A/N: First THG story here, ever! It's been literally years since I last wrote fanfiction... well here we go!

This story is a complete OC story, about the Capitol's newest big big big idea to make a semi-live documentary about the tributes of the 61st Annual Hunger Games.


District Documentary

Prologue: Every End Has A Start

The rumour had been going around quietly weeks before they arrived. All anyone could talk about was the Capitol film makers. Would they select the lucky few randomly, or from ability? Did it affect their chances of being reaped?

I'm just as likely as anyone else in my year. As the 18 year old class, we're prime examples of what District 1 likes to show off. We're the mighty, we're the strong, and we're the ones that volunteer.

If the documentary makers want a good snapshot of life in District 1, we're it.

Who knows what made me walk home that day. Maybe it was the warm just-turned-summer air, maybe it was the fact that I knew reaping day was soon and I needed to enjoy my home while I still had it. Probably neither, honestly; I just wanted some breathing room.

My family, the Champagnes, had always been one of the most renowned families in District 1, up until about fifteen years ago. My father's younger brother was reaped, and although we all knew the Capitol had censored the worst of it, my uncle's performance in the Games had been much less than expected of us. During the interviews he had seemed nervous sure, but no one had expected that just as the countdown was almost over, he looked straight into the camera – I can still remember his face, shown over and over on the mandatory broadcasts – and said something. The shot transitions before you can read his lips, and then he's not him anymore – he's in bits, everywhere. Every time it's shown, the split second of his mouth – more a twitch than any type of word mouthed – and the shortest clip of his foot leaving the platform burn into my memory.

That is what our family means to the District now. We had always been well liked and well known for being the best jewellers, yet after that we were nothing more than just one more family to be overlooked.

That's why when I was walking home, I never thought the documentary makers would pick me. It wasn't even that I was unknown or plain. It's that I'm marked as a possible threat. I am the by-product of a family that let down the nation, and thus should not be spoken of.

I, Tourmaline, am the forsaken of the Careers. We are a proud people, and until this fateful day – I now wonder just how much fate was involved, and how much government – I had always been in the shadows. During my reaping years until now, there has always been a female volunteer everyone knew would win out, in the end.

It never occurred to me until I saw the crew at my house up the street, that there was no female volunteer that had stepped up so far this year, and just how much my family would want their name back.

End Prologue