That's all the ninety-ninth Hakoniwa Student President felt that time.

That's all she felt over the years.

The pain of being alone every day, the pain of being treated as a monster as a child, the pain of a life that doesn't serve anything.

That was until fourteen years ago, after a fellow toddler said the following.

"I'm sure you were born to make the people around you happy!"

But here she was now, the great Medaka Kurokami down on her knees in the town's cemetery, at the tomb of her love Zenkichi, with her hands clasped together and eyes shut tight in prayer.

"Ugh…this..this isn't going well…looks…looks like I'm going to have to break my promise and go off first..." Zenkichi coughed up blood as he fell to his knees. "Dammit…" he coughed again. "That Ant Queen did a number on me… Am I... going to turn into... a Chimera Ant too?"

"Are you retarded Hitoyoshi?" The voice of the negative demon Kumagawa filled his mind. "The Queen is dead, we finished off most of those ants, surely something this shitty wouldn't happen." Zenkichi smirks, "We? Don't fuck with me Kumagawa, you're the one who died in battle first!" Zenkichi coughed again as he sat against a pathway wall breathing heavily. "We both know you did everything you could… to help… thanks anyway." His vision started to fade out as a tear ran down his cheek as visions of his precious people flashed before him. The faces of friends…loved ones…everyone who believed in him faded out. Zenkichi chuckled weakly. "I'm sorry… Medaka… but I will be able to keep that promise…" He smiled as he closed his eyes.

Kouki Akune dashed throughout the Chimera Ant Hive (formerly the Hakoniwa Academy building) desperately looking for his blonde friend. He noticed a silver reflection in the distance and ran over there to investigate on what he saw. What he saw shocked more. There leaning against the wall was Zenkichi Hitoyoshi bleeding heavily and no signs of movement. "DOCTOR HITOYOSHI! YOUR SON NEEDS YOUR MEDICAL SKILLS!" Screamed Akune as he bent down to Zenkichi. "Hitoyoshi-san! Come on! Wake up! This is very bad!" Akune kept shouting as he shook Zenkichi fiercely...

Medaka made a mad dash for the medical tent as she heard Zenkichi's name. "…he has a faint heart beat…" Hitomi Hitoyoshi said as she scanned his body. "ZENKICHI!" Medaka rushed inside, but was held back by Maguro and Kujira, so that Hitomi can work in peace.

Knowing Medaka, she pushed her siblings aside and managed to rush in to see him for one last time.

Coughing hard, Zenkichi looked up as he groans in pain. "H-hey there Medaka… hey mom..." Zenkichi coughed blood out from his mouth. Both Hitomi and Medaka were crying at the bloodied form of their son and comrade respectively. "Zenkichi... It's okay, don't talk, mommy's going to fix you up… just don't talk, save your strength!" sobbed Hitomi. Zenkichi could only force a laugh and smile weakly, "Don't t-try mom… I'm dying… Ku… Kumagawa's All Fiction could heal me… but I wasted it to finish off the Queen, and now that Kumagawa is dead... it's useless..." Zenkichi lurched forward with all his strength. Wiping his lip slowly, Zenkichi reached under his shirt to pull out a velvet box, "Medaka… Do me one more favor…and put this on… it's your... wedding ring... sor-" He never got to finish his sentence as his heart finally gave out. Medaka could only cry harder as she watched Zenkichi's hand fall limp, with the box falling out his hand.

Hakoniwa Academy's 100th Dean, Medaka Kurokami stood up at the very first chime of the clock tower, with her ring glimmering with the morning sunlight, she went to school as usual.