum her out of the web before Doof's Inator could strike her, and we dashed to our freedom.

Unfortunately, Doof realized he's being tricked and summoned his guards again. Candace, I, and our friends were surrounded, as Doof approached us. "How convenient! Everyone's all together."

Jeremy responded, "Yeah, we're kind of expected in Summer Fun City. You know; the Wizard, great and powerful."

"Shut up! You're a tree!"

Candace stepped forward. "Wait a minute! You can't talk to my friend like that!" She grabbed a bucket of water and threw it over the villain.

Instead of melting like in the book though, his 100% cotton outfit started shrinking tightly on him. Doof briefly left to change clothes, ordering his guards to dispose of us.

Candace, with slight fear, asked the guards, "You don't really want to do that, do you?"

One of the guards shook his head, "Well, no. No one ever asks us what we want to do."

Almost immediately, the guards sang about how they haven't had a chance to do what they wished for since they were on Broadway! We took advantage of this musical number to run for the drawbridge. Doof, now in a pink jogging suit, had the monkey spider close the drawbridge.

There was now a lava-filled moat with a lava gator between us and freedom. I looked up into the sky to see a blimp piloted by our "Phineas and Ferb" guides. I used my grappling gun to hook onto the airborne vehicle. With my other arm, I held onto Candace, who held onto Jeremy, who held onto Buford, who held onto Baljeet. The blimp pulled us all into the sky and out of Doof's reach!

"Hey, Candace," Phineas called. "Having fun?"

"Fun?" Candace responded. "Not when you're being chased by… huh? Squirrel! Squirrel!"

Out of nowhere, a squirrel in a war plane flew by and cut the grappling rope. We fell down to what was known as the Sea of Razor Sharp Rock Spires! Luckily, it was so inappropriately named as it was really a meadow of giant pillows that broke our fall. Near the pillows was our final destination: Summer Fun City!

Summer Fun City lived up to its name! It was full of stuff like the boys back home build to make every day of summer the Best Day Ever! Of course, we were here to meet the Wizard of Odd. Phineas and Ferb appeared to offer a fun travel tube trip to the Wizard.

However, Candace noticed the alternative Yellow Stairs to the Wizard and thought of a challenge: she takes the stairs; our companions and I take the tube; we race to see who gets there first! We agreed and Ferb pulled out the starting flag. The flag was waved and the race was on!

Though the tube would have taken less time and effort for an average person than the stairs, Candace was no average person. She ran up over 7,500 steps to reach the top moments before my team arrived. She was short of breath, but still active enough to stand. Candace did a little victory dance before approaching a cell phone in front of a large video screen.

Candace answered the ringing cell phone. "Hello? I'd like to speak with the Wizard, please."

On the video screen appeared one last familiar face: Linda's! "Hello, Candace."

"Mom, you're the Wizard?"

Well, why not? After all, Candace, you DO hold your mother in high regard.

Linda the Wizard went to check on the casserole she was cooking while Phineas and Ferb passed out the gifts from their gift bag.

Baljeet the Nerdcrow wanted to be cool. Phineas explained that "coolness is such a rare and indefinable quality that few people really have it." He handed Baljeet a pair of shades. "Most people wear a pair of these and fake it." It was good enough for him!

Jeremy didn't want to be a tree anymore, just as Candace thought! Phineas revealed that he's been completely delusional! He's been a real boy all along and was just wearing a tree costume. Buford noticed the zipper in the back and got it for him. Jeremy was happily left in his underwear (Knowing Candace, she got a little joy out of that).

Buford said he wanted nothing. Phineas tested him, saying most people would say they want nothing when there IS something they would want. Eventually, Buford gave in, reached into the bag, and pulled out a ham sandwich. He DID want that, as he happily gobbled it down!

"There's one more person with a wish," Phineas said. Candace was in thought while the boys were handing out the gifts to her new friends.

She spoke as if she was having second thoughts, "Uh, actually Phineas, I…" But she was interrupted by the appearance of Doofenwarlock.

"Here he is," Phineas said.

"I want those red rubber boots!" Doof demanded.

"Sure. Candace won't mind. Right, Candace?"

"Well, yeah," she answered. "But, they won't come off."

Ferb pulled out a red rubber shoehorn.

Of course, it takes a red rubber shoehorn to get out of tight, red rubber foot wear.

The boots were removed from Candace and given to Doof. He started dancing with joy until the farmhouse of a young girl and her dog fell on him!

By this point, Linda the Wizard returned. "Now, what were you saying, Candace?"

Candace explained that while the boys were giving her friends their gifts, she came to a realization. She doesn't need to be like her brothers, being creatively able to defy the laws of physics to make fun, being able to build stuff in a day that would take other people years to build! She had her own skills. On her journey, each one of her new friends brought out her skills. Baljeet brought out her focus that helped them cross a chasm; Jeremy helped her improve her athletic skills with the roller-skating lessons; Buford brought out her competitive side that motivates her to do better while they were on the bouncy sidewalk. She even pointed out how she'd stood up for her friends back at the castle against Doof. Finally, she pointed out she'd just used two of her greatest skills: speed and endurance; those qualities are what got her to beat us to the Wizard in our Stairs vs. Tube race!

"So instead of being like my brothers," Candace requested. "I wished for being able to go home, Perry too!"

"Oh, that's easy," Linda said. "All you have to do is wake up."

"Wake up? I don't…" She stopped and looked at me. "Wait, Perry, we've been…?"

Sure enough, everything around Candace and me disappeared, as we both shut our eyes.

When we opened our eyes, we were back in Candace's room on her bed.

Candace looked at me. "Perry, did you…?"

"Also had a dream where we were in a far-away land and everyone we knew back home was there? Yes, yes I did!"

"Perry," she said, tapping P.A.T. in her ear. "I can understand you again! What happened?"

I explained to her that when the boys and their friends were washing the house, they actually spun it around and used a giant hose to get the job done. Candace passed out onto the floor from the spinning, while I held onto the bed posts.

After the spinning stopped, I managed to get the unconscious teenager onto the bed and decided to take a nap near her. I knew from the get-go that we were dreaming, but I couldn't tell her with a non-functioning translator and little to no paper.

"Thanks, Perry," responded a glad Candace.

Soon, the boys, their friends, and even Jeremy appeared outside Candace's window in a giant, self-balancing unicycle that could take anyone anywhere the fun way. Candace and I joined them, but this time, Candace had something to say to the boys.

"Phineas, Ferb, just know if you ever need an extra hand, I'm here for you!"

That was the start of Candace becoming more and more involved in the boys' activities for summer fun. While she'd keep failing to show Linda their talents and inventions, Candace kept the usual results that my secret was safe and she was having summer fun as good outcomes nevertheless.

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