Based on a prompt at yj anon meme, Robin gets hit by fear gas and Wally is there to cover for him.

"Hey Rob, what are you up to?" Kid Flash's voice crackled in from Robin's earpiece. It was an unwelcome distraction.

"I'm on a stakeout; word is there's something big going down tonight and I'm trying to keep a low profile." Robin hissed in reply. He was watching a group of armed men stand around a truck, one individual was well dressed and seemed to be their leader.

Wally replied casually, seemingly oblivious to the hint, "That's cool dude, I'm trying to find out how much meat I can put on this pizza."

Robin rolled his eyes, unsurprised. There was almost always food involved when Wally called him. "I think something's happening, I'll try to get closer." Robin said, then crept out from behind the wooden crates and snuck closer to the docks; he dove behind the darkness of some barrels just as a van drove up near the truck.

"I thought the Justice League had some emergency in the watchtower today, something about the universe collapsing. Is Batman excused from that or something? Also this burger is really good…" Wally spoke in his ear; Robin could hear the food being chewed. It was disgusting.

"I thought it was a pizza you were making, and no, Batman is with the Justice League, I'm doing this solo" Robin watched the animated interaction between the well-dressed man and the new arrivals carefully; there was someone else in the car who hadn't yet come out.

"It is a pizza, but it's a pizza in a hamburger." Wally said. "Also, the Bat let you go on a mission alone? Dude, even Flash doesn't trust me that much yet" He said incredulously, "How'd you talk him into it?"

Robin cringed, "Technically I shouldn't be out here... but we've been following these perps for months, and it would be a shame to let this lead go to waste, besides I…" Robin paused, the van door was opening and someone was coming out. He gasped quietly, it wasn't hard to recognize the burlap sack and messy stitches. Scarecrow.

"What happened?" Kid Flash was curious.

"It's Scarecrow, he's been missing from Arkham for months, I guess he's behind this exchange" Robin muttered. This wasn't good news; the last time Scarecrow had gone on a rampage all of Gotham was thrown into chaos with hallucinations and prison breakouts. Robin guessed the stuff in the truck was probably related to a new fear gas scheme of his.

"Whoa, Scarecrow? Isn't he the guy who made Gotham go on that crazy tripfest? Do you need backup?" Wally asked.

"No, stay put, this mission is too sensitive to blow." Robin instructed, suddenly there was a gunshot next to him, which ricocheted off the ground and struck a box behind him. His cover blown, Robin leapt out behind the barrels and rolled into one of the armed men, delivering a kick to his solar plexus and using the man as a springboard to take out two other goons. Bullets were flying past him as he did a backflip and he threw two batarangs into the hands of the shooters, which effectively disarmed them. As if I can't handle myself. Robin thought smugly. Now to get Scarecrow.

The villain in question was pulling out a canister of what Robin assumed to be fear gas. He smirked and put on his air filter mask. He pulled out his eskrima sticks and charged towards Scarecrow.

Scarecrow had never been a good fighter in Robin's experience, preferring to use the toxin to do his dirty work. Therefore he wasn't surprised when the villain was easily brought down after a few seconds. However when Robin reached down to handcuff him, the man brought up the canister with force and knocked Robin's air filter off his face. Robin recoiled and backed up several steps, surprised.

The Scarecrow turned and ran towards the truck, hoping to get away with at least some of the cargo. It won't be that easy. Robin thought and threw three exploding batarangs at the truck.

In retrospect it was probably a stupid thing to do; he didn't expect it to be quite so flammable. The whole thing went ablaze and the force of the explosion propelled Scarecrow and Robin away from the blast. Robin remembered inhaling a peculiar scent on the smoke. Powdered form of the fear toxin in the boxes…clever. He could faintly detect police sirens through the haziness of his disorientation, and he crawled towards the coolness of the shadows and collapsed.

"Rob? Robin you there?" The communication link went unanswered because its owner was no longer conscious.

Someone was gently shaking him awake. He couldn't remember what happened or why he had been asleep in the first place, all he remembered was heat. The person was still shaking him, and he tried to move away. "Robin? Wake up." Someone was talking, the person was patting his face now, did it get more annoying than this? He opened his eyes, and saw someone he never expected to see.

It was his dad, John Grayson.

Robin gasped, "Dad?" Where was he? Had everything been a dream? He looked around, they were on top of the high platform in the circus, and his parents were in front of him smiling.

"It's time for our act son, are you ready?" His dad asked him, and his parents stepped towards the ledge, grabbing the trapeze bar together.

"Stop" Dick Grayson said, this wasn't right, he tried to get up to stop them, but felt weighted down. "Don't jump!" He yelled, grabbing for his mom's hand, "Mom! Dad!" He couldn't reach their hands, he was moving in slow motion.

"Ready Dickie?" His mom asked, and they both jumped off the ledge.

Kid Flash was startled, he thought Robin had been pleased to see him when he opened his eyes, but then Robin started speaking to his parents and it was clear he wasn't all there.

It must be the fear gas, I wonder if I can find the antidote in his utility belt somewhere. Kid Flash thought. He had heard an explosion through the comm link and Robin hadn't been responding, so he felt it best to check out the situation. By the time he had reached Gotham City, the fire had been controlled and most of the fear powder had been consumed by the flames or collected by the police.

He flipped through various containers in Robin's utility belt, he was worried for his best friend, but a small part of him was extremely curious as to what Robin kept in the belt. Bat-Flame thrower, bat-marbles, bat-grenades, bat-cuffs, bat-saw,AHA he thought in triumph, Bat First Aid.

He opened the pouch with the batman logo on it and found several useful medical tools, he was especially glad to find one small bottle labeled "Fear Gas Antidote – administer w/ bat-syringe".

Kid Flash almost laughed. Everything had to be bat related it seemed. He attached the vial to the syringe and injected the antidote in Robin's arm. Robin muttered something like "Don't jump" and shifted restlessly. Wally sat back to wait.

Robin opened his eyes again, disoriented. Instead of his parents he saw the concerned face of Kid Flash in front of him.

"What are you doing here?" Robin croaked out, his throat felt parched and his skin prickled like after a sunburn.

Wally was relieved, "Dude, you were hit by fear gas and you've been out of it for a while, and you said you didn't need backup" his tone was disapproving. "I used your bat-antidote on you. You have some seriously crazy stuff in your belt, I didn't even know a flame thrower could fit in that-" He trailed off, Robin didn't seem responsive. Wally gently pried off the mask on the boy's face. Robin's pupils were slightly dilated and his breath was short.

"Dude?" Wally waved his hand in front of Robin's face. "Robin?"


Robin was on the floor of the circus tent this time, his parents had fallen and he was covered in their blood. His shoes were stained with red. Batman stood behind him. "Robin" He said grimly, "You didn't stop them"

Robin turned around, "I couldn't, I tried to warn them! I-" The blood pooled around his feet, his parents' faces turned towards him, eyes dark and soulless, silent as the grave. The blood covered Robin's clothes; he turned towards a menacing Batman.

"You didn't stop them"

Wally was panicking. He knew he had administered the right vial, maybe the dosage wasn't enough? He had given all of it to Robin, so why was Robin still under the fear gas's influence? "Snap out of it dude, you're ok now, nothing's wrong".

When Robin's breath began to hitch Wally feared he was on the verge of a breakdown. "That's it. We're going to the cave for some medical treatment." Kid Flash picked Robin up and was off in a blur of red and yellow. While the cave's medical equipment did not match up to the watchtower's it was still highly advanced and much safer than sitting on the piers behind a smoking truck surrounded by policemen.

"I couldn't stop them." Robin spoke aloud repeatedly.

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