Hello, lovely people. This is my first Mattex fic, and oh my god it is a total crack!fic. So weird. But give it a chance because it's such fun to write! It was inspired by a tumblr post by .com about a Freaky Friday-esque dream about Matt and Alex. So yeah guys. It's super weird. Oh well!

This chapter got its name from I Want to Hold Your Hand by the Beatles

Chapter 1

Yeah, You Got that Something

Matt Smith simply adored Alex Kingston. He got to flirt with her and joke with her and hang out with her, and sometimes he would be convinced that she adored him back, but he knew she was the kind of person who, kind and wonderful, seemed to adore everyone.

He didn't know her quite as well as he knew Arthur and Karen, who truly were his dearest friends, but he felt like he was getting there. Series six brought them together, definitely. There had been more tension in the scenes between them, especially sexual tension, and he was hoping that would continue through the seventh series.

Matt had decided that he and Alex were going to be great friends. He would make sure of it, starting tonight, because she would start filming for series seven today. He, Karen, and Arthur were taking her out, and she didn't have much say in the matter.

"ALEX KINGSTON!" Matt shouted across the parking lot as he watched her get out of her car. He was leaning against the wall of the studio, looking as cool as ever waiting for her arrival.

She smirked and waved as she gathered her things. "Hello, Sweetie," she smiled as she approached. "You weren't out waiting for me, were you?"

"Oh no, there's this other gorgeous woman showing up to day. Been waiting for her," he smirked.

"Ah, of course. And what does she look like?" the grin on Alex's face could keep him playing this game forever.

"A lot like you actually!"

"Oh?" impossibly, her smile grew wider.

"Yeah, better hair though," now his grin matched hers.

"Oh really?" she laughed.

He pulled her into a hug, nodding. "It's true," he smiled, releasing her. "Glad you're back, Mrs. Kingston."

"And glad to be, Mr. Smith."

He stared at her for a moment. It was hard not to, after all. She was beautiful, and he was certain she didn't even try. "All right," he said, finally breaking his own trance. "Come along then. Karen has been gabbing all week about your long-awaited return."

She laughed and they ventured into the building. Karen just happened to be traipsing through just as they entered and she caught sight of those golden curls immediately. Squealing, she all but pounced on Alex, bringing her in for a lung-crushing embrace.

"Oh my god! Alex! Welcome back! I thought you'd never show up!" she said in her signature Scottish brogue.

"Always come back to you, Mum," Alex laughed. She really had developed a fondness for her "parents".

Just then, Arthur approached the trio, immediately joining in the welcoming party. "Daughter," he deadpanned, putting a hand on her shoulder. "Don't you ever leave us for that long again. We've been stuck with this one," he said as he punched Matt in the shoulder.

"Oi! Rude! I'm great company," Matt smiled at Alex.

"I'm sure, darling," she replied sweetly as she hugged Arthur.

"I really am!" he whined. "I will prove it to you. All of you. 'Cause you lot are coming to dinner with me tonight. Gotta celebrate your homecoming, Alex." He smiled affectionately at her.

Alex immediately resisted, as usual. "Darling, I don't think—"

"Oh, shut up Kingston. I've already made reservations! To deny me would just be rude."

She was just about to come up with some excuse when Steven joined them.

"Ah, Team TARDIS reunited. Exactly how much time do you plan on wasting with your gushing over Alex's arrival—hello, dear, by the way—? I'd like notice so I can adjust the schedule."

"Oh posh, Steven. We're professionals!" Alex scolded him. "Now do I not get a hug?"

"Of course, my River Song," he smiled warmly, giving her a quick hug. "Now… I think this is a set which means some work should be getting done. Shall we?" He motioned for them to follow as he walked off.

"Dinner, Kingston!" Matt reminded her before running after Steven. "Oh, and you two!" he threw back over his shoulder at Karen and Arthur.

Alex rolled her eyes. "Daft man," she smiled fondly after him.

"So you'll be joining us then, yeah?" Karen asked hopefully.

Alex finally relented under the younger girl's puppy dog eyes. "Fine, fine! Only because it's been far too long."

"Lovely," Arthur grinned as he led them in the direction Steven and Matt had just departed in.

"So!" Matt exclaimed as they four slid into a booth at Alex's favorite restaurant. "How were the states?"

"Oh, perfectly all right," Alex replied. "Missed you all though."

"Naturally," Matt added. Alex rolled her eyes at him again. It had become her standard response.

As the night went on, the chatter amongst the four friends came easily and, if someone didn't initiate an end, they would definitely talk all night. Finally, Alex spoke up.

"All right, dears, I better be getting on," she smiled around at them.

"Nonsense!" Matt laughed. "It's only… ah, well, eleven." Evidently, he'd lost track of time.

"Indeed it is, darling, and I really ought to get some sleep tonight. It's sure to be a taxing week," she said, standing up.

"Oh?" he spoke, his concern evident.

"No need to be bothered with my ordinary woes. You three really should be getting to bed too though! Early day tomorrow."

"Suppose that's true," Karen yawned, joining her and putting on her coat. Matt was paying her no mind, however.

"Woes?" he prodded again. His plan to get to know her definitely involved learning what's bothering her.

But Alex simply laughed. "I'm being dramatic, darling," she assured him. "It's expected." She tossed him a sadder smile than the ones he'd been seeing earlier, and he wanted nothing more than to know what lay beneath it.

"Oh c'mon, Kingston. You—"

"Really should go. I'll see you all—" she started, but she was suddenly cut off by the whole restaurant beginning to shake. Just as suddenly, it was over.

"Alex, you all right?" Arthur shot up and grabbed her arm to steady her as she looked like she might topple over if she continued to stand on her own.

"Well—yeah! You didn't…" she searched the faces of her friends and the people around her. But all of their eyes met hers with confusion—except Matt's. She gazed at him as she continued, softer. "… You didn't feel that?"

Matt didn't say a word, but she knew he'd felt it too. The stared at each other, perplexed, but Arthur broke the spell. "Feel what, Alex?"

Her head snapped around to look at him. "I—thought it was… an earthquake."

"An earthquake in Cardiff?" Karen giggled. "Aren't those rare or something?"

"Quite," Matt chimed in, still looking at Alex with a quizzical yet somehow knowing expression.

"You must have… imagined it?" Arthur suggested gently.

Alex smiled at him, still slightly shaken. "Yeah, must have. Probably the jetlag."

"Probably," Matt added.

Alex tried to question him with her eyes but he wasn't getting it. "Right," she said, finding her efforts futile. "Well, I'll see you all tomorrow, then."

"Oh, I'll walk out with you! Get you in a cab, then," Karen smiled at her warmly. They team exchanged goodbyes and Karen and Alex departed, Alex sharing one quick glance over her shoulder with Matt as she walked out.

Yes, he had felt… whatever that was. It was odd of course, but maybe it was just a sympathetic reaction to his borderline obsession with understanding her. He was going to figure her out, he decided. He couldn't put his finger on it, but he was drawn to something about her. Like the Doctor was drawn to all the mysteries of the universe.