Alrighty this is my first So Weird fic so bear with me, k. I am not going to tell you any of the pairings, but you'll figure them out for yourself in the first chapter. I'm not done with the story so I rated it PG just incase. Fi has been back for a while and Jack, Carey, Clu, and Annie are all starting at a new high school. Annie and Fi are sophomores and Jack, Clu and Carey are seniors. I explain why Carey is in the same grade as the other guys. I hope I don't offend any Annie-lovers, but I kinda make her a little bit of a ditz in it, it's not that bad I just want to warn you.

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Thinking about you lately

Chapter 1

New School

Fi and Annie walked down the halls of their new high school.

"Oh, I'm so glad we-re taking a year off from the tour," Fi sighed.

"Me too," Annie replied, "we will actually get to have a real high school experience." Fi smiled,

"Are we sure we want one? According to Clu they are and I quote 'a major bummer man.'" They both laughed. They both walked in silence for a while when out of the blue Annie asked,

"Hey Fi do you have a crush on any of the guys on the bus?" Fi eyes widened,

" Where did that come from?" Annie stuttered,

"Um, well, I dunno, I was just thinking about stuff and yea." Annie blushed and Fi knew that Annie actually was thinking about Jack. Annie stopped blushing and tugged on Fi's sleeve,

" Come on Fi, it doesn't have to be serious, but let's say that everyone else in the world is dead except for everyone on the bus who would you want to be with?" Fi gave no response, Annie began to guess,





"Jack?" Fi turned to her and said,

"Ew.. no he's my brother Annie, sick."

"What? You were giving me the silent treatment, I had to break you out of it some way." Fi laughed,

"And the best way you came up with was saying your 'boyfriend's' name?" Annie blushed beet red,

"Jack isn't my boyfriend!" Fi rolled her eyes,

"Could've fooled me." Annie slapped her gently on the arm. Fi suddenly stopped walking and looked at a sheet posted on one of the bulletin boards. Annie noticed that Fi stopped and walked back towards her,

"Fi, what is it? WOW! They're having people sign up for the spring play already! WOW! They're doing Rome and Juliet! I love that play! We should both try out, it would be so much fun!" Fi smiled still looking at the sign up sheet,

"I dunno we're sophomores and it's our first year here, the best I'll get is like Girl #3." Suddenly they heard a shriek of many girls and they saw a mob of girls forming near the entrance of the school. They heard bits and pieces of their conversations,

"He's so hot!"

"I wish one of them was my boyfriend."

"Will you go out with me!" And screaming muffled everything else. Fi was wondering if the Backstreet Boys or somebody was the people the girls were freaking out about. Annie grabbed Fi's arm,

"Come on Fi, I wanna se the hotties." Fi sighed,

"Annie, they're probably just brainless jocks who got a tan over the summer so they seem totally different." Fi made the way towards her locker and opened it while totally ignoring Annie's whining. She took out her silver pen and began to scribble on the inside of her locker (I know 'destroying' school's property, bad). Annie peeked over Fi's shoulder to see what she was writing. Fi smiled,

"Whada you think?" Fi showed Annie the beautiful heart she drew and her initials in it, a plus, and a blank space. Annie pointed to the blank spot,

"Fi you didn't finish is, there is an empty spot where you lover's name is supposed to go." Fi rolled her eyes,

"Annie if you haven't been paying attention I don't have a 'lover' as you so eloquently call the. It is my goal this year to get a boyfriend and also get at least a B in Spanish." They were distracted again by the screaming mob and the three hotties seemed to be running away two of them grabbed Annie and Fi's hands and drug them down the hallway. Fi and Annie got a good look at the 'hotties,'

"Clu? Carey? Jack? You're the hotties?" Clu who was dragging Fi down the hall,

"Yea Fi apparently we are." Fi saw that Jack had Annie's hand and Annie's face was twisted in pure bliss. Fi knew that they couldn't outrun them forever and she suddenly got an idea. She stopped and turned around and pointed in the other direction and shouted,

"Look Josh Hartnett and Ben Affleck are standing right over there!" Since the majority of the girls in the school were total airhead they actually believed her and began running in that direction. Fi now was dragging Clu and Carey by the hand and turned a corner and caught their breath. Carey still out of breath,

"Fi, you are a genius." Fi laughed,

"I know, you may now bow down and kiss my feet." They all laughed and looked around and Clu said,

"Hey where are Jack and Annie?" They all exchanged shocked looks and Carey said,

"You don't think they were intercepted and they are going to sacrifice Annie to their evil god." They got their answer when they heard Jack's voice,

"No," everyone looked at Jack and Annie, he was mad and she was pouting, "when Fi said that Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett were standing over there, Annie thought you were serious and ran of in that direction." Annie sighed,

"Hey it's not my fault, when I hear those two beautiful names my brain goes far away." Everyone laughed and it suddenly hit Fi that Carey was nineteen. She looked and him and said,

"Carey why are you here at high school, you're nineteen you already graduated, right." Carey got a nervous look on his face and Clu answered for him,

"Actually the parents just found out that Carey never graduated, cause he got expelled for cutting class." Everyone looked at Carey with shocked faces and Clu continued,

"My parents totally freaked when they found out." Fi gave a sarcastic pout,

"Aw, poor Carey." She patted him on the cheek. Everyone laughed and Carey smiled,

"Hey, but there is one advantage of going back to high school." Fi asked,

"What?" All the guys looked at her shocked and responded,

"High School girls, duh." Fi and Annie exchanged glanced and Annie said,

"They just were chased by a mob of high school girls and now they are talking about how much they want them." Fi nodded and she and Annie said at the same time,

"Boys, they never make sense."

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