One shot. Logan feeling lost.

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An. I wrote this a long time ago and have no intention of continuing it so don't get any ideas. Enjoy this pointless piece. ;P

Logan was lost.

Not in the sense he didn't know where he was located, this was still the inside and the lack of originality meant even the dumbest upper or scrub couldn't get physically lost. His lost was more the case of missing half of himself. Anne-Jade was gone and now he was all alone.

The world of four levels had narrowed even now that the plans were being put into place for those who had earned the privilege of getting to move into level six. Level five had somehow ended up sticking as the brig. Even though most of the Travas had been released and put back into the work force there seemed to be a vibe on that level that left people feeling queasy. It wasn't the soul occupant who was in the room close to the elevator that had them nervous. It was the thought of what could have been. The Insiders had almost lost it all but for Logan he already had. He didn't need the Doc to confirm to him that Anne-Jade was his twin, he already knew that long before any of this had happened.

He leaned back against the wall, dragging his knees up for his elbows to rest on. The elevator chimed and whoever was on duty would have shoved the food tray hastily through to the prisoner and quickly leave. When the footsteps continued down the hall towards the cell Logan was occupying he paused to look up. Brown eyes meet his.

"Hiding?" Jacy asked.

"Avoiding." Logan countered.

"Avoiding what exactly?" Jacy raised a single eyebrow at him.

Logan shrugged looking away from the taller lad.

With a sigh Jacy sat down on the end of white prison bed. "I've been thinking." He paused turning to look at Logan. The intensity of his gaze was to much for him, he bowed his head avoiding looking back at Jacy. "When your done moping, I want you to come work for me."

He stood leaving Logan gaping.

"What?" Had he gone mad? There was no need for people like Logan any longer. The captain had the ship back and Logan was back to being a glorified scrub.

"I could use a man with your talents." Jacy shrugged. "Just think it over. Let me know. "