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Now, at long last, the finale.


"If you continue to just stare at me I'm going to come to my own conclusions on why you are remaining quiet and away."

Jim didn't tear his gaze away from the site before him, but he didn't have to. The presence of the other seemed to hum deep within and even without looking Jim knew who it was. It was comforting to have his presence near again, but Jim's eyes kept away—kept looking at the scenery.

"You will catch a cold if you are not cautious Jim, your health is still not back to its full potential and Leonard had been adamant on the fact that you must care for yourself if you were to be released from the hospital."

Jim's eyes sparkled with mischief at these words, but still glimmered with a mix of other deeper emotions. He didn't bother replying to Spock's comment; rather he dipped his head into the hollow between his knees and pulled himself forward in the lounging chair.

"Come keep me warm, I'll head in here in a bit…just waiting for the stars to come out." Jim hummed out as a final response. He had at some point drawn his legs up close and a light blanket settled across his lap all in an effort to keep warm, but even that wasn't much against the cool winter nights. The smell of the ocean was heavy in the air and the wind threatened to chill the temperature more drastically as night approached. Yet, even still Jim remained seated out on the balcony gazing not at the body of water but at the sky above.

A shift behind him told him that Spock had agreed to his request, and suddenly he was pulled against the warm chest of the Vulcan.

"You are chilled."

Jim felt slightly like a petulant child being chastised but only hmm'd as he snuggled back into the embrace. "Just amuse the request of your illogical human for a little longer…Then we can head in."

The only answer he was given was an arm snaking around to pull him closer and fold him more fully against the other. A silence settled between the pair bringing about the sounds of life going on outside of their world. Vehicles whizzing by, birds singing final songs of the day, and the ocean's waves crashing against the shore somewhere in the distance.

It was all soothing and all a reminder of life continuing, all a reminder that they were back on Earth.

"You have experienced one of the 'bad' days today I presume?" Spock spoke the words barely over that of a whisper. Each individual word puffed warmly against Jim's skin and sent a shiver along his spine; because of the feeling but also because what the words evoked.

Jim remained silent for some time trying to best think over the question asked.

He knew that in such close contact with the Vulcan his emotions were already answer enough, but he also knew that the Vulcan would request Jim share his thoughts aloud. A coping procedure seeing as Jim had already passed the psych tests—something Bones had argued over and continuously brought back up seeing as there had never been a test Jim couldn't accomplish.

Add to that no psychiatrist really could understand what he had been through…there wasn't anything to truly relate to. So, Spock requested one simple thing from Jim, that he share his thoughts. That he not carry the burden alone.

"Just tried to sleep while you were out." Jim muttered, tensing only slightly at the confession.

"You had woken believing you were still on board that ship?"

"Spent two years in a single room, Spock. My mind can recall every aspect down to how many scratches there were on the walls and the sounds that emitted through…"

Jim slipped out of his position, with his legs curled tight to his chest, now moving as Spock guided Jim more fully against him. "You should have called for me Jim. I would have returned."

"It's fine, Spock. I can't call you ever time I wake up from a bad dream. I'll deal with it." Jim replied calmly settling his head in the crook of the others neck. "You had important matters to attend. Shore leave is coming to end here soon and the Enterprise and its crew need to be prepared to ship out."

As Jim listed these words he pivoted only enough to lay light kisses along what part of the Vulcan's neck wasn't covered up by the high-necked sweater. He felt the Vulcan's desire to refute and further discuss this topic begin to slip away as Jim's body turned completely to lie facing the other. His legs no longer lay parallel, but instead straddling Spock's legs, as they fell on either side of the Vulcan.

"I will not try to argue this with you." Spock paused as Jim's fingers snaked around and behind to play at the back tail of his sweater, "However, I had spoken with Admiral Pike and Archer today. I had been led to believe you had already conversed with the pair of them." He broke off again as child fingers slid along; tracing the outline of his pants before pushing up and slipping underneath the shirts. Jim's quickly warming fingers splayed within the tight space—all in an effort to feel the other's skin against his own, and drawing him closer.

Spock tried to continue over the caresses and the barrage of kisses now trailing up his neck and attacking his jaw line. "As you said the Enterprise, as well as her crew, are prepping to leave within the month…you have not…." Jim's lips slid up towards the Vulcan's ear nipping playfully at where it connected with the jaw before swiping his tongue up towards the sensitive tip, "Jim…Jim you have not reenlisted for Captaincy."

Spock's arms grasped a hold of the other and shifted him away from continuing his attack. The effort seemed to leave the Vulcan's lips parted to take in small gasps of air (the starting signs of the Vulcan appreciating Jim's antics), but the conversation at hand wasn't one to be so easily written off. "Jim you have not tried to reinstate yourself as the Captain of the Enterprise."

"Let's not talk about this now." Jim cooed his fingers sliding down the Vulcan's arms to catch his hands in his own. He lifted them from their hold and pulled them up to lay kisses upon the knuckles. "...please?"

"Jim evasive tactics may work on others, however I will not-"

Jim's lips curled over two of the Vulcan's sensitive fingers dragging the digits into the warm confines of his mouth. He couldn't contain the small smirk from slipping past his lips as he watched auburn eyes grow dilated by the antics…as the words Spock had tried to speak fell flat and forgotten.

Jim's tongue mapped around the intrusion and he pulled them almost completely out of his mouth to nip at the tips before sliding them back. He hummed around them and in appreciation as Spock's hips bucked up at the action.

A third finger pressed in amongst the others when he went to repeat the action from before, and Jim's eyes met with the passionate gaze of the Vulcan's as he took in the increased mouthful.

Jim's mind immediately turned to their present location. Though, outdoors could be an interesting experience it was much too cold and he wasn't ready for any neighbors catching a glimpse of what was now his, in all its glory.

Let's go inside.

Words he wished to voice, and as he tried to pull away from his own actions in order to say aloud, he found he was not given the chance.

Spock seemed to have already met a similar conclusion, and while keeping Jim to his ministration's his other arm hoisted the younger male close. He rose with little effort to the added weight and Jim's legs immediately hooked around the other's waist driving him closer, and pulling a very-very subtle gasp from the Vulcan's lips.

The warmth came immediately with stepping indoors and away from the cold winds. With it brought the heat of desire back to the surface and tenfold.

At some point Jim had lost the sensitive fingers, he had trapped, as they moved to aide in keeping Jim's hips up upon Spock's waist. They helped drive their needs against one another as walking in itself supplied an alluring friction and bounce.

"Need you." Jim breathed warmly against Spock's ear, having forgone any attempt to get the fingers back and immediately returned to catch the jaw line again.

His response was to be dropped down upon the bed.

He fell with a surprise gasp and landed with only a slight bounce upon the soft mattress. He barely even got the chance to move as suddenly Spock was there again—pressed up close and pining Jim to lie back and down.

It was Jim's turn to gasp as the Vulcan mirrored earlier antics and attacked the exposed skin of his neck.

"God I love your mouth."

Jim practically purred in appreciation and groaned as the knees, that kept Spock's body hovering up and off of his own, gave way and suddenly the pressure was back.

Hips rocked in an age old dance as both parties sought out the friction.

Everything was going perfect. Spock's lips were sending constant thrills along his spine. Their hips were providing just the right amount of release to the still budding desire and driving it further along.

However, Jim's hands were caught. One pinned against his side sometime during the ministration and the other up above his head, Spock's own hand trailing along the wrist in an effort to seek out the sensation of the other's hold.

All of a sudden one thing registered over everything else and the entire situation changed; trapped.


Jim's cry was immediate and panicked, and in an instant lust and desire evaporated into the flames that came with the overwhelming fear.

"Stop. Oh god, you…you have to get off." Jim pushed immediately at the stronger man and Spock was quick to comply as Jim practically tumbled off and away.

He fell to the floor with a gasp and his whole figure shook in an effort to reign in the overloaded system.


Spock was there.

He did not dare to reach out and touch the other, but he moved to settle down upon the floor just within reach.

"You are safe Jim. You are back and you are safe."

Words like a mantra escaped Spock's lips and eventually he found himself with the human male buried close and back in his arms. The other shook for some time before eventually everything settled and they remained seated just absorbing the presence of one another.

It was some time still before one word was spoken to break over the silence.


"You have nothing to apologize for, T'hy'la." Spock's words were spoken soft and with a gentleness that would have been surprising had Jim not grown so accustomed to it over recent events. His fingers had lifted at some point to card through the golden curls.

The comforting and light massage stilled, but left trembling fingers resting in place. What had just transpired, left Spock shaken.

"I, however, wish to express my own apologies. I had not intended to frighten you, nor place you in a position where you were compelled to feel trapped. I am…sorry that I was the one who brought about your continual suffering."

"Spock. No."

Jim's protest was sharp and fierce as he sat up fully to meet the others gaze. However, these features all fell away as an overwhelming gentleness and love filled his blue eyes. He leaned up to chastely kiss the other; pulling away afterwards to nuzzle into the crook of his neck, "It wasn't you." He breathed out, "My mind realizes I'm here and back, but my body seems to have not caught on sometimes. I just…I couldn't move my arms and I freaked."

Jim carried this over with settling his arms up and around the Vulcan's neck, "I'm fine now. I'm fine because you're still here and don't you ever believe that you cause me suffering. Well unless of course it's rightly deserved and it follows with an enjoyable release afterwards." Jim cooed and nipped playfully at the throat before pushing up.

"Come, let's go back to bed."

His hand was extended and eyes inviting the other in.

"Come, here love."

Spock stilled and lifted to meet Jim's eyes. The two kept lock gazes for some time before Spock rose pulling Jim close. His fingers trailed along Jim's face and mapped out the length of his back and arms until he took up the other's hand in his own, "I have heard those words before, from your lips but not from you…it was a deceit the mirrors in your mind had played in order to coax me within."

Jim hummed in acknowledgement all while moving to pull them both back to the bed. When his knees hit he settled slowly down and pulled the Vulcan down by the arms to lay with him.

"Yet, you didn't get pulled in? I must've been off my game." He smiled but it wasn't as warm as most of his were. He gazed lovingly at the other and breathed two simple words.

"Thank you."

"May I request that you elaborate what for, Jim?"

Spock allowed Jim to roll him over and settle on top, not wishing to repeat the same actions as before. However, Jim seemed content to just lie there now; his head settling upon the Vulcan's chest and his arm splayed out so that his hand could idly stroke the other's palm and fingers.

"For going beyond what even I would've asked, all in an effort to save me." Jim paused in his ministration to meet blue with auburn eyes. "McCoy told me the risks, and you should know that I am pleased as much as I am angry by what you have done. Don't you ever risk your life like that." Jim paused to push up so that he could glare petulantly down at the other, "You could have died right along with me. If you didn't make it in time or some untold complication happened. God Spock I hadn't even wanted to return and you were just okay with sticking around. You can't die for me!"

Spock watched the adamant display and lifted his hand to stroke at the other's brow in a calming gesture, "If I may, I would like to ask a query before I give you a proper response to your statement?"


Spock paused at the expression and Jim laughed, "Don't give me that I've used that idiom before you logical oaf. Go ahead and ask, I'll try and answer you as best I can."

Spock dipped his head in an affirmative nod and spoke the words aloud but as cautiously as he could manage, knowing he was delving into still unsettled ground.

"Why did you accept the charm from the Romulans even after knowing the risks that it held?"

Jim stilled and his soft smile immediately fell.

"I had to." Jim breathed out and cast his eyes away immediately knowing where this was heading, "It's not the same. There were so many more lives at stake. The life of one to save the many is a cost that was worth the risk."

"Not when the one is you." Spock pushed up to sit level with Jim. "I can understand your decision and the purpose of such actions. I have even agreed to support that decision well under the situation you had found yourself, but do not dissuade me from my task once it is hypocritical after your own events. You, Jim, had risked yourself to save the many. To die for all others, but you had accomplished such feat, and would die instead because of what that Romulan had done…I would not allow him to take you from us again. I had promised never to leave you.

Do not become angered when I try and keep my word. I would rather…I would risk all else to keep you from leaving again. To protect those dearest to you-you gave your life. I had only wished to do the same."

"Illogical Vulcan."

"Stubborn human."

Jim smiled again and leaned forward to press his lips against the others. It was a chaste kiss; just slow movement of their lips before Spock pulled Jim along with himself back down upon the bed.

"Let us rest now, you have not been getting an adequate amount of sleep and therefore prolonging would be futile."

"But what if I wasn't done with you yet?" Jim teased shifting to use the Vulcan's shoulder as a pillow and allowing his arm to lay across the others chest; keeping them close.

"Perhaps I have had a long day and would just like to lay here within your embrace." Spock stated and let his own arms wrap around Jim. His fingers stroked soothing patterns along the others back and traced across the line of his spine, "Sleep Jim. We have plenty of time with each other. I am sure such events could be postponed for the evening."

"Tomorrow then." Jim hummed his eyes already sliding close to the steady thrum of the Vulcan's heart. "Thanks for being here."

"Always, my T'hy'la."

"Used…that before…what's…it mean..?" Jim whispered his words starting to slur as exhaustion seemed to finally catch up.

"More than a brother."

Spock stated the words softly and continued the comforting petting.

"Greater than a friend."

His hands settled on lightly upon the other's back and the other in the grasp of Jim's own hand.

"Similar to a lover but with a much greater depth. You have spoken often of a definition most fitting of this word. One of a whole…you are in every aspect my T'hy'la. I am not complete without you my Jim."

"T'hy'la." Jim breathed the words enjoying not the definition (though it was moving all the same) but the way in which Spock voiced the word. The Vulcan cherished and held it dear and reserved it completely for Jim.

"This is me telling you now, don't ya' dare go bombarding him. Jim has spent the last two months either holed up in that hospital room or holing himself away at his flat. He's still coping with all that happened and doesn't need his closest friends overwhelming him. So, just be careful when he gets here and for the love of all that is holy don't bring up the Romulan ship."

McCoy glared at all the crew members as they sat in wait. All those of the alpha crew had planned to gather as a celebration, but it was also a start to bring Jim back amongst those of his crew—to become a part of his family once more.

Yes, it was exciting to finally have this meet and greet, they had wished it to be earlier. With everything weighing down on Jim; McCoy and Spoke had agreed it would be best to postpone it for a better date.

Thus all of them had gathered in a bar not far from Starfleet, but one that they had been able to rent out for the night; all on the Federation's considerable dime. It was nice because it would be a more passionate and personal get-together rather than try to fight with the crowds that gathered now at whispers of James T. Kirk.

"Who isn't supposed to bring up a Romulan ship?"

Speak of the Devil and he shall cometh.

Jim's voice rang out in the open room and immediately the atmosphere changed from anxious excited to a chilled silence. Here was Jim, their captain truly back and at his proper age. Here was Jim standing and talking, and just here.

"Keptin Kirk!" Chekov was amongst the group for one second and then just as soon as Jim had shown himself he found himself with an armful of the Russian navigator.

Jim only had a brief moment to be surprised before his laugh broke over the immediate tension in the room. It was like a calm that settled deep in everyone's bones and they all watched as Jim placed a comforting arm around the smaller man.

"Hello Pavel." Jim chuckled, "I missed you too."

"Very much so Keptin!" Chekov gushed and pulled closer before releasing his hold. "I am wery glad zhat you are back and with us once again."

"Yes, well I'm glad to be back as well. Thank you Chekov, a big part of that I owe to my brilliant crew." Jim's hand snuck out to ruffle the younger's hair, because honestly it was far too tempting, before his gaze lifted to the rest of those within range.

"Now…Chekov cannot be the only one brave enough to ignore Bones' threat of me being breakable. Don't you think I want a proper welcome back from every one of you? I'm not so fragile that a hug from my pieced together family wouldn't help."

Jim's smile held a slight willfulness to it as he looked at all those who had been introduced to so much of his deepest secrets, to those he had shown so many new sides to, and to those whose opinions and views mattered more than any other.

Nyota was the first to push around everyone and step up to Jim.

He smiled a relieved smile and even braved an alluring grin in honor of the communications lieutenant. "Evening Uhura."

Jim was met with a slap upside the head.

Then another.

Then one more, before finally he had an armful of a sobbing Nyota.

"You-you pull a stunt like that again and I will never forgive you! You hear me? Next time you want to play hero you do it from the safety of the captain's chair were we can keep an eye on you at all times." She cursed him for his antics and clung closer when he finally pulled out of his stunned daze enough to wrap her up in a comforting embrace.

"Can't promise you much, but I'll be more cautious." Jim hummed in a reply and wiped at the tears shed for him, "I'm back now, and that's all the matters." He gave her a sad smile and leaned in to give her another hug before allowing her to slide from his arms as now the rest of the crew stepped forward.

Sulu, Scotty, hell even Giotto hugged the Captain now that he was truly returned to them. Bones caught Jim's eye and gave a bemused sigh before pulling the other into a tight embrace.

"Glad to see you getting back on your feet." He huffed and kissed the top of his head before shoving him back in the direction of the awaiting crew.

Jim just laughed and allowed it.

"I vould not say zhat it waz really thanks to uz zhat you are back, Keptin." Chekov replied now that the crew had settled from the initial daze.


"He's right…really all we did was follow your lead." Sulu agreed looking from the young navigator towards Jim, "Wouldn't have accomplished much of anything if you hadn't been their coaching us along the way."

"I doubt that." Jim smiled, it was tight and thin at the choice of topic. However, before McCoy or Spock could protest or advert to a different conversation; Jim continued. "I'd say that you all surely underestimate yourselves."

He chuckled at their montage of expression and allowed his fingers to play along the rim of the glass (that had somehow found its way into his hands) while he considered how to best word this. He didn't quite feel up to the drink but it let his gaze deter from the shining eyes of his crew members.

"I'd say that not many would have been able to do what any of you accomplished in this last year. Hell, if not longer than that." Jim's eyes lifted to those who had all fallen silent at his words and he gave an encouraging smirk, "If it hadn't been for you all I wouldn't be here now, coaching you along would only ever go so far. There wasn't much I would've been able to do on my own….there wasn't much I had been able to do alone."

"You had accomplished more than any other could in such a situation, Jim." Spock replied from just behind; always near now that they had returned.

Jim sent an appreciative and loving gaze up to the other man, but before any words could past his lips another spoke.

"Leave it to the Kirk factor to stop a war of all wars from happening all while simultaneously existing in two places at once. One where you are trying to aide your ship in the fight, and the other were you're remaining to keep the Romulans fooled and keep a promise to twenty federation kids. Can't just be a normal hostage? Gotta go and show everyone just how great you are."

"Still couldn't do it without my crew." Jim hummed but smiled at Giotto's comment all the same.

"Ve are good as team, yes?" Chekov beamed, "Zhat is vhy we defeated Nero many years ago and now zhis. We are good team and family. Zhat is vhy we do not leave you behind Keptin even when all say no. Ve searched whole galaxy and vould have kept going had you not found uz first."

"I know." Jim smiled at the brightness in the youth's…now young man's eyes. "The Enterprise and her crew should come with a warning. Don't mess with us."

The group laughed and all began to share in other ridiculous titles, but it was nice. All of them together again—all a whole once more.

"They are glad you are back Jim…you had never needed to fear they would not accept you back." Spock breathed the words silently against Jim's ear as the group seemed lost in their conversations.

"You keep breathing down my ear like that and they'll be gladly watching me drag you back to the flat." Jim teased but had turned to gaze at the other, the crew forgotten for the moment and now only voices in the distance. "Thank you, again. I didn't realize how much I missed this."

Their hands sneak together at some point and as the crew continues on, dragging Jim back into the discussion, the pair remains close throughout.

"I fear what will happen if I leave your side."

The words were barely there; so softly spoken that Jim knew Spock struggled voicing them aloud.

"I know…" Jim breathed and kissed soothingly at the exposed skin before him; which once again happened to be the Vulcan's neck. "I don't plan on leaving again, Spock." He followed this up with several more pecks to the sensitive throat before gazing up at the other.

"I can't promise you more than that because I'm still…still struggling with the possibilities myself. Know that I am here, and if tomorrow we wake apart I won't stop till I'm back here again. I'm yours Spock just as you are mine. Now that I have you I'm not going to let anything keep us apart. We'll be alright…it'll take time, but it'll get better. For now, let's just enjoy the time that we do have."

Jim's eyes were a dazzling shade of blue as they met with Spock's auburn eyes. They were full of so many emotions. Fear was prominent ever since his return, but it was always accompanied by hope and determination. Jim would not fall so easily now that he had fought so valiantly.

Spock's hand rose to cup at Jim's cheek and he leaned forward to simply rest his head against the others.

"You are a truly admiral individual Jim." Spock replied calmly and lovingly.

Jim hummed lifting his eyes to gaze up at Spock through thick lashes; a manner that he found the Vulcan illogically powerless against.

He smiled with a laugh as Spock's hand on his waist pushed them closer. It really was illogical how quickly that one worked. If he had only known three years ago that batting his shiny blue eyes was all it took he wouldn't have tried so hard to sneak touches (mostly mild ones) from the Vulcan.

The two remained like this for some time just enjoying the others presence until it stopped being enough.

Jim tilted his chin just so and managed to catch Spock's lips with his own. The kiss starting off slow as the moment required a more soothing process than urgency.

It developed and deepened at Spock's pace as Jim allowed the Vulcan to explore. When it came to Spock it didn't need to be rushed or experienced. They were together…and with no desire to part again. So, they had time to appreciate the other fully.

Now, though, it seemed like both were on a similar page about wanting to bring this forward. Now, though they needed to go past just simple touches and caresses. One of a whole; Jim wanted to feel Spock within him and move as one, but mostly he wanted what Spock had promised.

Both mind and body.

Spock had said those words after rescuing Jim from the trap his own mind had forced him in, and those two words were always at the corner of Jim's thoughts.

For it was what he truly wanted. He wanted to be fully encased by the other; to give just as fully as he received. To be one.






"Is…this alright?"

Spock's words were a breathy gasp as they puffed at overly heated skin. It didn't take much coaxing to get to this point, but it had been some time now and Jim…Jim knew that the other was well off.

"Just let me…give me a second." Jim's own breath was shaky as he remained settled above the other; all in a desire to not have a repeat of last time. Sweat trailed, cooling heated skin as Jim panted out at the effort it had taken to get to this point, really it had been too long now. Yet, Spock had taken such care beforehand that it didn't take much time to adjust.

He lifted slowly and shifted slightly adjusting to the feel of something buried within, "Okay." He smiled with a gasped grin. His arms settling just beside Spock's face as he rolled his hips enticingly, "We can move."

That seemed to be all the encouragement the other needed as his fingers dug into Jim's side lifting the other to settle him back down; meeting with his own thrusts and setting a slow but gradually increasing pace.

Jim caught on quick and took over so that the hands could trail along exposed skin rather than remain put. One hand sneaking forward tugging at Jim's cock. Jim's back arched as a silent cry tore past his lip and he gasped out as his eyes met with Spock's.

"Love you." He breathed and dipped down clashing lips and tongues as their bodies continued the rolling dance.

Jim groaned desperately into Spock's mouth as with a small shift of their hips Spock's cock pushed against his prostate. His lips tore away as again and again that spot was hit. It was all he could do to continue meeting the other thrust for thrust and eventually he caved allowing his body to just enjoy the ride.

Spock lifted his free hand to stroke at the others temple and Jim immediately curved into the touch, "God…love you so much." He breathed out and gasped as again and again that sweet spot was struck.

"Ashal-veh... ashayam..." Spock's words remained just as breathy as Jim's. The words were familiar and yet foreign as Jim accepted the declarations of love and adoration. It was difficult while his thoughts were dazed by what was transpiring but he grasped ahold of their importance.

He drove his hip down as Spock's thrusts quickened and it was perfect. All of it was amazing; being there with Spock and the other meeting him with just as much passion and vigor. Yet, what more was that it went past just the sex and the lust. This was all just one more means to further express their attachment to one another.

God it felt great having his arms running along and tracing the contours of his body, and feeling the pulse of the other settled deep within. It felt great being driven to bliss and beyond, but it was great because it was Spock.

"Please…" Jim hummed the words almost incoherently as he was falling deeper into the dazed bliss of the impending climax.

Spock's fingers stroked at the skin of Jim's cheek and the human turned to press open mouth kisses against the sensitive inner palm. Spock seemed to get the hint as he stroked once again at the others cheek and then settled the hands in place.

"My mind to yours…Our minds. One and together."

"As one…"

"Ashal-veh... ashayam..." - "Darling... beloved..."


So much to say to wrap up!

Hope this sounded okay, tried to get a good mix of reality due to all the trauma, but also that spirk slash we've been craving. I know I've left some newer things open ended. Please join me for the sequel…where I plan to answer all those and throw a new group of questions at you :D

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Other note:

The title of this story stemmed from the quote;

"Even the stars come to an end after they have served their purpose"

by: Elemental_Mage or CatastrophicMeltdown here on f

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The story is called Life in Death, and man…it took my breath away. I recommend reading it if you have not. It seemed to fit so well with my idea, well my initial idea. Hope you all know that when I originally intended to write this it was actually going to have Jim die at the end, having brought the crew to the point where he knew they would be able to live on without him; "handle it"

Changed many things when I had altered away from that course

But the idea was that, as Jim mentioned, he lived his life destined for greatness. And similar to the quote even the brightest of stars come to an end after they have served their purpose; thus my original plan had been to kill Jim off after he saved not only the day but so much more. It really was like a perfect fit to my idea…just boggled my mind.

I couldn't though…kill him off that is. Mostly due to the fact that I couldn't picture myself killing the amazing entity that is Jim. It was too sad and whenever I've read those death fics I always end up crying cuz I hope the entire way and they still kill him off. So…I couldn't do it. Woulda just been so cruel.

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Okay so beside that note, stuff to wrap up.

As I mentioned just moments ago, I am starting planning for a sequel. Even mentioning the possibility of one made my mind go crazy with ideas. So, yah that's in the planning process. Also…even though I shouldn't I'm pre-planning another story that'll hopefully be more on the fun side than the angst (going to try giving juggling two stories a shot).

Because of my schedule and having to only type at night I know that my grammar and spell check only go so far…so if anyone is interested in beta'ing? I dunno how to go about doing that so figured I'd ask here. If anyone is interested in getting chapters before they're posted, please let me know? ^ ^

Also, haha, I feel like such a n00b I totally didn't know about the PM (private messaging). I had always figured that was what reviews were for…so I clicked that and the anonymous review one as well. Sorry to all who were trying to message me through there. It's up now.

But yah. Whoa. I finished this whole story so much faster than I had thought. Like…a month. Bam! The sequel is probably going to be longer because I have a couple arches I want to put in, and the other story is still too raw to figure…but it'll be long too. So expect posts. X )

Thank you all for your reviews and your support. Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I had writing it out.

On to the Sequel. :D