Last part guys, short, but more stories coming in future.

Wally groaned inside and really wished the boy wonder was conscious to explain himself. As it was he had enough bad lies already, and explaining Bruce and Alfred would be difficult. "Let's get him back in bed first" He smiled, hoping to ease the tension and stall a while longer. Once they got Robin back on the sickbed and replaced the oxygen mask (which only took about two minutes in total) M'gann and Conner stepped back and looked at Kid Flash expectantly.

Kid Flash rubbed his neck again, he would rather be facing all the ice villains right now than have to invent a story to cover up the slip of Robin's tongue. "Well, you know how Robin lives in Gotham?" This is not getting off to a good start… He thought. Superboy and Miss Martian waited for him to continue.

"Well there's this guy in Gotham named Bruce Wayne, and Robin and I were investigating a case about him once…" What do I say next? "And in the middle of one of this Wayne guy's parties, the Joker comes in and starts shooting people!" Yeah that sounds right, since it happens a lot. "Robin and I were undercover, but the Joker took Bruce Wayne to make him reveal his personal vaults and financial assets" This story is starting to sound weird "So me and Robin, we go after them, Robin was like 'What have you done with Bruce?' but we probably shouldn't have worried, since Batman came and handled the Joker. Bruce Wayne hardly even thanked us afterwards because he had some hot dates to go on." Wally smiled, that sounded convincing enough, and wasn't a rare occurrence in Gotham either, to be honest.

Superboy stared at him for a while, "Who is Alfred?"

Crap "Oh didn't I mention him? Alfred is Bruce Wayne's butler!" crap crap crap "He made some really good hors d'oeuvres, Robin had too many of them and got food poisoning, so now whenever he gets food poisoning he thinks of Alfred." crap.

M'gann and Superboy looked like they were deciding whether or not to accept his story, but for the most part it had been true. He and Robin had stopped the Joker from destroying Bruce Wayne's parties a few times, and Robin did tend to think of Alfred whenever he was sick. However he knew his lie wouldn't hold up if they asked more questions.

Thankfully the smoke alarm in the kitchen chose this moment to go off, and M'gann was interrupted in her thinking, "My soup! I forgot I left it on!" She exclaimed, and flew out of the room.

Superboy hesitated at the doorway, "I hope he feels better soon so he can explain this himself" he said, and exited the medbay.

You and me both, Supes. Wally thought. When Robin woke up they were going to have a long discussion. He wondered how long martian sleep suggestion lasted, and pulled up a chair next to Robin's bed to wait.

Robin's sleep was not restful. From all directions came horrors; drowning in blood. fell from great height. tried to save his parents. batman going crazy. joker shooting batman. drowning in blood

drowning in blood.

drowning in blood.

He awakened for real, gasping for breath, wondering whether the taste of blood in his mouth was real or imagined. Robin looked around the room; there were no corpses from the ceiling, no insane clowns with guns or dead circus performers, just the peaceful dimness of the medical bay and the rhythmic sound of Kid Flash breathing. He turned his head and saw the speedster sleeping in a chair next to the bed, his feet propped up on Robin's bed. Robin removed his oxygen mask and tried to sit up, but the stir of movement awoke his friend, who was instantly alert.

"Yo Rob-" Wally hesitated, "Do you know where you are this time?"

"Depends, are you real?" Robin answered somewhat suspiciously "I haven't known where I am for a while I think". His throat was still sore and he still felt tired, but he wasn't seeing any more blood.

Wally's face broke into a grin and he rushed forwards to give Robin a quick hug. It seemed like the toxin had run its course and Robin's fever was down as well. "Dude, you're back! You won't believe what happened earlier!"

Robin lay back down on the bed, "Tell me."

"Well you attacked Superboy with ice and nearly bombed me and Miss Martian, then M'gann put you in some sort of hypnotized sleep or something. M'gann's making you soup, since the last attempt turned into charcoal." Wally sat back in the chair casually and propped his feet up on the bed again.

"Wow. I don't really remember what happened at all. Did I say anything about- you know who?" Robin hesitated to ask, worried he might have let go of some important information.

"Yeah you mentioned Bruce and Alfred, but I got it covered." Sort of. Wally's grin was disarming, and he spoke with confidence. There was no need to worry Robin about ithat/iin this condition. His face then turned serious. "What were you thinking anyway?" He took his feet off Robin's bed and leaned forwards tensely, "You could have asked me to come, or the team, or anyone!"

Robin sighed and looked at the wall "I told you, we'd been following those guys for months, and Batman was away and it was too risky to expose their plans at the wrong time."

"So instead you went alone and got yourself blown up" Wally's tone was sarcastic and disapproving "Great alternative."

Robin took off his gloves and rubbed his face "Can we not go over this now? I made a dumb move and I feel terrible. I blew the case, are you happy?" He was so tired and his eyes itched.

Kid Flash's expression softened, "How could I be happy when you nearly killed yourself?" He sighed, "But anyways you didn't exactly blow the case, since you did destroy most of that powder and you got Scarecrow and his henchmen arrested. That counts for something I think." He was rewarded by seeing Robin's mouth tilt upwards in a hesitant grin.

There was a silence while Robin pondered this. "Thanks Wally" He whispered, meaning Thanks for covering for me, saving my life and being cool about it. And Kid Flash knew it.

"No problem bro" Wally grinned, "now you can treat me to an all you can eat buffet."

Robin laughed, "When they say 'all you can eat' I don't think they mean eternity". Kid Flash smiled and was going to respond with a quip of his own, but his communication link beeped and he realized they were being summoned to the training room in the cave. Batman.

Batman's face showed up on the holoscreen, big and menacing. As usual Kid Flash thought. He left Robin in the room to collect himself, and dashed out to the main room where Superboy and M'gann were waiting. M'gann had a pot of soup floating in front of her and Superboy stood with his arms crossed over his chest. When Kid Flash arrived, Batman's eyes narrowed. "Where is Robin?" The bat's tone was dark.

Awkward silence filled the room and all the two aliens looked at Kid Flash expectantly. Wally nervously pulled at his collar, "He's asleep right now, should I go wake him up?" He asked, hoping to stall longer.

Miss Martian filled in as well, "Also he has amnesia, or insanity, I forgot which one…" She said earnestly. Wally would have laughed if he wasn't so nervous.

Superboy also pitched in, "And he has food poisoning." He said with a dull tone of voice.

Kid Flash groaned internally, why were things going so badly? "Actually, it's probably just a cold, nothing to worry about." He chuckled nervously, "I think he's been staying up too much lately."

The face on the screen showed no emotion, but Kid Flash knew Batman was completely unconvinced, Batman was about to open his mouth to respond when Robin walked in the room like nothing was wrong.

"Hey Batman, sorry, I was asleep. Is something happening in Gotham?" Robin asked innocently.

The Bat glared at his partner for a long time, and both Kid Flash and Robin began to sweat under his scrutiny. Finally he broke the silence, "Nothing. You may spend the night there, we will talk in the morning." The holoscreen shut off and Batman's face was gone.

"Robin! How are you feeling? I made you some soup, and it's not burnt this time!" M'gann exclaimed cheerfully after Batman left. Superboy also had a smile on his face.

Kid Flash and Robin made eye contact briefly, and shared a grin before heading off to the kitchen for some cure-all chicken soup.

All was right with the world again.


Bruce Wayne walked into the dining room of Wayne Manor in the morning with a newspaper in his hand. His ward Dick Grayson was dressed in pajamas, sitting at the table eating blueberry waffles covered in honey. Bruce sat down across from him with a cup of coffee. "So, anything interesting happen yesterday?" He sipped some coffee.

"Yeah I was bored and went to find Wally, but we had too much of M'gann's soup and I had an upset stomach for a while. I'm better now" Dick smiled at Bruce, "How was your evening?"

"Clark and J'onn managed to distract the invaders long enough for me to disarm the doomsday device." Bruce said without emotion, he drank more coffee and placed the newspaper in front of Dick. The headlines read: "Scarecrow and Accomplices Stopped by Explosion; Origin of Fire Unknown" Dick scanned the article quickly, it made no mention of costumed vigilantes, but it did say that most of the thugs had been tied up before the police reached the scene.

"Wow, who knew Scarecrow was back in Gotham?" Dick questioned innocently. Bruce didn't fall for it.

"Good Job."

Dick was shocked, and almost dropped the newspaper. Was he hearing things correctly?

"You apprehended the villains and stopped what could have been a major attack on Gotham City."

Dick was speechless, but Bruce continued.

"That said, what you did was reckless, foolish, and irresponsible. You're grounded until you're 30 and will be spending the rest of a very, very long time waxing the Batmobile, the Lamborghini, the Porsche, the Ferrari and the Batwing. Then you'll be cleaning the batcave and polishing each of the batarangs until you can see your face in the reflection." Bruce set his coffee on the table and stood up to leave. Dick felt like he had the breath knocked out of him, he knew it was too good to be true.

As Bruce walked away Dick asked, "How did you know?"

Bruce smirked at him, "You have a slight tan around your face but not where you mask was, your costume was lightly coated in fear toxin and ash, though you tried to wash it off there were traces of it under the cape and in your boots. The fear gas antidote was missing from your belt; you replaced the syringe but not the vial because the antidote was outdated. Your throat is sore but you're hiding it, and honestly Dick- I'm Batman. How could I not know?"

With that he turned and left the room, leaving behind a very bewildered boy wonder.


A/N: AAAnnd it's done! That was a super short story, but believe me when I say that it was written more for the friendship value than the angst value, though I do love reading some angst every so often. *Goes off to yj anon meme to find more prompts to fill* Hope you enjoyed it!