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Thinking About You Lately

Chapter 13

About Time

Fi peeked around the curtain to see the people filing into the auditorium. She pulled back not wanting anyone to see her. It was opening night of "Romeo and Juliet," normally Fi would have terribly nervous, but after the week she had, acting on stage in front of a hundred people was nothing. Fi and Annie had a week long chocolate eating and sappy movie watching with Julie and she now was feeling much better about the whole Alex situation. Fi could tell that it still hurt her to think about, but she was past the worst of it. Fi heard the strumming of a guitar and she turned to see Carey strumming his guitar, she assumed it was the way he was handling his nervousness. She turned and looked further back wondering where the rest of their group was. Suddenly she saw Julie in a flowing royal blue dress quickly walk towards them.

"Hey guys," she said, "nervous yet." Fi noticed with a smile that the minute Julie spoke Carey's fingers faltered on the strings of the guitar. Julie simply shot him a smile as he gave an uncomfortable smile obviously terribly embarrassed. Fi shrugged,

"I thought I would be more nervous, but I've dealt with much more terrifying things than acting on stage. Although I'm a little scared that Mr. Harrison will kill me if I mess up and ruin 'his beautiful play.'" Julie laughed at Fi's impression of the drama teacher and Fi soon joined it. Carey had resumed playing the guitar and Fi recognized it was the tune to the song "Crazy," by K-Ci and Jo-Jo.

Fi and Julie continued talking for a few minutes. Clu ended showing up in the middle of their conversation and just gave a nod of recognition and leaned against the wall. Fi and Clu hadn't completely talked about 'the kiss' that had happened a week earlier. She could have said the reason why was because she was busy being a consoling friend to Julie, but it was actually because she had no idea what to say to him. She was scared to tell him that it was the most magical kiss she's ever had to that date and she knew it had nothing to do with the ghosts. She felt the sparks and the butterflies, but more so she felt the warmth and ease, it was comfortable, it felt right, it felt like they had kissed several times before when it actually was only their second to that date. It wasn't long until the stage manager told them to take their places.

"Oh I got to run and grab my hat and my lord," Julie bolted towards the dressing rooms. Fi was left with Carey, who was forced to put his guitar away, and Clu. The first scene was the fight scene and as the actual fighting started Fi noticed Julie, hat now on her head, quickly walk over to her beaming. "You will never guess what I found," Julie whispered.

"Your crown?" Fi whispered back. Julie felt the crown on her head and rolled her eyes,

"Well, yes, but I also found your brother with Annie in the prop closet." Julie didn't need to say anymore. Fi's jaw dropped,

"About time." Julie nodded,

"My sentiments exactly, Annie said the whole, 'this isn't what it looks like,' but then Jack jumped in and said, 'yes it is, Annie just agreed to be my girlfriend.' I congratulated and closed the door and left them to it although I did warn Annie that she was going to be needed soon." Fi grinned and Clu came over,

"What are you guys whispering about?" Carey came over as well apparently just as interested as his brother. Julie smiled,

"Let's just say I caught Jack and Annie in a closet and leave it at that." Carey grinned,

"About time." Then Carey and Julie walked towards the back of the wings. Clu still looked confused,

"About time what?" Fi shook her head. Oh Clu, he was sometimes so horribly dense.

"Clu, Jack, Annie, and a closet, figure it out." Clu furrowed his brow then his eyes brightened slightly as an expression of understanding came over his features,

"Ah…abo…ditto to what Carey said." The two then stood in an awkward silence as the scene shifted to a scene between Romeo and Benvolio. Fi knew that her scene with Annie and Julie was coming up next, but at that moment she felt the desire to finally talk to Clu about 'the kiss.'


"Fi." They both said at the same time. They laughed and suddenly all the apprehension Fi had about this conversation seemed to fade away, however, along with the apprehension all the things she wanted to say faded away to just one sentence. Apparently it seemed the same thing came over Clu as he gave her his lovable lopsided smile. However, at that one moment the scene ended and the stage manager was telling Fi to get to her place. She knew she had to go, but she couldn't leave Clu like this, when finally everything was so perfect. She stared into his eyes and he opened his mouth to speak, "Fi…" Fi cut him off,

"I feel the same way Clu." His smile grew and she smiled back. He started to lean towards her and Fi wanted nothing more than to kiss him right now. But she placed her hand over his mouth effectively stopping him. His eyes opened and they questioned her. She smiled in apology, "We'll have plenty of time for that later, but Juliet is going to be called soon." She removed her hand and he nodded. She turned to leave then felt a warmth against her cheek and then say Clu walk away with a smile. She blushed and touched her cheek. Julie and a beaming Annie soon joined her. Fi gave her a knowing smile causing the girl to blush.

The play continued on for a while and it was nearing the end of a brief intermission while they prepared the stage for the party scene, the scene where Carey had to kiss Fi, not once, but twice. He watched the stagehands work quickly as he ran his lines over and over in his head making sure he wasn't forgetting anything.

"Nervous?" He heard a beautiful voice he knew quite well say. He turned and saw Julie step up to stand next to him. She looked beautiful; royal blue was definitely her color. She smiled up at him, "you shouldn't be, you and Fi will do great." He nodded and noticed his brother and Fi sharing flirty eye glances and smiled at that, 'about time,' he said in his head. Julie turned her head to see where Carey was looking and smiled at the site of her two friends finally accepting how they felt about the other. "About time?" She asked. Carey nodded,

"Definitely about time. I've been waiting for that longer than Jack and Annie, even thought they were less obvious, it was inevitable."

"Fate," Julie sighed, "I guess he won't need me anymore to talk about his feelings for Fi." Carey looked at her shocked. Julie noticed his expression, "What? Why do you think we were so close and hung out so much? Did you think we were secret lovers or something?" Carey gave her and uncomfortable smile and Julie laughed, "Actually just the opposite. He talked with me about how he was developing non-platonic feeling for Fi and how it scared him and I talked to him about the guy I liked." Carey heart fell at that; at first he though he might have lost her to Clu, but if the way his brother was acting with Fi right now he knew Julie was never the one he had wanted. But now he found out that her heart already belonged to some other guy. "I never told Clu his name, a girl's entitled to have some secrets."

"So, tell me about him?" Carey had no idea why he asked her that, he definitely didn't want to hear her go on about how great this guy she like was, but he couldn't stop himself. Part of him wanted to know what kind of guy he lost her to. Julie smiled at the thought of her guy.

"Well, he's in our grade, but older than me. Very cute, tall, dirty blonde hair. He's sweet and funny, he always manages to make me smile and feel special. He also plays guitar in a band." Carey nodded,

"He sounds great." Julie smiled,

"Yeah, he is, but I don't think he thinks of me anymore than a friend, he could probably get any girl he wants, I mean why would he want me?" Carey gave her a small smile,

"Julie, I can't believe that this guy is a great as you say if he's stupid enough to let an amazing girl like you slip through his fingers." Carey turned to look at her and she looked at him with slight awe. He saw her open her mouth to say something but he stopped her, "Wait, before you say anything I just want to say something else before I lose my nerve. Julie I like you, I like you a lot, I think I have since the moment I met you. You're smart, you're funny, you're…beautiful. So basically what I'm trying to say is that that guy you like is really lucky to get a girl like you to like him, because I would give anything to be him." He was grateful that the lights dimmed at that moment to hide his blush. The stage manager came by and told him to get ready. He nodded and tried not to look at Julie, but couldn't help himself. She was smiling.

"Well Carey," she said, "since you confided in me with that I think it's only fair that I tell you my mystery guy's name." Carey looked away not really wanting to know. "His name is Carey," he slowly turned to meet her eyes as she continued, "his name is Carey Bell." Carey stared at her dumbfounded for a second as he tried to remember if there was another Carey Bell at their school, but then if finally hit him. Julie liked him! The girl of his dreams just told him that she liked him! However, he seemed to have lost the ability to speak. Julie just beamed at him, "Carey, I've liked you for a while. When I saw you on the first day of school playing your guitar I instantly was attracted to you, but never dreamed you would be interested in a girl like me. I assumed you were going to be the classic mysterious bad boy, I never dreamed that you would be so funny and sweet. So I like you Carey Bell, I like you a lot." Carey grinned and the stage manager was saying to get into his place. Carey quickly turned back to Julie,

"Okay, I know this is going to be kind of fast, but Julie will you be my girlfriend?" She gave him a stern look,

"No." Carey's heart fell again feeling he had ruined his chance with her. Her stern expression broke into a smile as she laughed, "Of course I will." The stage manager was whispering harshly to Carey that he had to go. Carey turned to enter he turned back and pressed his lips to Julie's in a quick kiss, just as Clu came over to stand by her. Carey paid Clu no heed and went on stage. Julie had a goofy smile on her face and Clu looked from Carey on stage to Julie,

"It was Carey." Julie nodded,

"I didn't tell you because I knew that you were never listen and all I would hear was 'ew.'" Clu laughed, he knew that she was probably right.

"Well, regardless of that, I approve." Julie raised an eyebrow at him,

"Well it's good that you approve of your brother dating one of your friends." Clu grinned,

"No, I meant I approve of you for my brother. You'll be good for him." Julie let out a little laugh,

"Well then I approve too, you're good for Fi." Clu met her eyes and smiled before they both turned to watch the scene on stage.

Fi and Carey were in the beginning of their first love scene and Carey had just said the line where he kisses her. They performed the kiss without hesitation; his thoughts were filled with Julie, Fi assumed. She had seen their little kiss and was happy for them. Carey would be good for Julie; she knew that this time Julie made the right choice in a guy. The two continued to spout Shakespeare effortlessly and it came time for their second kiss and Fi shut her eyes and did what Carey had suggested when they first practiced their kiss. However this time she didn't imagine a shadowy figure, she pictured and actual person. The guy she had been constantly thinking about lately. There were no more questions or uncertainties. It was the man of her dreams. It was Clu.


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